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No. 2

D a t e : M ay 2 0 1 5 / D i m e n s i o n : 6 ” x 6 ” / M a t e r i a l s : Wa t e r c o l o r

Press Monoprint and Linocut Book I experimented with dierent types of printmaking in this book. I wanted to push myself to develop interesting prints with watercolors. I layered my monoprint transfers to recreate images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Process Mo n o p r i n t Wa t e r c o l o r T r a n s f e r s

I started painting on mylar sheets and pressing them while they were wet on to the page. The prints came out too cloudy and I wanted more texture. I then tried letting the paint dry on the mylar and dampened the paper before I ran it through the press. This gave me the look I wanted so next I experimented in cutting the mylar into shapes so their impression would add a border to the print.

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