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A Journey to Combat Boredom

Emily Cappa

Thesis 1 PUCD 4205-G / Jess Irish

My thesis is an outlet to stay engaged and combat boredom throughout my daily life. My biggest fear and greatest struggle in life is boredom. I am someone who struggles with staying engaged. I have ideas, I am easily inspired, but then things become monotonous and I’m through. I am certain this boredom will be my biggest obstacle during the execution of my thesis, so certain in fact, that I have chosen to combat boredom as the main purpose of my thesis.

I want my thesis to be my creative diary, my tool for exploration. I I I I

will will will will

create notice interact and engage follow my compulsions

My thesis is my outlet to do whatever bizarre thing I have the urge to do.

Boredom is what compels me to create. Boredom is what gets me to notice. Boredom is what gets me to interact and engage. Boredom is what drives my compulsions. For my thesis I will embrace combating this boredom. In order to do this my thesis must be dynamic and not restrictive.

Initial Concept . . . A MAGAZINE

This is an unrestrictive medium that allows me to easily extend my creative outlet to others . . . A reason and purpose to be creative . . . or so I thought . . .

Making the Prototype . . . issue 1 . . .

I first considered a layout ... square ... 8 inch by 8 inch ... how cool ... then a grid ... a logo ... typefaces ... the index ... And then I began laying out the first issue on an InDesign document ... I laid out 200 pages and was still not done ... nearly none of the content I had worked so hard on could fit! Well ... there was no way I could print out the entire document, so I printed 30 pages ... to get the look and feel I realized this was not right ... a magazine was not the right way of exhibiting ... I needed a less restrictive, more sustainable way At a loss, and after the lab closed on me ... I went home. Once home I showed my roommate the prototype and told her about the massive size of my document ...

We talked about my concerns + the amount of waste that went into a single prototype ... + the amount of waste that would be generated by copies of multiple issues ... let’s face it, most will end-up in the trash + the minimal amount of content that was included in a 200 page document + the fact that I had just spent two whole days laying out a document ... that is not fun ... that is not what I’m looking to do ... I am looking to go out and do projects ... generate things to go inside of the magazine! We talked about going digital with the magazine ... since the start of the semester I have been tired of creating on the computer ... this magazine was an attempt to get away from the computer ... but here I had just spent two full days laying out on inDesign

My roommate suggested looking at Tavi’s ( that young fashion blogger ) online magazine ... Rookiemag ... ok ... pretty nice ... element of collaboration ... funny writing ... I approve I then came across Mike Horowitz’s creative time project. For the month of November (2010), “Marc Horowitz put his daily decisions in the hands of strangers. He surrendered his life choices online for the public to vote on at Each day, Horowitz posted the dilemma he was facing for the public to vote on. It is a collaboration between artist and audience, comprised of anyone who visits the website and casts a vote, thus influencing the course of the 1 project and Marc’s life at the same time”. How cool! ... I was immediately inspired ... Horowitz not only used a blog to successfully merge his art and his life, but also managed to include a collaboration element with the viewer.


Over the following days I continually thought about my thesis ... I realized I was happy with the content of my thesis, but I did not think the magazine was working as the place to exhibit. That had to change. I realized that perhaps a blog format would be a good way of exhibting my work ... I weighed out the pros and cons for both options ...


MAGAZINE + collaboration + people like “things�

BLOG + no inDesign + large audience (!!!) + upload as I create . . . add time element + cost effective + lots of time to generate work + sustainable + work from anywhere + very personal + no restriction on content + viritual gallery space !!!




+ lots of waste + lots of time spent laying out + restrictions on content

+ appear self-important :( + lots of people have blogs + sometimes you don’t want to blog + unorganized

New Concept . . . A Blog


Next Steps:

I must continue blogging, generating more work ... now that I have this completely not-restrictive format I must be more extreme in my work, going more out of comfort zone. I must figure out how to integrate the work I did in the past ... and put those onto my blog I must better organize my blog ... figure out a proper tagging system Research blogs themselves more ... the elements of successful ones ... incorporating these into my own ...

Desired Outcomes:

I am hoping to get into the habit of blogging, and I would like to continue after thesis is finished. I also want to pick the blog entries I am most proud of towards the end and make a curated book. The blog format is perfect for me to keep generating work. I will have a lot to choose from at the end. I think it is important to have an Internet presence. In terms of job hunting I think the blog will be a good thing for future employers to look at ... it will say a lot about me ...

Emily Cappa  

Thesis Process Number 2 . . . see Number 1 first!

Emily Cappa  

Thesis Process Number 2 . . . see Number 1 first!