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Not Deviant, Dancing! How can a window misbehave? She will be a window but she will dance She will be a moment and not an object She will not function, she will dance!

I want to be betrayed and not consoled. I want to live in a room in the throes of a strong shot. I want to sit on a couch that is hungry. I want to look in the eye of a mirror that dilates to eat me. Don’t console me! Eat me! I do not want a door that opens I want a door that yawns Such a door would not yield to me Such a door would breathe me in on a sweat soaked body toss slow motion inhale at 4 AM in the rave with no name, the kind of breath that reveals the edges of its voice without a word Or perhaps it is the heart of the voice That sensual sigh produced by a body that has taken everything and can give nothing, but energy I want to dance with that door.

Not Deviant, Dancing!  
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