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How To Heal Your Heartbreak You CAN get over a broken heart, stop the hurt and confusion, and get ready to love and trust again! How to get over your heart break and love again – easy-to-read-and-understand guide to getting your life back! I’m not usually a book reader, but for some reason I found this book captured my mind and I understood it so clearly. “Personally at the moment I’m going through a terrible time, the worst time anyone could ever imagine. This book has really made me feel stronger and nore confident to overcome the struggles and obstacles I am currently facing. It has made me look at it all in a completely different light. This book is amazing – it has opened my eyes up to reality and showed me there isn’t only one person out there for me, there are millions. I’m just not looking in the right place. I’ve learnt that not everything is the other person’s fault, it’s mine as well, and I have also learnt to forgive again and to trust that not everyone will hurt me. I can recommend this book. It is absolutely amazing, and I just hope you get out of it the same thing I did – you can always love again.” PS: Loved the bonuses – hearing from other survivors made me feel heaps better, and to read the case studies was both heartbreaking and inspiring. I felt like I wasn’t alone I know just how you’re feeling. Your heart has been smashed into pieces, and every part of you hurts. Emotionally you are lurching between sorrow, anger, confusion, dejection, doubt and anguish. The person you thought would be there with you and for you, until the end, has committed the ultimate betrayal – left, walked out, found someone else, wants a different life, “doesn’t want to hurt you but….”, needs some space, wants to meet other people, has changed their mind, lost the passion, the flame has gone out. You’ve heard them all – and they all mean the same thing – you are alone, wanting an explanation, wanting answers, desperate to understand what went wrong when it was all so great at the beginning. These are actual comments from real people who have opened up their hearts to me……..they need support……….they need help………..they need advice. Hundreds of thousands of people, every year, feel the pain you are enduring right now. Most of them do their best to get through it on their own. They look to family, friends and in extreme


circumstances, the medical profession for support to get them through the devastation and grief. Sometimes their despair can last for months, or even years. This is a terrible waste of emotion and human potential. If it has been some weeks or months, and you are still not coping with the world, your breakup is a festering sore that won’t heal. What will happen to the rest of your world if you can’t face the reality of it all and get on with life? Will your work performance suffer? Are you already coming to the attention of your boss because you are: You may even be showing the first signs of depression – sleepless nights where you toss from one side of the bed to the other with no respite, no energy the next day to do even the simplest of tasks, your moods may have changed or become erratic – on a high one minute, then the next at the bottom of a dark pit. You could already be trapped in a downward spiral that can sap your energy, increase your confusion and distress, and create feelings of defeat and despondency that rob you of your self-worth. Everyone feels that their breakup is the worst ever. And the pain and anguish is very real. But other people have gone through the very same thing and survived. Not only will you survive, but you will be stronger and wiser, accepting the reality and moving towards to better times…………….without bitterness or regret. You will be able to look back on the good things with fondness, and dismiss the bad things as something that forced you to grow – an experience that you wouldn’t have deliberately chosen, but one that has shown you that with the help of this product, you can…

How To Heal Your Heartbreak

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How To Heal Your Heartbreak