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If the man you love is very particular about wanting you to look beautiful all the time, needs to have his feelings and actions reciprocated, and wants your emotional support constantly, you’ve probably hooked up with a Libra man. He needs to have balance and harmony in his relationship, so if he’s with you, he feels there’s been a connection formed that’s worthwhile. A Libra man loves the idea of the perfect partnership or relationship and you won’t get a commitment from him until he feels that’s exactly what he’s got with you. When you want to keep your Libra man attracted and interested, be somewhat mysterious. That doesn’t mean that you need to be all out weird. It simply means don’t tell him everything about yourself at once. Hold some things back and let him know that he’s got to earn the privilege of getting to know more things about you. As long as he doesn’t think that the secrets you’re keeping are of the deep and dark kind, the fact that you have secrets will make you even more interesting. So, don’t give it up all at once. This is one of those odd men that you probably shouldn’t sleep with the first night you meet. You may even want to give it a couple of months. Libras don’t like something that happens too quickly because they’re always measuring and comparing situations. If they feel that you’ve jumped the gun in having sex with them too fast, this is a man that just may go on his way and you’ll never hear from him again. However, once you do land a Libra man, expect all sorts of affection, love and devotion. No one will ever love you as much as a Libra man once he’s decided that you’re The One. He’ll shower you with all of the romance you could ever want but it may be tempered at times with a bit of conservativeness. The main reason for that is because he’s waiting for you to reciprocate the love and attention he’s been showing to you. If you want a relationship with a Libra man, you’ve got to have the same energy and love to devote to it as he does. He’ll give you a lot, but he’s going to expect the same from you. Libra men don’t exactly enjoy women that are airheads. A big part of stimulation for them is of the mental sort. They love a lively debate and you may find that words go a lot further as foreplay than any type of sexy lingerie you may be wearing, although that certainly won’t hurt. Your Libra man is most likely a romantic at heart and this romance will expand into the bedroom.


Loving a Libra man may not always be the easiest of relationships but it will definitely be a rewarding one in every sense of the word. If you have a chance with a Libra, take advantage of it and see just how far it will take you. You won’t be sorry.

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Loving a Libra Man

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Loving a Libra Man  
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