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Intro Presenter 1: Hello and welcome to the re-launch of Tallis TV. We are your hosts .... Presenter 2: And ...... Presenter 1: Tallis Tv is a Student created show where we asks you what you would like to see and hear about the school community. Presenter 2: This month we have 5 segments. 3 episode exclusives and 2 continuing features Presenter 1: We have the news on how you guys have adapted in the new school Presenter 2: News about how the Olympics have played a big part in the school community Presenter 1: and clips from this years fashion show. Presenter 2: the 2 features are jack’s facts and Spotlight on which we will go into more detail later. New Tallis segment Presenter 1: Starting us off is the new Tallis segment Presenter 2: its 6 months on and we wanted to know what you guys thought about the move. We go over to .... now and find out what you thought. [SHOW NEW TALLIS VT] Presenter 1: Thank you .... We have a broad range of what peoples thoughts. Why don't you tell us what you think in the comments down below. Olympic segment Presenter 2: I think the news school has certainly opened doors for us with the Olympics Presenter 1: Yes and in the London 2012 game Thomas Tallis is highly involved in a few parts such as our very own Billy Rowlinson is a touch bearer Presenter 2: We also have years 7-9s dancing in the closing ceremony Presenter 1: And ........ Presenter 2: We caught up with the dance group and asked them a few questions Presenter 1: and we go over to them now [SHOW DANCE TEAM INTERVIEW] Presenter 2: Looks like they are practicing hard. Presenter 1: Yeah. Now if you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be an olympic touch bearer you now can because Billy Rowlinson was chosen and we asked him a few questions and here are some of his reactions. [SHOW BILLYS QUESTIONS] Jack Facts Presenter 1: Now a new series we like to call Jacks facts Presenter 2: Jacks facts is Jack telling you some important facts that should know. (sarcastic) [PLAY JACK FACTS] Presenter 2: Very Odd facts this month make sure you next month for some more odd and strange facts. Fashion Show Presenter 1:Now every year at Thomas Tallis art and deign create an annual fashion show and this years was even more amazing than last. Presenter 2: Their was music, models and an incredible media crew to film the whole thing Presenter 1: and here are a few of the highlights [ROLL HIGHLIGHTS] Presenter 2: Maybe our best show yet Presenter 1: yeah gives next year’s show a big shoe to fill. Presenter 2: Yeah and the rest of the fashion show footage is also in the description below

Script for Tallis TV links

Spotlight On Presenter 1: Now our last segment. Its time to introduce our new monthly segment on Tallis TV called Spotlight On… Presenter 2: Spotlight on is where each month we pick a student or group of students who we think has be outstanding in something they have done. Presenter 1: This month we have chosen Eoin Kelly (6th former) for winning the Josh Beasley award. Eoin decided to make a film with the winnings of this award here’s a short interview with him. [ Roll VT ] Presenter 1: Thank you Emily Presenter 2: If you want to watch more of Eoin’s film the link is in the description below. Outro Presenter 1: Thats unfortunately all we got time for this month Presenter 2: Hope you have enjoyed this episode of Tallis TV see you next time [Presenters signal goodbye]

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