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Mission To empower low income families with children in Washington, DC to create stable homes for themselves and to make lasting changes in their lives. Too many doors are closed to the more than 16,000 families who live in poverty and the more than 2000 families who seek shelter over the course of the year in Washington, DC. At Hope and a Home, we understand that all it takes to open a door is the right key. The key to knowing how to advocate for a child when the door to the best school is closed. The key to a high school or college diploma when the door to rewarding employment is closed. The key to a safe and affordable home when a family is struggling. Hope and a Home offers Keys for Change, which provide families with clear, manageable steps to making lasting change in their lives. Our model draws on the strengths and aspirations of parents and children to help them achieve affordable housing, higher education, rewarding work, and family and community connections. Using our weekly one-on-one coaching and peer support activities, we help our families open the doors to their future, one at a time. As we enter our fourth year as a nonprofit organization, and with over 25 years of providing services to the District of Columbia, we are proud of our successful programs, the caring relationships our staff members cultivate with our families and neighbors, and the financial stability of our organization. However, Hope and a Home’s real success is in bringing the

Washington, DC community together: people helping people. So you see, you are a part of our story. Whether you are a volunteer, donor, client, or staff member, you are a vital part of the work we do and the change that takes place at Hope and a Home. We believe that change happens one child, one parent, and one family at a time. One child who graduates from high school. One parent who finds a better job. One family that moves from instability to a home of its own. We work for neighborhood change one person at a time. Every individual change contributes to community change for our neighborhood and our city. We invite you to be someone who helps make this change happen. Please contact us at 202-387-7091, ext. 201 or visit our website at to learn more about how you can be one who makes a difference. In spite of the economic challenges that our city and nation have been forced to confront, Hope and a Home was able to demonstrate the resilience and passion to serve those who have found themselves in difficult places. We look forward to providing a level of services that matches our commitment to those we serve as we move into Hope and a Home’s 4th year of service to the Washington, DC community. Thank you for being a part of our story.

Vision A Washington, DC in which all families are housed, growing stronger, and contributing to the life of their community.

Affordable Housing The first step toward success for a family is a safe place to call home. Hope and a Home’s Transitional Housing Program offers 18 affordable apartments where low income parents and children can live for up to three years.

our program before moving to market rate apartments or homeownership are eligible for a monthly housing allowance and support services to support their continued success for up to two years after graduating from Hope and a Home.

Why it works:

Our Stay and Thrive Program organizes residents, who are living in subsidized apartments on our block, and their neighbors in support of the tenants’ desire to stay in their homes and thrive as change comes to our community. We are building a network of residents, businesses, for-profit property owners, and community organizations to shape and sustain our diverse and vibrant neighborhood.

Low rents: Residents pay extremely low rents their first year. Rents gradually increase in years two and three so tenants can adjust to paying near-market rents. In 2008, 20 families – including 23 adults and 59 children – resided in our Transitional Housing Program.

Savings requirement: In 2008, Hope and a Home implemented a matched savings program for parents in our Transitional Housing Program. Parents who pay their rent and personal savings fees on time can earn a 2-to-1 match on additional savings of up to $25 per month above the required amount. This matched savings option is available for up to three years to all families who reside in our housing and participate regularly in our Higher Education for All initiatives and our monthly workshops.

Affordable housing: In 2008, we continued to work with residents in 164 subsidized units in seven buildings on our block. The residents’ associations we helped to form within these building still continue to make sure that these buildings remain affordable and that residents rights are preserved and protected.

Youth development: Through our Work and Thrive program, we train neighborhood teenagers in job readiness and match them with local employers for rewarding summer jobs.

One-on-one support: Our staff works with parents to help them create and stick to a monthly budget, pay bills on time, establish good credit, and plan for their financial future. In 2008, five families made significant improvements to their credit, including one family whose improved credit enabled her to become a homeowner.

Why it works:

Long-term support: We are confronting the challenges of DC’s housing market and the need to enhance the transition of our families to permanent housing. Families who successfully complete two years in

In 2008, 15 teenagers participated in our job readiness workshops and were placed with local employers for summer jobs. ■

Educational success: We are introducing our educational services to parents and children on our block. Nine neighborhood families benefited from our Higher Education for All initiative.

Higher Education for All

Rewarding Work

Graduating from high school and college or vocational school is essential for climbing out of poverty. Hope and a Home’s Higher Education for All initiative promotes educational excellence for every child in our program. Our education coordinator works closely with families to help parents advocate for their children, place them in the best schools, and prepare them for higher education. We provide summer enrichment experiences for our children and partner with nonprofits in our community that offer complementary services.

Employment that provides a living wage as well as a sense of fulfillment, challenge, and personal growth is essential if families are to remain in safe, permanent housing. We help adults and teenagers create action plans for their careers, craft résumés, and seek rewarding work.

Why it works: ■

In our continued effort to transform lives, the Mike Young Education Fund empowers children and adults to succeed in their educational pursuits. It is our goal to provide financial support that will allow students to obtain the educational tools they need to build successful futures.

Why it works: ■

Good school placements: Children thrive in schools that meet their needs, abilities, and interests. We helped place 37 children in better schools last fall.

Last year, we offered eight workshops on job readiness for neighborhood teenagers. ■

Academic achievement: A college degree is essential today. Ten Hope and a Home graduates and four current Hope and a Home parents enrolled in our Transitional Housing Program, are now enrolled in college. 49 children participated in our Good Grades Incentive Program of which 36 consistently got a 2.5 GPA or better.

Work for teens: Summer jobs often become year-round after school employment and employers frequently become mentors to teenagers. Two students who completed Work and Thrive training in 2008 returned to their previous summer jobs; one student who completed Work and Thrive in 2008 secured a summer job on her own. Four employers expressed an interest in keeping their teen full-time.

Educational advocacy: Children are more likely to succeed in school when their parents take an active role in their education and they have supportive adults in their lives. In 2008, we trained 31 parents to be advocates for their children and we had 48 adult mentors for students.

Job readiness: We teach neighborhood teenagers how to present themselves to prospective employers, write résumés, and interview for jobs.

Career counseling: Professional career counselors and Hope and a Home staff help parents determine their goals and craft plans to reach them. Two professional vocational counselors offered their time and assistance to help nine parents reach for their dreams.

Family and Community Connections A healthy community composed of a strong network of family, friends, and neighbors who share similar values, goals, and aspirations provides residents with the support and encouragement they need to succeed. We share community resources with residents and help them cultivate the connections they need to achieve a satisfying family and community life.

“When I first started in the program, I was a single mother with three children struggling to make ends meet. Hope and Home taught me to set a budget and remove unnecessary expenses. I learned about school options that I simply had no knowledge of. Now my children are in a better school, and I am happy to say I’ve improved my credit and am on my way to purchasing my first home.” — Corinne Mercedes, Hope and a Home parent

Why it works: ■

Goal-setting: Parents in our Transitional Housing Program meet weekly with staff, and set goals and review their accomplishments every three months. We conduct annual reviews with parents to evaluate each family’s progress throughout their three-year stay in our program. In 2008, six families moved on to permanent housing and one of the families became a homeowner. Thirty-one families who graduated from Hope and a Home housing continue to connect with us for family support and educational services.

Peer support: Parents create and plan topics for monthly workshops and co-facilitate workshops with staff. Our 2008 workshop topics included community resources, parenting, managing stress, finding affordable housing, and summer activities for children. We also hosted a job fair.

“Hope and a Home has taught me to be responsible – to pay my rent and my bills on time. When I leave Hope and a Home, I want to continue with school and stay strong and responsible like I’ve learned to be here.” — Ebony Holmes, Hope and a Home parent

Family Enrichment/Activities: Stay and Thrive Residents as well as Traditional Housing families join with Hope and a Home staff in regular community activities. We offered a two-week summer camp for 12 neighborhood youth in August 2008.

“All my children are doing great in school, making extremely good, grades and Hope and a Home had a lot to do with it.”

We published a monthly newsletter with support from R Street residents.

— Paula Cooper, Hope and a Home parent

Tenants took a deep interest in their community and attended regularly scheduled Tenant Association meetings.

2008 Finances Revenues Interest Income 1% Special Events 15%

Expenses Management and General 7%

In-kind 2%

Rental Income 8%

Fundraising 16%

Corporations 8%

Revenues Foundations Corporations Individuals Faith Based Organizations Rental Income Special Event Interest Income In-Kind

Program 77%

Expenses 179,439 41,432 152,130 16,840 50,375 215,563 13,058 21,020 690,588

Board of Directors

Daniel Hall Executive Director

Dorsey Dunn, Chair Kestrel Group LLC

Gwen Mellor Hogan & Hartson

Grace Dickerson Education Coordinator

Ivan Blumberg, Vice Chair Athletes for Hope

Rosa Mooten Office Manager

Michael Tierney Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Lynn C. French, Secretary Lynn C. French and Associates Jimmie L. Williams Mitch the Mover, LLC. Kimberly T. Henderson,

Tim Mooten, Sr. Maintenance Specialist

Foundations 35%

Faith Based Organizations 2%

Individuals 29%


Program Expenses Fundraising Expenses Management and General

563,408 109,470 38,261 711,139

Net Surplus Before Dep. Depreciation Expense (non-cash) CHANGE IN NET ASSETS

(20,551) (61,113) (81,664)

Financial highlights: Hope and a Home raised $96,462 from the 1st Annual (not quite a)Gala and we raised $119,071 from the Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walk. Please call 202-387-7091 ext 201 or email for our Fiscal Year 2008 audit.

Robert N. Andrews, II Director of Development

Treasurer Greater Washington Urban League

Mary Jo Schumacher Family Support Coordinator

Julia Howell Barros CentroNia

Crystal Stewart Community Organizer

Bill Glew Entergy Corp.

Jhonna Turner Youth Education Worker

Chuck Husak August, Lang & Husak

Laverne Brewster Family Support Worker

Paul Leder Richards Kibbe & Orbe, LLP.

Lance Wright USEC Inc. Christopher E. Donald Metamorphosis Development Group, LLC.

Donor Acknowledgements October 1, 2007 – September 30, 2008 In this Annual Report we express our deep appreciation to all who support Hope and a Home by volunteering in our programs, donating valuable services and other items that defy enumeration, and through monetary contributions. We are grateful to you for everything you have done and are doing to sustain these good works. Over 300 individuals, congregations, businesses, foundations, and civic groups made monetary contributions last year. Thanks again for your partnership with us in these difficult economic times!

Individual Donors Gifts ranging from $25 — $50,000 Virginia & Ben Ali Katherine Alley Patricia Alper-Cohn Anonymous Peter & Linda Antico Joanne Asbill Mary & Charles Asmar Dorothy & George Avery Marion S. Ballard E. Lawrence & Mary Barcella Rick Bardach Mary Lee Barker Julia Howell Barros Caroline & Thomas Bartman Diana Bauer Nancy Belden & John Russonello Jason Belinkie Linda Benjamin Ellen & Robert Bennett Sandra & David Berler Elaine Kotell Binder Ivan & Pam Blumberg Jonathan & Donna Blumberg Alice & Edward Bonder Carol & Donald Borut Judith & Curtis Brand Robert Broeksmit and Susan Bollendorf

Barbara J. Brooks Sarah Brown Lewise & Richard Busch Francis & Frances Butler James Butler & Laura Merrill Jamie & Stuart Butler Donna Callejon Reverend Donald K. Campbell Robin & Peter Carnes Daniel Charles & Brigid McCarthy Joyce Chung & Roy Grinker Sandra Cihlar Roger Clark Aaron Clemens Ruth & Edward Cogen Bonnie & Lou Cohen Linda & Stanley Collyer Tamara & Terrence Colvin Daniel Combs Elizabeth Conahan & James Oldham David Conrad & Kaye Brubaker Katherine Y. Cudlipp Melbourne Cummings Cynthia Dahlin & Ronald Barusch Karen Deans Donald Dell Grace & James Dickerson Rachel Dickerson Mary Jane Dillon Joan & Douglas Dodge Christopher E. Donald & Mary Douglas

Polly Donaldson Megan Doughty Mary Carol & Alan Dragoo Dorsey & Susan Dunn Sonya Dyer Naomi Engle Eileen & Anthony Essaye Joan Fabry Patricia Fahy & B. Wayne Bequette Michael Fasano Cheryl & Majid Fish-Parcham B.A. Fitzmorris and K. J. Kornmeier Grace & Philip Fleming P. Wesley Foster Sharon & Jonathan Franklin Lynn C. French Bridgit & Fred Fried Marilyn & William Funderburk Elizabeth Garside & Stephen Warren Seyoum Gizaw Mary Walter & David Glass Bill Glew Linda & William Glew Anne Golightly Brent & Walter Goo Clifford Goodman & Amy Golen Jameson & Zachary Goodman Lisa Greenman & Paul Leder Nicole Gudzowsky Merna & Joseph Guttentag Daniel Hall & Susan Burton Sharon & Donald Hall Joan Hannan

Beckie Hardie Dorothy Harkins Nancy Hartsock Carol & Robert Hausman Donna & Alan Hays Anne Hazlett Nancy Lee Head Vivian & Verle Headings Helen & Anthony Hecht E. Molly Joseph Hemsley Kimberly T. Henderson Stuart Hershey Lindley Higgins Cynthia & James Hinchman Sallie Gibson & Paul Holmes Sharon Hoover Joe & Lynn Horning Dina Horwitz Henry Howard & Jessica Hirschhorn Charles Hoyt Margaret Hughes Amy Hugo Chuck Husak Lynne Israel Ramon Jacobson Charlene Drew Jarvis Deborah Gibson-Jaworski & Ronald Jaworski Marie & Robert Jefferson Margaret & Ralph Johanson, Jr. Jean & Peter Johnson Bernice Joseph Barbara & William Kaplin Bob & Jean Kapp Madeline Katz & Jonathan Massey Philip Katz & Sara Morningstar Cary Kelly Susan Keppelman Ann & Knight Kiplinger Annette & Robert Klayman Frances & Thomas Knoll Laurie Kohn & Christopher Murphy Margaret Kohn & Myrna Chasanow Mary Lynn & Nathan Kotz Susan & William Kristol Ann & Richard Leahy Gerald Levine Lucille & Thomas Lewis Peyton & William Lewis Steven Linscheid Hershel Lipow & Susan Siegal

Muriel & Ed Lipp Sharon & David Lloyd Beverly Losch Kathi Loughlin Jeanne & Steven Marcus Jaclin & David Marlin Sally & Samuel Marshall Cheryl Martin & Roger Claassen Luann & Raymond Martin Lariena Matthews Paul W. McCloskey Beth & Scott McConnell Renee McCoy-Collins Jackie & Dave McMakin Catherine McMullen Denise & Robert McNally, Jr. Gwen Mellor Vickie & Jim Melson Dorothy M. Miller Judith & Henry Millon Ned Miltenberg Maureen Moran & George Robinson Gary Mummert Ralph Muoio Minna & James Nathanson Elizabeth & C.V. Noyes Rindy & Frank O'Brien Joan Ochi & Douglas Bell Susan Orlins Brenda & Amos Otis John Panker Susan & James Pettit David Phillips Dianne Pickersgill Ruth & Harris Pitlick Nancy Polikoff Carol & Bill Rankin Natalie Rea John Reilly Sandra & David Reznick Cynthea & Thomas Riesenberg Sam Robfogel & Eleanor Frias Mary & Thomas Roddy David Roodberg Jean & Steven Ross Steve Rozga Shirley & Charles Rumph Michelle & Nowell Rush Linda Schakel Alice C. Scheips Martin Scherr & Jeanne Connelly Kay & John Schultz

Mary Jo Schumacher & Tim Wiens Morton Schussheim Barbara Schwartz Laurie & Kevin Scully Carol & Dennis Sherman Scott Sherwood Mary Siddall Julie Silver Neal Simon Dawn Smith Francis G. Smith & Sally Q. Smith Judy & Dane Smith Mary C. Smith Rachel Smith Carol & Marc Spiegel Stan Spracker Sarah Stockton Juliet Stovall Richard Suisman John Syphax, MD Edgar Taplin Grace & Chapman Taylor Sherrill & Fred Taylor Michael Tierney Martha A. Toll & Daniel Becker Sally & Tom Troyer Kit Turen Ruth Uhlmann & Craig Mathews Tisha & Jeff Ulanet Anastasios Vassilas Margaret Washnitzer Jennifer & Robin Watt David Weaver Delores & Ernest Webber-Gabriel Linda & Steve Weitz Nina Wendling Julia & Christopher Westfall Carol & Tom Wheeler Abigail Wiebenson Louise Wiener Jimmie L. Williams Carol & Harry Woehrle JoAnn C. Wood Linda & Stephen Wood Lance Wright Chris Yoder Ann & Charles Yonkers Kenneth Young Lauren Young Mike & MissyYoung Steven Zeichner & Rachel Moon Tracy Zorpette & Scott Lassman

Kestenbaum Foundation Kittamaqundi Community Local Initiatives Support Corporation Luther I. Replogle Foundation Lynch Development Partners Marpat Foundation, Inc. Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Morningstar Foundation Mortgage Bankers Association Mortgage Bankers Association Foundations, Corporations, Mortgage Bankers Association of Metropolitan Washington Faith-Based Organizations New Community Church and Government NHT/Enterprise Preservation Gifts ranging from Corporation $100 — $150,000 Northern Virginia Ethical Society Phase Foundation Alice and Eugene Ford Prince Charitable Trust Foundation Inc Richard E and Nancy P Marriott Ballard Spahr Andrews & Foundation Ingersoll LLP William C. Smith & Co. Borger Management, Inc Solon E. Summerfield Foundation Celebration Church of the Brethren Suntrust Mid-Atlantic Foundation Children's Charities Foundation Temple Sinai Children's Fund of Metropolitan The Griffin Foundation, Inc. Washington United Way of Central Maryland Clark-Winchcole Foundation Wal-Mart Foundation Aaron Clemens Walker & Dunlop, Inc Community House Church Weissberg Foundation Countrywide Bank WHF Foundation DC Housing Authority Workers of St. Alban's Ed Lee and Jean Campe Foundation Essex Meadows Eugene and Agnes Meyer Community Partners, Foundation Volunteers and Pro Bono Fannie Mae Foundation Assistance Fax Family Fund Freddie Mac Foundation Yolanda Alston Holy Trinity Catholic Church August, Lang & Husak, Inc. Horning Brothers Amanda Augustine Horning Family Fund Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll International Monetary Fund Diana Bauer Civic Program BB&T Jewish Communal Fund Jason Belinkie Jim and Patty Rouse Charitable BEMA Outreach Ministry Foundation Joe Higdon and Ellen Sudow Fund Linda Benavidez Ernest Bland Associates of The Community Foundation Body Smith Personal Training for the NCR Desmond Brown

Special thanks to our 1,067 friends who walked for Hope and a Home in the 2008 Fannie Mae Foundation Help the Homeless Walk! Thanks to all of you we raised $81,538.55.

Ernest Brown Karen Butler Café Saint Ex Jaime Callabro Kevin Canavan Becky Chacko Joyce Chung Ruth Cogen Susan Cole Linda Collyer David Conrad Countrywide Bank Sandra Culpepper Devin Cummins Matt Curran Brittany Curtis DC Department of Housing and Community Development DC Department of Recreation DC Green Pets Alison DeCourcey Patti Deivert Jim Dickerson Diane Dopkin Sara Doran Megan Doughty Sarah Duda Daryl Dudley Ebony Sonshine Puppet Ministry Christine Eppstein Dave Fary Peter Feather 15th Street Presbyterian Church Foundry United Methodist Church Amy Frey Eleanor Frias The Gallagher Family Susan Gardiner Adey Gilbert Georgetown University Party Animals Sylvia Gray Greater DC Cares Nicole Gudzowsky Lisa Hale Dan Hall Mary Hallisy Health Bar Allison Holcomb Holy Trinity Church Hands On Housing Home Rule

Lynne Horning Dina Horwitz Julia Howard Howard University Alumni Association Kate Hudson Audley Hutson Hyattsville Mennonite Church Youth Group Dana Little Jackson Kristin Jimason Pamela Johnson Peter Johnson Carey Kelly Kogod School of Business American University Michael Krankowski Kate Kristoph Mindy Gill Larmore Brant Latiolais Diana Lawson Paul and Rebecca Leder Eva Kaplan-Leiserson Sarah Lemerise Leah Lesko Malcolm Lester Levi’s Restaurant and Catering Terri Lewis Logan Hardware Natalie Longwell Rozanne Look David Marsh Rose Mastrangelo Lariena Matthews David McMakin Jackie McMakin Movitsza Mohamed Michele Molotsky Deanay Morris Mortgage Bankers Association of Metropolitan Washington Most Valuable Kids Gary Mummert Margaret Murnane Rod and Flora Murphy Kandace Murray National Rehabilitation Hospital New Futures NFL Players Debbie Noker Andrew Nowell

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.— Epsilon Sigma Chapter One World Fitness Pamela Patton Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw Pittman Prince Georges County Department of Corrections Community Service Unit Pulp Juan Rigat Jane Rinard Sam Robfogel Aleksandra Rohde Patricia Rojas Irwin Royster Betty Rudolph Michael Rudolph Scheuermann & Terhune Emily Schlesinger Manisha Shahani Margaret Siegel Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. — Epsilon Lambda Chapter Yohannes Sium Robert Skinner Dawn Smith Michelle Staton Judith Davey Sternburg Crystal Stewart Juliet Stovall John Swarr Anthony Szulc Lorraine Taylor Willamena Samuels Taylor William Thomas Susan Tiedemann Sirinya Tritipeskul U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Unitarian Universalist Affordable Housing Corporation Susan Wallace Maria Washington Jennifer Watt Emma Wendt Jeff Wilson Yale Club of Washington, DC Rick Young Zawadi

We strive for accuracy in reporting the names of our generous supporters. Please contact us if you find an error or omission.

Thanks to our generous sponsors for underwriting 100% of the cost of our April 24, 2008 (not quite a) Gala Homewarming Celebration Contractors – $10,000 Horning Brothers Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Hope and a Home Board of Directors Remodelers – $5,000 The Alice and Eugene Ford Foundation The Griffin Foundation William C. Smith & Co. Fixer-Uppers – $2,500 August, Lang & Husak Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll Borger Management Long & Foster Reznick Group USEC Inc. Walker & Dunlop Carpenters – $1,000 Elizabeth Conahan and James Oldham Jair Lynch Development Partners

Hope and a Home is deeply grateful to our good friends at August, Lang & Husak for the creative energy and pro bono assistance that went into producing this annual report!



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PAID PERMIT NO. 347 WASHINGTON, DC 1439 R Street, NW Washington, DC 20009 t. 202.387.7091 f. 202.387.7097

Hope and a Home Creed We come together to celebrate ourselves, our families, our community, and our relationship to the God of our understanding. We commit ourselves to: Good homes for our families, Good health and education for our children, and Good management of our money toward a secure future. We will build on our strengths, ask for help when we need it, and offer aid to others when we can. We know that life can be difficult as well as joyous. We are here to learn from each other, to encourage each other, and to create a brighter future for us all. To these ideals we commit ourselves.

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