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Our Mission:

Affordable access to integrated and coordinated Primary, Dental, Behavioral Health & OB/GYN Care for the whole family under one roof.


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Insurance Welcome!

Fully insured patients are welcome at the Health Center. Enjoy quality, affordable care while supporting better health for all in Greater Prince William. Visit us online for a full list of services and scheduling information.

GreaterMission Prince William Community Health Center Our 4379 Ridgewood Center Drive, Suite 102 9705 Liberia Avenue, Suite 201 Woodbridge, Virginia 22192

Manassas, Virginia 20110

703.680.7950 |


Innovation Driving Improved Healthcare For You, Your Family & Our Community A Message From Our President & Executive Director

Traditionally, medical care has been a somewhat fragmented

Delivery of these services is top-of-the-line. Each of our loca-

experience. Diagnosis, treatment and care for essential ser-

tions offer Board certified, physician-led teams of medical pro-

vices likely took place at multiple private practices that do

fessionals that follow more than 100 management practices,

not necessarily communicate regularly or exchange medi-

backed up by our sophisticated information technology sys-

cal records. As a result, a patient’s medical issues are often

tems. Together, the team and the technology is improving the

addressed individually, when in reality many areas of health

health of the nearly 60,000 patients we expect to serve this

overlap and are best treated holistically.


Prince William area residents have an alternative with the

This whole-person approach extends beyond medical services.

Greater Prince William Community Health Center’s innova-

If patients need help with medical bills, transportation, or an

tive, integrated service delivery system. Since 2010, our Board

interpreter, the Health Center has them covered. We also have

certified, physician-led medical teams have treated the whole

care coordinators who can walk patients through the intrica-

person – and the whole family – under one roof. Primary,

cies of applying for health insurance or Medicaid.

Dental, Behavioral Health, and OB/GYN care are all available at the Center. We also offer laboratory testing at both of our

As you’ll see in this FY 2014 Annual Report, the result is more

locations, and patients can save up to 70 percent on medica-

efficient, effective care with improvements in the management

tions at the pharmacy in our Evergreen Health Center.

of such diseases as obesity, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, low infant birth weights, depression, and gum disease. Addi-

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) re-

tionally, by making these services available to the uninsured via

cently designated us as one of the first Primary Care Medical

our sliding scale payment program, we are connecting thou-

Homes (PCMH), Level III in this area. Our services include de-

sands of area residents with preventative care they may not

pression screening and treatment, prenatal care, Centering-

otherwise receive.

Pregnancy™ classes, pediatrics, immunizations, root canals, and crowns.

This past year, we were proud to expand access to our innovative healthcare model, with the grand opening of Evergreen Health Center in Manassas. The Center was fortunate to be the recipient of a national Affordable Care Act grant. Through Evergreen, we are delivering the triple aim of this landmark legislation: Improving the medical experience, improving health outcomes, and reducing the per capita costs of healthcare. As we continue towards our goal of ensuring that everyone in our community has affordable access to quality healthcare, we invite you to join us. Become a patient, start a career with us, volunteer, or make a donation with the use of the attached envelope. You can also spread the word online to help us build

Paul Moessner President, Board of Directors

Frank J. Principi Executive Director

greater awareness of our mission of improving your health, your family’s health, and the health of our community.

Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |


TOP MILESTONES Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014) was a year of tremendous growth for the Greater Prince William Community Health Center and improving health outcomes in the community we serve.

In FY 2014, the Health Center expanded... Access New Evergreen Health Center

In March 2014, we opened a second Center, in Manassas, making quality, affordable care more accessible to people in Western Prince William. Following our Integrated Care Model, the Center offers consumers Primary, Dental, Behavorial Health and OB/GYN services.

Opened Second Location

Coverage ACA Enrollment In anticipation of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act Marketplace, the Center hired three Certified Application Counselors. During FY2014, they completed 7,000 assists, helping 1,300 previously uninsured individiuals obtain health insurance.

Helped 1,300 Get Insured

Services Dental, Behavorial Health Recognizing an underserved treatment area, we introduced a substance abuse program within our Behavorial Health services. Additionally, dentures were added to the comprehensive dental care now available at the Center.

Added Needed Services


A HEALTHIER COMMUNITY In 2013, the Greater Prince William Community Health Center became a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). This care model provides integrated, coordinated management of a patient’s overall health, with essential services provided in the center and a referral network of specialists for a continuity of care. Four practice areas are housed in the Center’s two locations–Primary Care, Dental, Behavioral Health and OB/ GYN. Additionally, pharmacy and lab services are also available in our offices, making it more convenient for patients to follow through on their care and to receive necessary laboratory testing. This FY 2014 Annual Report illustrates that the integrated model of healthcare has steadily been improving health outcomes in a number of key areas, including increased birth weight, better controlled hypertension and higher dental treatment plan completion rates. As more of our consumers make use of the full spectrum of services offered at the Health Center, they benefit from the coordination between their care providers. Our providers directors meet regularly, and patient records are accessible across practice areas. Now, a pregnant women is

more likely to get dental care that protects the health of her newborn child, or a primary care patient with lingering malaise will get the depression screening that can lead to treatment and recovery. The opening of our Evergreen Health Center marked the opening of our own full service pharmacy, with patient discounts of up to 70 percent off retail pricing. Evergreen’s opening also exponentially increased our community impact, providing families in Western Prince William and surrounding areas with convenient access to care. 800 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) applied for Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grants earmarked for facility expansion, funded by the Affordable Care Act. Of these, Greater Prince William Community Health Center was one of just 150 centers in the nation awarded funding to open a new facility. The new healthcare laws also provide many patients with health insurance for the first time in their lives. The ACA is alive and well in the Greater Prince William area, furthering our efforts to improve community health outcomes through affordable, integrated care.

“Everybody should have access to affordable, quality healthcare in our community. It makes common economic sense.” ~ Congressman Gerry Connolly, At Evergreen Health Center

Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |


Income as Percentage of Poverty Level

Total Income: FY 2010-2014

Patient Gender

6,000,000 5,000,000

68% Female




2012 Fiscal Year









3,000,000 2,706,499


evenue ,706,499 ,047,992 ,706,623 ,136,923 ,023,301


2842 6216












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34+ Zip codes served. While the majority of patients reside in Prince

Patient Ages

Patient Ages Patient Ages


William and Manassas, patients also come from Alexandria, Arlington, Centreville, Lorton and Stafford.






26,000+ Patient Encounters (Up 7% from FY13)

Preschool (0-4)


Preschool (0-4)

School Age (5-18) Young Adult (19-29) Adult (30-59) Senior (60+)

Create infographics School Age (5-18) Young Adult (19-29) Adult (30-59)spoken Senior (60+) among staff


members. Addtional languages are translated by phone.

In FY 2014, 46.4% of our patients were insured, compared to 0% in the Center’s early years.

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Payer Mix Goal: 50/50


CONVENIENT CARE As part of our Integrated Care model, Greater Prince William Community Health Center offers supplemental services that make it convenient for patients to access follow-up care and to receive necessary tests and medications.


$1.7 Million

Value of prescriptions provided at no charge to income-qualifying patients through NVFS-managed PAP.

»» Opened full-service pharmacy at Evergreen Center, available to patients and general public. »» Saved uninsured and underinsured patients 60-70% of full retail value on prescription medications through the 340B Program. »» Maintained pharmacy delivery service at Ridgewood Center, where patient prescriptions are delivered to the Center for pick-up.



PRTC bus tokens given to qualified patients who without transportation to medical appointments.

Lab Work


Lab tests performed onsite, saving patients time and money and providing doctors with prompt results.

»» Wheels to Wellness participant; a PRTC program supported by the Potomac Health Foundation that provides qualifying patients with free bus service or $5 taxi rides to and from medical appointments. »» Medicaid Shuttle Service offered, helping our patients travel to and from both Centers free of charge.

Patient Portal


Patient Portal users, where patients can email their doctors, make appointments, request prescription refills.



Specialists with whom we have negotiated lower treatment fees for our uninsured patients.

Insurance Welcome! Enjoy top-of-the-line service while also supporting our mis-

sion of ensuring access to affordable, quality healthcare for all in our community. Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |



Patient Perspective

Board Certified Family Physician Dr. Rashid Mohiuddin is entering his sixth

New to the area and on Medicaid, *Amy found that her lack of private insurance limited her choice of doctors. “I found GPWCHC online and liked the idea that I could get so many things done at the same place without having to constantly complete different packets of paperwork,” she recalled.

year as the Center’s Medical Director, overseeing all aspects of patient care. Dr. Mohiuddin completed his residency in Family Medicine at Howard University. He has 16 years of experience and is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

“Our goal is to provide access to quality care for all patients, providing each with the highest level of respect. We also emphasize continuity of care through our Integrated Care model, maximizing convenience and efficiency by offering a range of treatment options for the whole family under one roof.”

She decided to stick with the Health Center when her husband started a new job that included Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage. “I continued using the Center because of the quality of care I was receiving,” Amy explained. “It far exceeds that which I have received in the past. I feel like more than just another patient and the thoroughness of each exam makes me feel comfortable that I am in the best hands possible.” When she later became pregnant, she added Jill Hibbert, CNM to her care team, and started getting dental services from Dr. Sumera Rashid. “Dental care is also important to the health of my unborn child,” Amy said. From the start of the pregnancy, her second, Amy felt exhausted. She chalked it up to hormones, but her midwife was concerned and ran tests which revealed Ally had anemia that necessiated infusions of iron. “I am so thankful to Jill for taking action while there was still time to correct it before my delivery,” Ally said. “I was referred to an oncologist, and they communicate regularly to ensure that my unborn child and myself are in the best health possible.”

“I would recommend the Center to anyone who wants comprehensive medical care.” ~ Amy; Primary Care, Dental & OB/GYN Patient *All Patient names have been changed to protect their privacy.


IMPROVED OUTCOMES 4,019 Patients 18 and over whose BMI was charted.


60 55 50


FY 2013

FY 2014

53% of Female Patients Age 24-64 Received Cervical Cancer Screening

Controlled Diabetes: Percent of diabetic patients who now have A1C values under 7%. Improvements achieved through provider-assisted monitoring, lifestyle changes and medication.



31% were found to be over or under weight and received a documented follow-up plan.


FY 2014

Exceeded Goals for Control of Hypertension


FY 2013

% of Patients 55 62 65

% of Hypertensive Patients


Why Integrated Care? National, peer-reviewed studies by the PatientCentered Care Collabortive show that the “medical home� model, with its focus on patient needs and integrated care, provides the nation with:

61% Fewer Emergency Room Visits 31% Increase in Preventative Services 13% Fewer Hospital Readmissions Patients in Demographic Patients Screened

Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |



Patient Perspective

Dr. Sumera Rashid, D.D.S.,

“I’m very skeptical about dentists, but I really liked the Center… very clean, staff was friendly, felt very comfortable to schedule an appointment,” said 24 yearold Katherine. The Woodbridge resident is seeing Dr. Rashid for extensive dental work.

is a 2003 graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Her childhood dentist inspired her to join the field. As an active member of the American Dental Association, she participates in the NOVA Dental Clinic and NOVA Dental Society and also mentors students at NVCC.

“The most rewarding part of working at the Center is putting a smile on people’s faces. Reaching out to the local community, especially to those in need, has been an aspiring goal of mine since childhood. Overall, attending to the community’s dental needs provides a sense of fulfillment— both mentally and spiritually.”

Katherine had negative dental experiences in the past, but said that Dr. Rashid puts her at ease and that now she actually looks forward to her visits. She added that the Center makes it affordable for her to get long-needed work done, by creating a long-term treatment plan with affordable, sliding scale payments. The text appointment reminders are also helpful. “It makes life a little bit easier,” said Katherine. Perhaps most impressive, when Katherine had a dental emergency prior to going on a trip, Dr. Rashid not only fit her in, but called her the next day to see how she was doing. “I think I’m very lucky to be able to be part of this Center because if you are in there, these people take care of you really well,” she said. Katherine has referred friends to the Greater Prince William Community Health Center and now uses its OB/Gyn services as well. “The quality of services, especially for the price, is amazing,” she said.

“The quality of way beyond everything I’ve ever wanted in healthcare.” ~ Katherine; Dental & OB/GYN Patient *All Patient names have been changed to protect their privacy.



212 Dental

Treatment Plans Completed by pediatric patients in FY 2014. New Service!

Dentures Are the latest dental offering. Other preventitive services include cleanings, fillings, bridges, sealants, crowns, x-rays and root canals.

28% Of dental patients under 19 returned for followup care. 735 pediatric patients received dental services in FY 2014.

“Everybody thinks of dental care as a luxury item, but it is essential to good health ” ~ Paul Moessner, President, Board of Directors


Title I schools in Prince William County where the Center’s dentists provide free cleanings, fillings, and other dental care to first through sixth grade students free of charge. Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |



Patient Perspective

Dr. Yorvska Salazar, PysD. LPC holds a Doctor of Pyschology

For several years, Lila knew something was wrong, but not the extent of what her daughter, Jane, was up against. The teen seemed distracted and moody and her grades were slipping. Eventually, she began cutting herself, and Lila brought Jane to the hospital where she was kept for five days.

in Clinical Pyschology from Argosy University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist with 13 years of hands-on experience. She is also a member of the American Pyschological Association.

“Living with a chronic illness can create emotional problems and exacerbate anxiety and depression. At the Center we treat the whole person, their physical, mental and dental needs. By doing that we can increase community understanding of how behavioral health disorders impact the person and reduce the stigma and discrimination.”

Next followed more cutting, more hospital visits and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and depression. Jane experienced phases of mania and hyperactivity as doctors worked to find the right medications to manage her symptoms. Along the way, a friend recommended that Lila take her daughter to Dr. Salazar. That was a year ago. Today, the mother reports that Jane, now 14, has improved greatly. “I felt very comfortable about the center. They were much more responsive than other places,” Lila said, noting that other several other doctor offices did not call her back when they learned the family had Medicaid. She especially likes the staff’s friendliness and level of concern, as well as the cleanliness of the office, and has recommended the Greater Prince William Community Health Center to friends. Both mother and daugther report that they are happy with Dr. Salazar and the progress that Jane continues to make under her care.

“I felt very comfortable. The Center was much more responsive than other providers.” ~ Lila; Mother of Behavorial Health Patient *All patient names have been changed to protect their privacy.


IMPROVED OUTCOMES New! Substance Abuse Services Added in FY2014. The U.S. Substance

Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that drug and alcohol abuse costs employers approximately $276 billion a year, in addition to the toll it takes on quality of life and family stability.

33% Avg. Drop in PHQ9 Scores For patients over age 18, after three

months of treatment. This test measures the severity of depression symptoms. The lower scores indicate a positive response to therapy.

1,750 Patient Encounters In The Behavorial Health Practice In FY 2014.


An Increase of Nearly From FY 2013 Encounters.

Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |



Patient Perspective

Lisa Wiener, MSN, Certified Nurse Midwife received her

When Kim, already a Health Center primary care and dental patient, learned she was pregnant, she added prenatal visits to her continuum of care at the Center. “I couldn’t have asked for a better midwife. Being able to talk openly with your doctor and feeling open to do so, it’s huge,” she said of her visits with Jill Hibbert, CNM, which began in the sixth week of pregnancy.

Post Masters Certificate Certified Nurse Midwife from Shenandoah University in 2008 and her MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner from George Mason University in 1995. She has more than 30 years of experience in the medical field and is a member of the American Association of Nurse Midwives.

“Each woman who walks through our door is a member of our family. They are our sisters, our mothers, and our children. This is what guides our practice.”

Kim is also impressed with the CenteringPregnancy™ program, where groups of eight to 12 women with similar due dates meet regularly, learning how to best take care of both mother and baby. Topics include diet, healthy relationships, what to expect at various stages, and natural childbirth. Kim sometimes brings her boyfriend along so they can learn together. She said she was most struck by the nutrional value of breastfeeding. At the same time, the class prepared her to realize it “can be time consuming and tiring,” said Kim, who felt better prepared knowing the benefits and challenges. “It’s not just one-on-one with a doctor, you get to hear a lot of people’s questions and answers,” she said of Centering. “I like the camaraderie and you learn more...sometimes there are questions you wouldn’t ask but somebody else in class would. It’s a lot of everybody’s ideas.”

“I am pleased that the Center is so caring and forward thinking. It’s awesome.” ~ Kim; OB/GYN, Primary Care & Dental Patient *All Patient names have been changed to protect their privacy.



Women participated in our nationally recognized CenteringPregnancyTM program. Centering can improve pre- and post-natal care, as women learn in a nurturing environment and forge positive peer Of Patients Began relationships. Prenatal Care in



1st Trimester

In FY 2014 the Greater Prince William Community Health Center »» Continued to grow the practice and expand services to now include prenatal and gynecological care at the Evergreen Health Center in Manassas. »» Exceeded both the Virginia and National standards for low birth weight infants. »» Increased significantly the number of women entering prenatal care during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |


FY 2014 REVENUE Since implementing an integrated care model in 2010, the Center has experienced steady growth in patient revenue, as our internal referrals and ability to provide a wider spectrum of healthcare services in-house increase. During this time period, patient revenue has more than doubled from less than $1 million in 2010 to $2,696,017 in FY 2014.

Total Income: FY 2010-2014 6,000,000 5,000,000 4,000,000



2012 Fiscal Year









3,000,000 2,706,499


venue 706,499 047,992 706,623 136,923 023,301


Payer Mix FY 2014 Patient Revenue $2,696,017 Donation & Grant Revenue $2,327,284

Private 10% Medicare 4% Medicaid 25%

Self-Pay 61%


STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION ASSETS Cash and Cash Equivalents Patient Receivables, Net Grants Receivable Prepaid Expenses Inventory Investment in Community Care Network of Virginia Investments Security Deposits Property and Equipment Leasehold Improvements Furniture and Equipment Total Less Accumulated Depreciation Total Property and Equipment, Net Total Assets LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Accrued Payroll and Benefits Capital Lease Payable Deferred Rent Total Liaiblities NET ASSETS Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

FY 2014

FY 2013

$547,140 241,821 44,471 40,849 23,212 15,000 7,763 68,363

$309,100 394,659 36,563 46,930 ⁻ 9,822 ⁻ 10,863

447,249 654,389 1,092,638 (434,571) 658,067

438,799 255,556 694,355 (337,989) 356,366



FY 2014

FY 2013

$136,555 203,049 268,444 196,954 $805,002

$83,304 171,041 68,928 105,091 $428,364

826,684 15,000 931,684

655,99 80,000 735,939


Expenses Program Services Management and General Fundraising Total Expenses


FY 2014

FY 2013

$3,481,677 1,304,082 131,797

$2,849,110 900,001 98,252



Financial information is based on audited financials.

Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |


COMMUNITY OUTREACH National Health Care Week 2013 For three days, during National Health Center Week, the Greater Prince William Community Health Center invited the public to its offices for free health screenings, including hearing, vision and A1C diabetes testing, dental check-ups and mammograms. Children’s activities such as face painting and a moon bounce, along with a cook-out, helped to draw the whole family. The event also offered safety and health education, such as free car seats and installation training.


Care Partners & Referrals

The Center has created a network of more than 300 specialists who provide our insured, uninsured, and underinsured patients with care on a reduced fee or sliding scale basis. This network includes pulmonologists, endodontics, oral surgeons and pediatric cardiologists. We also have agreements in place with top facilities such as the University of Virginia Hospital and Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center. Our staff works to secure the proper documents, monitor followup care and assure compliance with treatment plans. Of the more than 3,000 referrals made, 90% are for practices within Prince William, providing consumers with a convenient, local, coordinated healthcare services.

ACA Enrollment Success

The Center hired three Certified Application Counselors (CAC) ahead of the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period. These CACs helped consumers understand insurance eligibility and enrollment options. They completed 7,000 assists—answering questions, reviewing documents, completing forms and getting 1,300 individuals insured, many for the first time. When families didn’t qualify for insurance, CACs reviewed Medicaid and sliding scale options, connecting them with other affordable care options. These results caught the attention of Governor Terry McAuliffe, who allocated additional ACA funding to the Center to increase its enrollment efforts in FY 2015.

Underserved Populations

The Center works with a number of community partners to improve the health of underserved populations in Greater Prince William. This includes free medical care for victims of human trafficking, unaccompanied minor refugees, homeless persons, and at-risk youth.

“Let’s make sure every Virginian gets access to quality healthcare.” ~ Virginia Governor Terry McAulliffe, At Evergreen Health Center

Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |


OUR TEAM The Greater Prince William Community Health Center’s integrated and coordinated approach begins with our team of experienced, certified,and well-trained professionals. From the Front Desk and administrative staff to our clinical team every patient can expect the highest level of quality care and customer service. Our team includes: »» Physicians »» Obstetricians/Gynecologists »» Pediatric and Family Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants »» Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians »» Dentists »» Clinical Psychologists »» Certified Nurse Midwives »» Registered Nurses »» Certified Medical Assistants »» Licensed Practical Nurses »» Dental Hygienists »» Referral Specialists »» Pharmacy Enrollment Specialists »» Care Coordinators »» Patient Advocates

Ongoing Development

The professional development of staff is an ongoing priority at the Center. In FY 2014, we offered nearly 60 training opportunities for our team, covering topics such as cultural competency, eClinicalWorks, patient portal, CPR, use of specialized medical equipment, ADD Informatics, and billing and medical coding. Team building activities also take place regularly, enabling staff to strengthen work relationships and learn from one another. Additionally, each year the Center holds a one-day retreat for the entire staff. We use this time to focus on our mission, improve procedures and strengthen team dynamics. During the retreat, we lay the foundation for a year of excellence in healthcare delivery.

Employee of the Year

Join Our T eam! Are you a talented professional who takes pride in their work and enjoys making a difference in the lives of others? Discover a rewarding career with great benefits here at the Center. As we continue to grow, we are always looking to add dedicated doctors, nurses and staff to better meet the needs of our patients. Look for employment opportunities in “About Us” at or, for questions, email

Director of Operations, Richard Melke: Richard is a model employee. He arrives on time, works late and is always willing to lend a hand in operations, at the Front Desk, or anywhere help is needed. He brought with him a wealth of experience and a calming voice to all that he did. We should all aspire to the example Richard set. “Richard looks for ways to improve employee morale… He’s a role model and a great asset,” said a fellow staff member. For these reasons, Richard Melke is the Employee of the Year!


OUR LEADERSHIP Board of Directors FY 2014 Paul Moessner, President Retired, U.S. Navy

Addie Whitaker, Director Retired, Manassas Park Department of Social Services

David Wilks, Vice President Vanderpool, Frostik, and Nishanian

Abra Hogarth, Director Novant Health Prince William Medical Center

Valerie Keane, Secretary Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

Ron King, Director Manassas Family Services

John Gray, Treasurer John Gray, CPA

Katty Palomino, Director El Commercio Newspaper

Sally Eissler, Emeritus Kaiser Permanente

Laura Posey, Director Inova Health Systems

Rose Gonzalez, Director American Nurses Association

Luis Ferrao, Director Retired

51% Of The Center’s Board Members Are Also Consumers of Our Services. Senior Leadership Group Frank J. Principi Executive Director

Jackie Maldonado Associate Director of HR

Dr. Yorvska Salazar Behavioral Health Director

Richard Melke Director of Operations

Dr. Rashid Mohiuddin Medical Director

Lisa Wiener, CNM OB/GYN Director

Mark Meye Director of Finance

Dr. Sumera Rashid Dental Director

Carron Young Clinical Supervisor

“I volunteer because of the terrific team of healthcare providers offering a range of services that our community needs.” ~ Sallie Eissler, Board Member Emeritus

Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |


DONORS & PARTNERS Our donors (funding and in-kind partnerships) and individual contributors play a critical role in keeping our services accessible to consumers of any insurance status or income level. Thank you to all of the people and organizations who invested in the health of our community, supporting the Patient-Centered Medical Home that serves Prince William and Stafford Counties and the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. Your support ensures that access to quality, integrated care remains accessible to all in our community.

A&Z Music Factory AAR Woodbridge Imaging Center Aetna International Affordable Access to Health Care ACS State Healthcare Advanced Ophthalmology Aksoylu Properties, LLC America's Charities American Cancer Society Amerigroup Corporation Anthem Healthkeepers Area Health Education Center BB&T Bentz Communications Boys & Girls Clubs of Prince William County Cardinal Bank City of Manassas Comcast Community Care Network of Virginia Community Services Board Compton & Duling, LC Cooperative Council of Ministries Direct Relief International Dominion Foundation El Commercio Newspaper Harbour View Event Center Henry Schein

Insight Imaging INTotal Health Kaiser Foundation Kaiser Permanente of Mid-Atlantic Kitchen Gourmet Lab Corp Lake Ridge Florist Lindsey Chevrolet Lions Club Lustine Toyota March of Dimes, National Capital Area Massinos Cassinos Merck and Company Mike Garcia Construction National Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. Newgate, LLC Northern Virginia Family Services Northern Virginia Health Foundation NOVEC Philip Graham Fund Potomac Health Foundation Potomac INOVA Health Alliance Potomac Nationals Prince William Chamber of Commerce Prince William Health Direct Prince William Health Partnership Prince William Health System Foundation

Proctor & Gamble Oral Health Professional Collision Center PSS Physician Sales & Service Radio Unida Renaissance Charitable Foundation Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center Service Distributing, Inc. SHR Associates, Inc. The Computer Doctor The Cors Foundation The Sign Shop Todos, Inc. U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration United Way of National Capital Area Vanderpool, Frostick & Nishasian Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia Community Healthcare Association Virginia Department of Health Virginia Health Care Foundation

“People who didn’t have insurance when they first came to the Health Center later got insurance and still chose to continue here. That is a testament.” ~ Virginia Delegate Michael Futrell, At Evergreen Health Center


INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS Maria Agra Bryanna Altman John Ashton Yvonne Barber George Barker Carol-Ann Benjamin Valarie Blocker Richard Bucholz Melany Bustillos Chris Caseman Carlos & Gladis Castro Carlo Claros Rector Coleman Anna Maria Conley Jayne Crowther Taumi & Rene Daniels Collin Davenport Sandra Dawson Barbara DeChene Jeanette Delgado Gary Eads Douglas & Joynce Eagles Sarah R. Eissler Nancy & Victor Evans Jessica Farley Donna Flory Monica Freeman

Margaret Goldberger Rose Gonzales Emma & Rev. Michael Gutzler Janet Hall Bill & Frances Harris Robyn Hurley Hyder Husain Jimmy Jones Jeff Jones Dr. Gary Jones Lenore Kelly Kendra Kielbasa Patricia & Ronald King Sandra Knopp Dr. Babur Lateef Sally & Carl Lay Hyun Lee Chris Lindsey Keeyana Mahoney Myra Maldonado Esther Moniba Comfort Mantee Susana Martin Joel Martinez Mary Beth Michos Paul Moessner

Gretchen Morris E. Nethercutt Giovanni Peligrini Frank & Cecilia Principi Dr. Paul Pugliese Terrence Quinn Brenda Randall Tony Reyes Gregg & Jean Reynolds Sandy Rivers Enrico Sabatino Joan Saenz Alex Suarez Cara Swett Jane Touchet Duchanh Trannguy Michael Travis Jeanne Underwood Ingrid Valladores Jhosselyn Vela John & Barbara Walvius Elaine & Arthur Walz David Wilks Loree Williams

Greater Prince William Community Health Center FY2014 Annual Report |

Your Home For A Healthy Family & Healthy Community

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Whether you want to become involved in our mission as a volunteer or staff member, or you are ready to enjoy the benefits of our integrated, affordable healthcare services, it’s easy to Connect With Better Health at the Greater Prince William Community Health Center. Visit our website or email us for information on providers, locations, payment options, appointments and more. | Or Call 703.680.7950

We’re Social, Too! “Like” us on Facebook for the latest on Health Center events, service updates and hours, and to share your healthcare stories and questions.

Two Convenient Locations! 4379 Ridgewood Center Drive, Suite 102 Woodbridge, Virginia 22192

9705 Liberia Avenue, Suite 201 Manassas, Virginia 20110

Annualreportfy2014 gpwchc web  

This FY 2014 Greater Prince William Community Health Center Annual Report illustrates that the integrated model of healthcare has steadily b...

Annualreportfy2014 gpwchc web  

This FY 2014 Greater Prince William Community Health Center Annual Report illustrates that the integrated model of healthcare has steadily b...