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Emily Geigle Interior Design Portfolio University of Cincinnati

Emily Geigle 7386 Pickway Drive Cincinnati, OH 45233 (513) 309-9185

Education University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) B.S. in Interior Design Cincinnati, OH Class of 2020 Seton High School GPA: 3.81 Cincinnati, OH Class of 2015

Work Experience Rockwell Group Responsible for space planning, custom furniture drawings, choosing materials, rendering in Photoshop, and creating InDesign presentations. New York City, NY Jan-Apr & Aug-Dec 2017 Western Hills Retirement Village Served as a dietary aide preparing food for nursing home residents. Cincinnati, OH 2014-2016


Volunteer work + Leadership

Dean’s List University of Cincinnati Fall 2016-current Honor Roll Seton High School 2011-2015 Top 20 finalist in Congressional Art Competition 2014 National Honor Society Seton High School 2014-2015

Skills Photoshop




Illustrator Revit




Microsoft Office

IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Participating in various events and meetings to gain more knowledge about interior design. 2016-present Saints for Life Participated in various volunteer work around the Greater Cincinnati area. 2012-2015 Student Ambassador Partook in promoting Seton High School by assisting with open houses and other events. 2012-2015 Head coach of volleyball team Coached a 7th and 8th grade girls volleyball team at Our Lady of Visitation grade school. 2013-2014 Captain of club volleyball team Served as a team captain for Lineshot Volleyball Club. 2013-2014


Livewell Collaborative 1-14

Miscellaneous 37-44

Film Institute 29-36 Professional Work 15-28

Livewell Collaborative



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immediate adjacency important adjacency reasonably convenient

Livewell Collaborative Cincinnati, Ohio Time frame: Summer semester of 2017 Project description:

My studio was given the opporturnity to work with Livewell Collaborative, a design firm in the Greater Cincinnati area, in creating a contemporary look for their new workplace. We were challenged to design a 5000 square foot space to meet all of the changing needs of both Livewell Collaborative and the modern-day workplace. Concept: I translated the concept of growth into a sculptural element for interest and direction. Software used: Revit, Rhino, and Photoshop

Storage Studios

Entry/ Gallery

Open collab

Entry/ Gallery

Open collab Kitchen Conceptual Model


Zoning diagram 1 (chosen)

St Office Zoning diagram 2



Office Storage

Entry/ Gallery

Office Kitchen Storage


Open collab

Zoning diagram 3


Livewell Collaborative expressed a need for both adaptability and flexibility in their new workplace. The company also wanted to be able to make studio workspaces larger or smaller in case of a need for privacy for certain clients. To satisfy this need, I used movable frosted glass wall panels that could maneuver and rotate along a ceiling track. When the movable panel system is retracted, it allows for the studio spaces to combine into larger work spaces. If a small studio needs to be formed due to project size or privacy, the panel system can be fully closed and locked on the track. I also incorporated flexible furniture throughout the space to allow for the frequent need to resize or adapt to a certain client. I used mostly lightweight furniture in areas that would need to be rearraranged.

Sliding movable glass wall panel system


Reflected ceiling plan of level 4

Rendered level 4 floor plan

Longitudinal level 4 section


Since all of the employees at Livewell Collaborative are consistently working together on projects, the company also wanted their new workspace to focus on collaboration. I incorporated collaborative work spaces into each designated studio space, and used various nooks throughout the office to dedicate to collaboration for two or more people.

The majority of Livewell Collaborative is made up of millenials. This motivated me to create an environment people my age would enjoy - somewhere that would be exciting to go into work everyday. Following Livewell's branding standards, I decided to not only incorporate their primary blue color, but the secondary colors as well to emphasize a younger, more vibrant environment.

Rendered open collaboratio


on view


Rendered Studio View #1


Rendered Studio View #2


Rendered entry view


Rendered top of stair view


I chose to occupy the 5th floor of the building as well, utilizing the roof for additional workspace and event hosting, for which Livewell expressed a need. Since the employees at Livewell operate with laptops, it becomes easy to operate during the workday on the rooftop.

Rendered daytime roof view

Reflected ceiling plan of level 5

Longitudinal level 5 section

Open to below

Rendered level 5 floor plan


Rendered nighttime roof view


Professional Work

01 13 15


The Grand Mayan Renovation Los Cabos, Mexico Time frame: worked on project January-April 2017 and August-September 2017 Project description: I was responsible for a majority of custom furniture drawings for a renovation of the Grand Mayan Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico. This included various venues such as the Omnia Dayclub, a Herringbone restaurant, and a Shore Bar lounge. I also was responsible for ordering and choosing samples and inputing FF&E specifications into SpecSources. In addition, I assisted in space planning and organizing the floor plans. Software used: AutoCAD and Photoshop

Rendering done by Rockwell Group


Rendering done by Rockwell Group

Shore Bar material board #1

Shore Bar floor plan

Shore Bar material board #2





Herringbone material board


Rendering done by Rockwell Group

Omnia Dayclub material board



Moxy Times Square Hotel New York City, New York Time frame: worked on project September-October 2017 Project description: The project is based on a carnival theme and is located on a New York City skyscraper rooftop near Times Square. I was responsible for putting together several FF&E client presentations and altering rendered elevations. I also was able to go on a site visit with one of the designers to review final touches before the opening night of Magic Hour, the rooftop bar and lounge.

Photograph taken by Warren Jagger

Software used: Photoshop and InDesign

Magic Hour coat check rendering


The Stademos Hotel Undisclosed Location Time frame: worked on project February-April 2017 Project description: I was responsible for a Kid's Club venue within the Stademos Hotel, located internationally. I chose and specified all of the FF&E within the venue and put together a client presentation showcasing it. I also was responsible for space planning the entire area and making sure to include various client requests. Software used: AutoCAD, InDesign and Photoshop

Kid's Club floor plan


Park Avenue Restaurant New York City, New York Time frame: worked on project September-November 2017 Project description: I worked with the interior designer on this project to help transform an existing space into a rustic Spanish Tapas restaurant in midtown Manhattan. I was responsible for several custom lighting drawings as well as furniture sourcing and vendor communication. I also created a Spanish broken tile mosaic to highlight the back bar wall, which was inspired by colorful Spanish art. Software used: Photoshop and AutoCAD



Broken Spanish tile study done in Photoshop


Rendering done by Rockwell Group


Film Institute



Film Institute OTR Cincinnati, OH Time frame: Fall semester 2016 Project description: Renovate and expand on an existing site to design a film institute. The site is located in the historic district of Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati. We were challenged to create a school for students studying film, while following a given building program and various requirements. Software used: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, and Photoshop

Conceptual model #1

Bubble Diagram immediately adjacent close and convenient convenient minor relationship acoustic privacy natural light

Figure-ground site analysis study


Conceptual model #2

Conceptual model #3

Conceptual model #4

Final model made out of white museum board, foam core, and basswood


Rendered exterior perspective


Rendered interior perspective #1


Rendered level 1 floor plan


Rendered interior perspective #2

Sequence Perspective 4 Rendered interior perspective #3


Miscell aneous



Invisibile Cities Phtoshop digital collage

Invisibile Cities graphite hand rendering


City of the dead graphite hand rendering

Piranesi Prison micron hand rendering



100 + 1 and Body Mantle Time frame: 3 weeks during fall semester 2015 Project description: Use a minimum of 100 items and transform them into an unrecognizable form using some form of connecting stitch. Materials used: Coffee filters, gold faux petals, and string.


Tectonic Drawings Time frame: 2 weeks during fall semster 2016 Project description: The goal of this assignment was to design five different masses expressing frame, mass, and plane using Rhino and Grasshopper. The use of additive and subtractive elements played a crucial role in this assignment as well. Software used: Grasshopper, Rhino, and Photoshop


Word Meaning Interpretation Time frame: 1 week during fall semster 2016 Project description: For this assignment, I was given the word "juxtaposition." The goal was to create a model in Rhino that translated the meaning of the word we were given into a digital 3D form. Afterwards, I rendered the model in an appropriate setting. Software used: Rhino and Photoshop


Thank you! Emily Geigle (513) 309-9185

Emily Geigle Interior Design Portfolio 2018  
Emily Geigle Interior Design Portfolio 2018