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The Ultimate Santa- Banta Joke Book by Rupa Publications

About The Ultimate Santa- Banta Joke Book Santa: A month ago I gave my number to this beautiful lady. She said that she'll text me when she gets back home. Banta: So, have you got her number yet? Santa: I haven't received any call from her so far. I think she is homeless! Santa: I eat my salad without dressing. Banta: For health reasons? Santa: No. Because once hungry who has the time to put on clothes. Police: Knock Knock! Santa: Who's there? Police: Police! Open the door, we only need to talk. Santa: How many are you? Police: We are three. Santa: So why don't you just talk to each other?

These are just some of the wisecracks they have up their sleeve! A joke can light up a dull mood, be a great conversation starter, or be a pleasant memory to take a moment and reminisce over when life becomes a little too serious. Humour can never go out of fashion and neither can Santa and Banta, the quintessential funny men of India, who have been tickling our funny bone for years now. Keeping the spirit of boisterous humour alive, The Ultimate Santa-Banta Joke Book, is an eclectic collection of jokes that capture the verve and versatility of the delightful duo. At times naive, at times too intelligent, Santa and Banta, through the many life situations they find themselves in, will ensure you have a chuckle each time you flip the page.

The ultimate santa banta joke  

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