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Date : May 2015 / Dimension : 4� x 4� / Materials : Letterpress on Lettra

Mark Folded Forms Combine a folded form with images to elevate the content.

Inspiration Native American Cartography

The architecture and rock carvings of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico are examples of what I consider to be a “map”. The mysterious place tells the story of the unique people who made their home there. They left us a map of their history, spiritual beliefs, and astronomical findings. The spiral carvings found on Fajade Butte maps the sun’s nine year cycle. The “dagger of light” hits certain points on the spiral at important planting and harvesting dates through out the year.

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico Dagger of Light / Fajada Butte

Concept Petroglyphs

I used images from rock art found through out the Southwest to create a map of the Northern hemisphere’s constellations. I wanted to create a map of the sky that could have been created by the ancient inhabitants of the Southwest with the art they left behind.

Plan Design Exploration

I sketched my designs and explored different layouts to match up petroglyphs with their constellations. I scanned my design and created a negative in order to create the polymer plate for printing.

Printing The design was printed on Arches Rives BFK heavyweight printmaking paper. The first run was the map of constellations printed in blue ink. The images of the petroglyphs were printed in grey over the first run. The cover was printed last. After the prints dried I was able to score and fold each one. I used PVA to glue the turkish map fold into the cover.

Folding Turkish Map Fold

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