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Throughout the past few years, I have gone through different levels of growth as an artist. As a member of Team Blackout, I learned a lot about the business and social aspects of the music industry along with learning a lot about myself. Back in ’08 when we as TB were starting to get our feet wet in the game, I was still overcoming my shyness. I wasn’t fully comfortable in my own skin and I had to get used to the cameras being on me. I could still be shy at times but, at this point, I do feel way more confident in myself. I think it has a lot to do with maturing along with understanding the game a little more. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but now I’m aware of how it all works. I’ve figured out my niche in the industry and I realized that I don’t have to fit in to what everyone else’s “standards” of what being a rapper is. In fact, I feel like hip hop now lacks originality. Everyone’s so concerned about making a big club or radio record. I don’t have a problem with those type of songs but after a while it gets kind of old.

I’m 21 years old and I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I’m bi-racial. My mom is black and my father is Jewish. I’ve been rapping since I was 10 and I started playing the drums around the same time. I’ve been studying jazz drums for about 5 years now. Since the beginning of my musicianship, I’ve always wanted to combine the two genres, rap and jazz. I do all kinds of hip-hop records but I do want to make that a trademark sound of mine. I know it’s been done before, but I feel this is as perfect a time as any to drop something fresh and new. My sound is very different from TB which was more clubby, radio friendly. I enjoyed it but it’s not necessarily me as a solo artist. You can say my sound is a little more underground than mainstream. I’m a big Kanye fan and I

always liked how u straddled the line between being socially conscious and mainstream appealing. So that’s been my goal with my music, to straddle that line. I feel like I’m Me is a perfect title for my album. Along with the fact that my first track I ever released solo was called “I’m Me”, I think it’s fitting as far as the overall concept of the album goes. The album is a good chance for fans to get to know me better. They’ve only been able to see me on Run’s House which is totally not a reflection of me, my life, or my personality. The album deals with all aspects of my life from relationship issues (good & bad), friendships, what I like to do sometimes when I go out (stip club lol), the struggle for money, and I also get a chance to show off my lyrical ability. Those who watch Run’s House have a certain idea about me and TB which is not completely accurate. They think that because we are “JoJo’s group” that that means we are all rich and have no struggles in life. That is so far from the truth because me and Reggie don’t come from the same background as JoJo. Everything we have accomplished so far, we had to work hard to get to that point. Even JoJo’s life isn’t as sweet as what it’s made out to be but that’s a whole nother story lol I decided to go straight in and make an album instead of a mixtape. It seems that everyone is releasing a mixtape to create a buzz. However, in my case, I am still a fulltime student and school takes up a lot of my time. I feel like it takes artists multiple mixtapes before they start getting some kind of notoriety. Because of school, I don’t have that time to just be making mixtape tracks. I rather just go all the way and give them a full-length album that embodies everything that’s me. Another reason for this is that I’ve always been an album head. Some people collect and stay up on the latest, hot mixtapes but I’ve always been a fan that collected the albums. So it only makes sense

that I would naturally want to create a full album of my own. I don’t have a problem with mixtapes. I plan on dropping some in the future after the album because I do like to let loose on tracks and just spit rather than always coming up with an actual song concept. I guess my approach is just backwards, but that’s what makes me me. “I’m Me”.


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