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Bal Narendra Book by Rannade Prakashan Online

About The Book Bal Narendra Leaders are not born great. They are molded as great leaders by the lessons and experiences they get from their journey in life. Compassion, patriotism, selflessness, bravery, presence of mind and quick-wittedness are some of the values that Bal Narendra, a graphical collection of stories of Narendra Modi's childhood intends to impart to its young readers. Today, we see Narendra Modi as a figure of towering political influence. His enigma, his personality and his selfless service towards Gujarat and India are a matter of inspiration for everyone across the globe. But very few people know that Narendra Modi's childhood has played a very significant role in grooming him to be the leader that he is today. From an early age, Narendra grew up in the playfulness of his siblings and the love and care of his parents. As he grew up he started going to school where he made a lot of friends because of his pleasant and friendly nature. In the classroom, Narendra was a very dedicated student and gave full attention to his studies. He even preferred to read after school and spent most of his time at the school's library, reading on various subjects. When he was not reading, he preferred spending time at home in taking care of his little sister and helping his parents in their daily chores. Narendra’s childhood was not only filled with fun times but also with decisions that required a lot of courage and spontaneous actions.

Whenever Narendra saw any one in danger, or injustice being done to them, he would rise up to the moment and made sure that he did something to prevent it. From saving his friend from drowning, to rescuing a helpless bird tangled in kite threads, wherever Narendra saw a life in trouble, he was the first one to come to its aid. Narendra was just as patriotic as he was brave. He participated in all of his school's Independence and Republic Day celebrations with pride. He showed his love for the country by working night and day at the Vadnagar train station to serve tea to the Nation's brave soldiers. He even stayed overnight to make sure that none of the soldiers' needs were left unattended. Compassion and Service towards humanity were perhaps some of the biggest virtues that Narendra learned right from an early age. Especially when he saw how people from backward community were treated by the society he was emotionally moved by this treatment and decided to take some action. He chose to do a play, a very creative and powerful medium, to educate the people of the society about this age old social evil. Childhood is the biggest lesson for any human being. Childhood plays a very significant role in molding us. Its experiences shape our personality and its teachings give us direction to become a better human being. From business, to profession, to social service, we as human beings draw inspiration from our childhood. Despite coming from a humble background and facing numerous challenges, Narendra always chose a path that put others before him. He was able to inculcate in himself, all the right values that molded him into a strong and ethical human being. The stories of Bal Narendra are our effort to provide a preparatory point to children as well as their parents in better understanding these values and lessons of life through the example of a great leader.

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Leaders are not born great. They are molded as great leaders by the lessons and experiences they get from their journey in life. Here are so...