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No. 3

Date : May 2012 / Dimension : 3” x 3” / Materials : Cloth and Felt

Plot Artist Books This was my ďŹ nal piece for Response to Materials. This course introduced me to print making processes, dierent mediums, and artist books. I fell in love with artist books because it allows me to tell a story without writing, which is not my strong suit. I’m able to create a narrative with my choice of materials and processes. I wanted to combine traditional embriodery with astronomy. I decided to make a pillow like form for the structure to embody my experienced stargazing as a child.

Process Layout and Embriodery

I began laying out my design in InDeisgn and printed the text on printable cloth. I decided to use an accordian fold to allow the entire book to be viewed at once. I cut out my constallations and embriodered them into the book with gold thread to represent the stars. I arranged the animals in chapters according to where they would be found on earth; desert, mountains, ocean, forest, and sky. I liked the idea of combining where the animals are found in the heavens with where they would be found on earth.

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