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No. 7

D a t e : M ay 2 0 1 5 / D i m e n s i o n : 8 . 5 ” x 1 1 ” / M a t e r i a l s : T i s s u e p a p e r, Wa x p a p e r, Ve l l u m

Derivative Concept This piece is my second iteration of F(x). I wanted to make the experience more interactive and also ďŹ nd areas where math and my other interests overlapped. I found that the design and calculus overlapped in their vocabulary; line, form, point, balance, and function. I wanted to combine these deďŹ nitions with images to create a multi-disciplinary artist book.

Process Tissue paper collage, printed vellum, acrylic tools, and birch light table

To create the transparencies I layered sheets of tissue paper between wax paper and melted the wax together. The melted wax had a stained glass effect that I really liked when I held the pages up to the window. I decided to build a light table to store the book along with the acrylic rulers. I left the pages unbound to allow the reader to play with different combinations of layering. The pages are kept in a blizzard bind rice paper case to keep them organized while still leaving the pages loose.

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