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Sense of self within Interiors. final major project

project propsal

A magazine which will be established for organic and innovative home design. This magazine will be based on the concept on how human behavior and design need to become equilibriums to create a positive environment .It will display original interior design doesn’t come from looking within latest trends but is created from living within the space and express personal story and ‘sense of self ’. These ideas and knowledge are supported by my research within my personal journals throughout the term. I want to understand how human behavior and phycology can not only be used to improve home environment but also how this can be applied to understanding the subjects within the home . I aim to look into the emotional attachment to objects and explore the ideas of false needs and false consciousness whether we really find our identity within the objects we have in our home. Also can space be created to impact our own emotional attachments to space and how can we source and inspire to create unique yet cost affective spaces.

project propsal I wanted to explore the idea of personal identity within design and consumption within home interiors. This will contain personal stories of various different people and about their home ascetic, which will be examples of their own personal journeys within the home whether this be a personal journey or creating the home itself. It will also explore how the “home reflects as a sense of self â€?, how their own personal identity reflects on there living space whether this be the industry they work in, hobbies and interest they have. This will also contain content which will put these ideas into practice in which I will source various places of interest either to help furnish a home through furnishings, lighting, art, and general dĂŠcor on a low- medium budget. The idea is for these places to be affordable but still aspirational for the viewer aiming to achieve a better sense of well being within our living spaces.

I wanted to expand my knowledge on how consumerism affects are meaning of value and worth within the home environment. In my experimentation I visited 7 peoples living rooms within their homes in my local area of Nottingham, I recorded my findings through photographs (figure 1). I wanted to understand what art they buy, what technology they have in their house, what they read or listen to, different type of objects held meaning to them and within this to understand their taste. I also wanted to identify which specific items held personal value and what objects make up their living spaces. After documenting there living room as a whole I then asked them “ if I was going to get rid of all of your furnishings, technology, art work and ornaments etc. in your living room what would you keep�. I then recorded the objects they’d would keep through polaroid this would be a picture of the owner and their object . These objects ranged from family photographs, kindles, artwork and even a sofa .This made me to begin to I understand that people had different meanings to saving objects from them being sentimental or just to have some form of comfort within there living space. Each item was reflective of their own indefinites or personal needs within living space and gave me a deeper understanding of themselves and what is valued to them .



I decided to conduct my own experimentation of peoples personal space within student bedrooms. Students have very limited space to reflect their personalities often living in shared accommodation, your bedroom is often a place where you can reflect and put your own personal stamp on .While being a student myself I understand that with limited space it can be hard to reflect your own identity and curate a space which you can not only work in but relax as well. I undertook a study of 3 different students who all lived under one house and documented want I found with photographs and polaroid’s. I found that students express there own personal identity through art or posters in which they place on their walls, soft furnishings (such as duvet covers, cushions) clothing and books on display . They curate workspace by separating areas of work and relaxation keeping desks facing walls and separate from the bed. Within the workspace is normally a selection of their family photographs, posters, motivational lists and selections of books and magazines. I feel that a sense of self is more directed to the focus of the walls where they have enough space to show artists they like, bands they enjoy and art work created for sites such a tumblr often with sayings such as “if you drink enough vodka it tastes like love” .

Sense of self within Interiors.

Emily Forrester Final Major Project

Final major project