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Print 1 Watercolor Monoprint This print was made using water color transfer. I sketched my idea for the print on paper and then painted it in water color on a mylar sheet. I dampened Rives water color paper and laid it on top of the dried mylar and ran it through the press. I repeated the process to create a ghost print. I liked that subdued colors created by the ghost print better than the original and ran it as many times as I could before the watercolor ran out.

Print 2 M e t a l Ty p e o n Va n d e rc o o k L e t t t e r p r e s s This print was made for Letterpress I. The concept for this piece was to use two dierent metal typefaces to contrast all of the places I have lived with the place I consider to be my home. My addresses are listed in copper ink with my childhood home in all caps in light blue. I used this combination of colors and the zinc cut of the zia symbol to represent my home town in New Mexico.

Print 3 Wo o d a n d M e t a l Ty p e o n L e t t e r p r e s s I used a combination of wood an metal type to create a textile pattern. I arranged X, T, V, i, and I blocks in two runs to create a pattern. I also did a run of squiggle rules in blue ink to represent threads running through the textile. This piece took seven runs to complete. I would like to continue with this project by layering dierent colors to create more depth in the piece.

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