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Is Sex On a First Date Advisable? [imaioVideo v=1]

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In the 21st century, dating rules are a lot more relaxed and laid back than they have been in the past. Even though there has always been a lot of “playing” as long as people have been dating, typically people were divided up into two separate categories: Good and Bad. For a very long time, it was a case of the Good Old Boys Network that were “sowing their wild oats” with Bad Girls. Those girls never got to meet parents unless, of course, she was unlucky enough to get pregnant. Then there might have been a shotgun wedding. Fortunately, this way of thinking has decreased over the years, although it’s never really completely gone. However, now women have the option of enjoying healthy and pleasurable sex lives without being forced to feel any shame about it. Obviously, this is a much healthier viewpoint, but there are still a few questions lurking in the back ground. One of these is whether or not it’s advisable to have sex with someone on the first date.

Believe it or not, there’s not a cut and dried answer to this dilemma. There are many factors involved before deciding what the best answer is. To begin with, if you’re going out with someone that you’ve never met before, there’s no way that you’ll know him well enough by the end of the evening to hop into bed with him. He may be charming, gorgeous, sexy, and he may say all of the right things. That doesn’t mean that he’s safe to sleep with.

It’s particularly a no-no when you meet someone in a club or a bar. Generally speaking, engaging in one night stands aren’t very smart ideas for a variety of reasons, not the least of


which is the spread of STDs. There are other reasons, too, for not having sex with someone you’ve just met or even gone out on a first date with. The increase in stalkers over the past few years has simply left no way of being able to spot these guys ahead of time. If you play into their hands by having sex with them immediately, you’ll never get rid them because they’re convinced that you’re meant to be together forever.

The one situation where it may be fine to sleep with someone on a first date is if this is a guy that you’ve known for a while. It’s not unusual for good friends, or even best friends, to suddenly realize that they have deeper feelings for each other. In this case, you already know each other quite well and have probably been ready to take things to the next level for a while. So it’s certainly acceptable to come home from a lovely evening together and end it with some amazing sex.

In the end, it’s usually not the best idea to have sex with someone on the first date. Granted, there can be special situations where it’s not a TERRIBLE idea, but you really should think carefully before making that life changing decision.

Is Sex On a First Date Advisable?

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Is Sex On a First Date Advisable?