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Is It Acceptable for Women to Fake Orgasms? [imaioVideo v=1]

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One of the hottest debates that go on between men and women is the subject of whether or not women should fake orgasms. Many men are worried when they’re with women sexually that they’re not actually pleasing these women. That’s because they’re not sure if the women are faking their pleasure or not.

Even women disagree with each other as to whether or not they should fake orgasms. Many women feel it’s a bad idea to lie about sexual fulfillment because their men will never learn what they’re doing wrong. Other women feel that there are some definite situations where it’s quite acceptable to fake orgasms.

In reality, both sides are actually right. Men should be taught what their partners enjoy so that they’re assured of pleasing them. Now, that doesn’t mean that you should turn into a traffic cop and shout out directions to him, such as “No, move to the left a bit” or “Stop! Move down further!” It can be something as simple as just moving his hand or mouth to the right spot. You don’t have to say that the earth moved. If he doesn’t ask, you don’t have to say no. If he does ask, though, it’s better to be honest in most situations.

However, there are circumstances in which it’s acceptable to fake an orgasm. For instance, what if you’re really tired but he seems to really need to have sex. You probably already know what little things will rev him up and move things along, but he’s always so considerate that he refuses to give into his pleasure until you’ve had yours. You probably already sort of know it’s not going to happen for you and you really just want to go to sleep. If his efforts just aren’t changing anything for you, then it’s perfectly fine to make him think you reached your ultimate peak. Then he can relax about reaching his and you can go to sleep. Who is it hurting? He’s happy and fulfilled and you’ve made him that way.


Something that men don’t fully understand about women is that they don’t ALWAYS have to reach orgasm to enjoy sex. Women have this ability to enjoy the sensuality of having sex without needing to have an orgasm. That doesn’t mean that it should happen that way all the time, but it’s fine, on occasion, to enjoy the closeness and the sensation of just being together. If your man doesn’t feel right unless you reach an orgasm and you’re pretty sure that you’re just not going to do that, what’s wrong with doing a little pretending? You’ve had a great time and he doesn’t have to feel incompetent or upset that he didn’t please you.

So you see that’s why sometimes it’s not a bad idea to fake an orgasm. While it’s not recommended that you do it on a regular basis, there are some instances that it’s not only acceptable but it simply makes sense.

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Is It Acceptable for Women to Fake Orgasms?