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We at LLL are here to help you see how you can get the most out of life & help you walk into your God given destiny. Providing you with Godly advice in regards to friends, body image, family, guys & everything in between.


“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life”. ~ John 10:10


“A cheerful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” ~ Proverbs 17:22


“Three things will last forever— faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

Live Laugh Love

Lord bless you! ~ Numbers 6:24

is a magazine created, written and designed entirely by Emily Bonaccorsi and Hannah Lipsys unless otherwise stated.


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s d n e i r F t s e B ! LL ell A livelaughloveFEATURE


LIVE LAUGH LOVE MAGAZINES editors emily bonaccorsi and hannah lipsys are best friends! two awesome girls who support each other, love TO havE fuN and do what best friends do best! emily and hannah tell all! why they describe the word ‘best friends’ and heaps more!


EMILY_ It was the first day of college, in February 2010. Hannah came up to me in the dining hall while my family and I were having lunch. She told me that she didn’t know anyone and if she could sit with me. Best thing that ever happened! We have been inseperable ever since! HANNAH_ New town, new accomodation, no family around and no was a bit daunting. Lunch was on so I walked to the dining hall....I spotted a family eating lunch and so asked if I could sit with was there I met Emily and the her family. Over O week we became great friends! Thats how our friendship started. It was no coincidence.. God set this friendship up! :D


EMILY_ I love how she can listen to me. On more than one occasion I have ranted and when I am sad she gets me to talk it out. Towards the end of 2011, I applied for two positions within the college and did not succeed at either one, this took a toll on my self confidence alot! Hannah listened, encouraged and supported me through it! HANNAH_ I love our random chats! I really like Emily’s love for life. I love how we can have fun, talk, be silly and know that we don’t judge each other. She is a big support to me......I know that I can text/ring her and that she will be willing to chat. She is also determined and that when I am feeling down (and she can tell) she will get me to talk about it and let it off my chest. Knowing that I will have a true friend to chill with at the end of a uni day means a lot :D


EMILY_ *Laughs* ..Everything under the sun and stars! You name it, we’ve talked about it! Food, friends, family, guys, dreams, college, church, love, God and everyday life! HANNAH_ Literally I think we will have nearly talked about everything! It is great to have a real trusted friend to be able to talk

about stuff and know that it won’t be told to anyone else. I must say that we probably talk about God, guys, family, friends and our futures the most :D

most funniest thing that happened WAS..

EMILY_ our conversation of chocolate moulds! (inside joke). Another funny moment was when Hannah was explaining ‘direction’! And also the words frunk, beard and turkies sum up a chain of funny moments and conversations! HANNAH_ We were with another friend and Emily was holding his broken umbrella, she was fixing it for him but it went the wrong way (like a big gush of wind had got to it)- I honestly was laughing soo hard that my stomach hurt, I was crying tears of joy and trying not to pee myself while someone just looked on at us from a distance! There is always funny moments everyday.....thats the good things about friends - you can laugh about almost anything! :D

what event/s do you two look forward to most?

EMILY_ Everyday I look forward to our walks on riverside. Every Sunday I look foward to going to Life Church together. Every year I look forward to going to our college formal Presentation Dinner Dance with our friends and just every single event that is on! I enjoy just spending time on our balcony and chatting too! They are the best! HANNAH_ Being neighbours again would be on my list for sure! Definitely going to church and walking along riverside. I am looking forward to chilling on the balcony and having many balcony chats. I am grateful that when I am walking home from uni and going to college that I will get to my room and have a friendly face to greet me. I love the spontaneous moments we have....when we say we want to do something then do it...... these spontaneous moments create heaps of laughs and memories. Also making new friends at college and hanging out with our other college friends. :D




EMILY_ I would not call it fighting, it is more like a small arguement over miscommunication! Never just assume! As it makes an ass out of you and me! *Laughs* HANNAH_ Yeah, I agree it is silly little arguments over misunderstandings. The good thing is we recognise when this is happening and nip it in the bud straight away (and often it steams from stress, being overtired etc too). The good thing is that we have way more good times than bad in our friendship (I remember the good and forget the bad moments):D

what do you wish for one another for the future?

HANNAH_ There is so many!!! Standouts would be - notes of encouragement left on my whiteboard when I am out at college.... the fact she makes such an effort to see how my holidays are going and wants to keep in contact with she reminds me about how awesome I am...... when she prints photos/makes/gives gifts to me :D

what is your bestfriends greatest characteristic?

EMILY_ Hannah has a beautiful personality! She is smart, HA-larious, inspirational and her faith in God is AWESOME!

EMILY_ I hope Hannah finds her Princ-e and gets married, has her dream job, has a beautiful family and can live close to me so we can still hang, chat and laugh like old times!

HANNAH_ Her love for life - passion to try new things and make the most of life opportunities. Her desire to stay in contact with her friends. Also her dedication to learn more about God :D

HANNAH_ That she would fully understand how precious she is in the eyes of God and that her relationship with God would go from strength to strength and that she would always put Him first. I wish that all of Gods wonderful plans for her life is fulfilled. That she gets an awesome job and loves going to work everyday. That she meets her destined Prince of God and that when she marries him that her wedding day would be everything she dreamed of. That she has a happy and healthy family and that we still live close to each other.

what physical feature on your bestfriend do you admire most?


EMILY_ I love how He watches over us, guides, listens and advises us through His Word as well as encourages and protects us every single day of our lives. HANNAH_ I love how God loved us before we even knew Him. That His plans for us are perfect and that He cares about everything that is going on in our lives. That He is always ready to listen and wants us to live a life that is full of prosperity, love, courage, peace, health etc. I love that when disappointments come God turns everything around for good. That we can live differently to how the world lives (a better way) - and JESUS is the best example of this. I love that JESUS is always with us and when we invite JESUS into our hearts and are determined to live his way when we die we will live for eternity with Him :D

EMILY_ She has really beautiful eyes and the most lovely and contagious smile! HANNAH_ Her love for life - passion to try new things and make the most of life opportunities. Her desire to stay in contact with her friends. Also her dedication to learn more about God :D

wHAT HAS YOUR BESTFRIEND TAUGHT YOU in the time you have been besties?

EMILY_ She has pointed out ten things that she loves about me which is definitely a self confidence booster! (see below) HANNAH_ To love life and embrace and make the most of all its opportunities life brings my way. To make time relax out of busy uni schedule. :D

where do you two want to travel together?

EMILY_ I want to travel the world with Hannah! In particularly, Italy, England, Ireland and America! I cannot wait for Rose and Renee’s international adventure to begin! HANNAH_ Europe here we come... plus USA.....New Zealand......Asia- we might as well do a world tour!!!! :D

your fave BIBLE VERSE?

EMILY_ The Godly are showered with blessing (Proverbs 10:6a) HANNAH_ I love all the Bible but one standout verse for me is John 10:10 (Jesus speaking):”The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” This is how I know that I have a great life ahead of me! :D

the en note couraging wroteHannah me!

something that she did or said that made you glad you are besties..

EMILY_ Hannah has wrote me letters and left them in my room for me to find, which makes me glad that I have my bestfriend as my neighbour! Its particularly nice to see such appreciation and love in her letters and gifts.



Live Laugh Love ice adv gives friendship


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! k c a Att

We have all been there. We have all experienced it. You know...those times when friends aren’t that friendly. When tempers rise, tensions grow and there is more silence than laughs between two BFF’s. We have all been there. Whether you have a friend upset at you (and you do or don’t know the reason why) or you are mad/ upset at a friend in which youfind yourself having a ‘JERK’ moment...... Hannah Lipsys helps you through those tough, turbulent moments so you can come through with your friendships intact!!!

So Why Fight?

This seems to be a misunderstood part of life. Where do these fights begin??? After all we love our friends to bits so why do fights begin? In James 1, verses 1-3 God gives us the low down... What is causing the quarrels and fights among you? Don’t they come from the evil desires at war within you? 2 You want what you don’t have, so you scheme and kill to get it. You are jealous of what others have, but you can’t get it, so you fight and wage war to take it away from them. Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it. 3 And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong— you want only what will give you pleasure. 1

Whoa! There it is. The truth and to be honest it is a bit hard to swallow! It

appears that fights can often begin due to jealousy of what others have. When you really get honest, when you sit down and have a think...this does seem to be true.... it can be hard to admit but have a think of a fight that you had with your BFF. Was there a bit of jealousy on your part???? Another major reason that fights can occur is misunderstandings and expectations. Misunderstanding in the sense that wires were crossed between you and your friend. Expectations can be explained as how you would like/ expect your friend to act. This may be caused by your own personal beliefs of how people should behave, previous experiences with friends or how you believe your friend should react in response to a certain circumstance. Lets face it...we are not robots and therefore we will not react/think/respond in the exact same way. There is going to be times (might occur quite often) when your friends will react to things in a way that does not meet your expectations.

“JERK MOMENT” is on the horizon. By recognising this we can diffuse any tension before it becomes any worse. #2 Secondly, recognise the signs. Be prepared to recognise the signs of when your friend is getting upset and be prepared to talk it out. Often, us human being need to get things off our chest and knowing that you can speak candidly with a friend will often help the situation.


When you and your buddy have a heart to heart – KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL!! Cone of Silence!! #3 Sort it out FAST!!!!!! There is nothing worse than holding out to anger and letting it grow and divide friends. Proverbs 17:9 says Love prospers when a fault is forgiven,  but dwelling on it separates close friends.


what to do when fights occur??

Don’t let a fight end a good friendship. There is a few ways you can help dissolve the tension. Talking as well as simply recognising signs and quickly resolving the issue are all ways to prevent a good friendship fromfalling apart.

This verse says it all, whether we are the one upset or on the receiving end, forgiveness is the key!!! Forgiveness is like a bandaid – it helps heals wounds that would in other circumstances divide friends. Rememberwe are alll human and fights arise BUT you can be the one to help diffuse any tension and keep your friendships for life!!!

#1 Talk with your friend upfront about how to handle those anger situations. When you can feel yourself or a friend begin to have a ‘tense moment’ discuss how to handle the situation. For me and my friend Emily we are able to recognise when a

be a friend not a fighter so you can keep your friends for longer! :)





1. A Movie Night 13. Calender It is time to unearth all the DVD’s you own, invite your girlfriends over, munch on some sweet foods and enjoy a movie marathon.

2. Exercise

The holidays are a perfect time to get in a good habit of exercising healthy for your body and mind, it is a great way to relax and unwind.

3. Bake

Put on that apron! Become your family’s own masterchef and make some goodies. Perhaps you could get a receipe from a friend or family member. (Hint! Go to page __ for great recipe ideas).

4. Read

Go to the library and borrow some good books, we also recommend reading your Bible.

5. Sunrise

Get up early and watch the beauty of the sun as it greets a new day – for those girls who just DON’T get up early watch the sun set.

It is time to get organised! Buy your calendar for next year and fill in all important dates. Why not start with family and friends birthdays then you will know exactly when to send that special birthday card.

14. Clean

With so much spare time, what better time to declutter. Clutter can take over your room easily, it is time to get rid some stuff. Remember also that someone’s stuff can be someones treasure - so give your unwanted clothes to a charity for those in need.


without breaking the piggy bank!


17. Write

Get a pen and paper and write to your grandparents, uncles, cousins and tell them what you have been up to. Why not surprise your bestie with a letter in the mail. Everyone loves snail mail.

18. Pray

It is important to spend time with God. Pray and let Him know what’s on your mind- He wants to talk to you too.

19. Photo

15. Home spa

. Take your camera (or your parents with permission!) and take some photos. Then print em out!

16. Pets

As you go about your summer day happiness smile to everyone you meet – it will make their day.

Face mask, body moisturiser, scrub, face wash etc etc etc. Treat yourself at home......see our home spa feature. Whether you have a dog, cat, Siamese fighting fish, horse or pet rock take time out with your pets. Make sure that they feel the love these holidays.

20. Smile

Most importantly Have fun, be safe and have an amazing summer! &

6. Draw

Grab a cute notebook and scribble and doodle your pictures, thoughts and ideas.

7. Pool

Grab your togs, your friends, sunscreen and towels and for a few dollars spend the afternoon at your local pool.

8. Stargaze

Grab a blanket, mozzie spray and a friend and watch the stars!!! Look out for shooting stars.

9. Boardgames

Uncover those games that have been in the cupboard for years and have some fun. Snakes and ladders anyone?

10., Volunteer

It is great to give back. Whether at the local church, aged hostel, food bank or animal shelter it is a great feeling to give back to your local community.

11. Garden

For all the girls out there with green thumbs grab a shovel and get planting. Why not go to your local nursery and plant something that is native to your local area.

12. Collage

This is a great way to use up all those newspapers and magazines around the house. Get cutting and create beautiful pieces of art for loved ones .

Live, laugh, love! & 12



Challenge Godly characteristicS ARE THE ONES YOU SHOULD LOOK FOR IN A GUY (and in yourself). In this issue we bring the characteristic of .....PEACE! So who/ what should we and our Princes be at Peace with? God. Being at peace with God means that although every human has/will sin and mess up. However, we have a choice to choose to give our hearts to God, decide to follow his ways and tell him we are sorry when we mess up. This is the way that we have peace with God. ourselves. We all mess up, make mistakes, we all regret things that we have done in the past. But the most important thing is that where possible we mend the wrong, Peace. We aren’t talking about the hippie type. We ask God to forgive us and move on. A lot of the time are talking the God type. The REAL peace. We live we beat ourselves up for stuff we have done in the in a world where our lives seem to get busier and past.. but make peace with yourself and move formore stressful and we seem to forget the simplicity ward into your destiny! of taking time out to enjoy all that God has given us. But in the middle of this seemingly more and more with others. hectic world there is something that we can hold Maintain peace with family, friends and enThis can be sometimes the onto.....Peace! Has your future Prince found peace emies?! and made it a priority to live in peace in his every- hardest area to maintain. We are all human and day life??? This may be a more important personality all have tempers, hurt feelings, out of control emotions and for us girlies PMS! And lets face it, characteristic than you first may think. keeping peace in relationships can be tough. It be the hardest to maintain peace with peoLiving in peace isn’t just for when everything is go- can ple that we don’t like (or don’t like us), but follow ing your way, when there is no noise about or Jesus’ example - although He was not always treatwhen no one is fighting. According to God you ed right, He maintained peace and did the right thing. can find peace matter what is go- Although sometimes it can be so easy to lose peace ing on around you. In Psalm 29:11 it says that when dealing with difficult people, be the bigger perGod gives His people strength and blesses them son and make peace your top priority! with peace. There are heaps of verses in the Bible that talks about peace – especially about how every girl wants to people are blessed and prosper. In regards to our own lives and the lives of our princes it even talks spend a wonderful about how a wonderful future awaits those who love future with their Prince peace (Ps 37:37). – and according to the

I am sure that every girl wants to spend a wonderful future with their Prince – and according to the Bible this can be a reality to those that love peace!


Bible this can be a reality to those that love peace!



SISTA! Virginity. Something so precious. Something that can only be given away once. Something that, in this world, seems to have lost value and importance. In a world where virgins appear to be more rare than unicorns, virginity appears to be less and less treasured. We, at Live, Laugh, Love Magazine are here to discuss the high importance of your virginity and why you are worth the wait. What God’s says! God speaks it plainly. In 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4 it says “One final word, friends. We ask you—urge is more like it—that you keep on doing what we told you to do to please God, not in a dogged religious plod, but in a living, spirited dance. You know the guidelines we laid out for you from the Master Jesus. God wants you to live a pure life. Keep yourselves from sexual promiscuity. Learn to appreciate and give dignity to your body, not abusing it, as is so common among those who know nothing of God.” God knows that saving it till marriage gives dignity to your body. Think about it. You have waited. Your man has waited. Therefore on your wedding night you both experience something that has just been experienced by you both (no one else). It is something REALLY special. You have not shared it with a guy who has shared it with Mary from next door, who in turn has shared it with her old boyfriend who shared it with her ex best friend.............phew!!!!! You see when you are in a marriage situation you commit your lives to each other, and until that point when you say ‘I do’ you as a couple do not ‘belong’ to each other. Waiting until marriage is a sign of respect to God, yourself and your future husband. There are more verses which dicuss the importance of waiting to have sex until marriage. Can you find some in your Bible? Authors George Martin and Scott Myers discuss some of the main arguments against the BIG WAIT.

"But we're in love!" some might say. Maybe so, but if one believes in God's definition of love, he must realize that love is patient and kind; it does not seek to please itself, nor does it delight in evil, but is always hopeful (1 Corinthians 13). True love would be patient in waiting for the proper time for sex. It would be kind to future spouses by not preharming marital intimacy. True love would be unselfish in placing God's desires and the needs of others above itself. It would not delight in the evil of disobedience, nor would it force another to disobey God. Love could never be a reason for premarital sex; rather, it should be one of the greatest reasons to avoid premarital sex. "But we're going to be married anyway" is another common excuse. Along with being presumptuous, this stance will almost certainly leave one question unanswered: If one gives in to moral temptation before marriage, what's to stop him or her from giving in to moral temptation once married? "What if it's too late? What if I've already forfeited my sexual purity?" Certainly a person cannot reverse the past, but there are a number of steps one should take to keep from further damaging his or her intimacy with God and others. First, acknowledge your actions as sin. For those who have accepted Christ's payment of the penalty for their sins, He asks only that they confess - agree with God that they are sinful. Second, maintain purity from this moment forward. Jesus told the woman caught in sexual sin to "go and sin no more" (John 8:11). You cannot change what's been done, but you can keep yourself and others from any further damage by avoiding situations which might cause you to compromise your commitment to sexual purity. Paul advised Timothy to run away from temptation (2 Timothy 2:22), and Joseph is famous for running from moral danger (Genesis 39:7-12). Third, be honest with anyone who is a “potential spouse” — don't wait till your wedding night to discuss your sexual past. Some intimacy problems may be averted if you address them early on.



Once upon a time... Photography & MAKE UP MEGAN LIPSYS

there were two best friends wearing makeup masks and pretty dresses! &



they played with leaves...

hung out in the forest...

blew kisses...

enjoyed each others company...



pretended to be lions... and secret agents...

E.B + H = BFF!.L

...and strummed on their guitar





























Fashion Advice

from jesus

Did you know that Jesus wants to give us fashion advice? We are often told that our status, popularity and beauty is determined by the type of clothes we wear and how we look. The world seems to care only for those who can keep up with the latest trends and in fact even those who do wear the latest styles and trends are still criticized for the way they look. Check out most magazines and celebrities will be judged for being too fat, too thin, wearing the same shoes more than once, not having makeup on, wearing too much makeup, having messy hair, having crooked teeth etc etc etc (and don’t get the magazines started if a celebrity has a zit!!!!!) Jesus has advice in regards to the beauty that we should seek 1 Peter 3:3-4 Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. Think about how the world would be different if everyone took Jesus advice? We can only imagine that the world would be more accepting, less judging and willing to see beauty in its true form...something that wouldn’t change as we get older (or get a haircut!).

l i v el a ughl ov ePHOTOSHOOT

l i ve l a u g h l o ve PHOTOSHOOT

Luke 12:35 Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning” . Here Jesus is saying be dressed.....but dressed in what???? Well we found a verse that discusses what we should dress ourselves up in. Colossians 3:12 “Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tender hearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience”.

Once upon a time...

Us girls from Live. Laugh. Love hope that you are encouraged to be dressed in true fashion!!! God Bless!

there were two best friends wearing makeup masks and pr

Once upon a time...



Wow when we read this we were encouraged to work towards beauty that will last forever. It is interesting to note that the Bible says to clothe yourself. To us this means that it is first our choice to be dressed in mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience each day (just like everyday we choose what outfit we will wear). Second, each day we get dressed and so we believe that each day we must make the choice that we will clothe ourselves in these things......(I know that personally in the past we have instead decided to clothe ourselves in low confidence, self absorption, envy and jealousy......but we are determined that with God’s help that I will make a choice towards true beauty and a Jesus kind of outfit!)

Love Hannah and Emily x


there were two best friends wearing makeup masks and pretty dresses! &


live laugh love’s



The Broken Pot A water bearer in India had two large pots, each hung on an end of a pole which he carried across his neck. One of the pots had a crack in it, and while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water at the end of the long walk from the stream to the masters house, the cracked pot arrived only half full.

RANDOM COMPLIMENT Your smile is enough to light up the entire room. Never stop smiling!

For a full two years this went on daily, with the bearer delivering only one and a half pots full of water in his masters house. Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments, perfect to the end for which it was made. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection, and miserable that it was able to accomplish only half of what it had been made to do. After two years of what it perceived to be a bitter failure, it spoke to the water bearer one day by the stream.


“I am ashamed of myself, and I want to apologize to you.” “Why?” asked the bearer. “What are you ashamed of?” “I have been able, for these past two years, to deliver only half my load because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your masters house. Because of my flaws, you have to do all of this work, and you don’t get full value from your efforts.” the pot said.

Your more prettier than a cupcake with pink icing and sprinkles!

The water bearer felt sorry for the old cracked pot, and in his compassion he said, “As we return to the masters house, I want you to notice the beautiful flowers along the path.” Indeed, as they went up the hill, the old cracked pot took notice of the sun warming the beautiful wild flowers on the side of the path, and this cheered it some. But at the end of the trail, it still felt bad because it had leaked out half its load, and so again the Pot apologized to the bearer for its failure.

NAME MEANING Name Meaning: Elsie Cultural Origin: Anglo-Saxon Inherent Meaning: Noble Spiritual Connotation: Priceless Friend Supporting Scripture: Psalm 89:1 I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever!      Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.

The bearer said to the pot, “Did you notice that there were flowers only on your side of your path, but not on the other pots side? That’s because I have always known about your flaw, and I took advantage of it. I planted flower seeds on your side of the path, and every day while we walk back from the stream, you’ve watered them. For two years I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate my masters table. Without you being just the way you are, he would not have this beauty to grace his house.”

TIP Never give your details (name, age, gender etc) to anybody on the internet.....SAFETY COMES FIRST!!!!!

Each of us has our own unique flaws. We’re all cracked pots. But if we will allow it, the Lord will use our flaws to grace His Father’s table. In Gods great economy, nothing goes to waste. Don’t be afraid of your flaws. Acknowledge them, and you too can be the cause of beauty. Know that in our weakness your strength is made perfect. (2 Corinthians 12:9)



Love Lyrics!

Each month we bring you the lyrics to our favourite song playing on ouR IPODS This month we have been listening to Group1 Crews song ‘beautiful’. These lyrics are sooooooooooooo encouraging that they just had to be shared.... enjoy all you BEAUTIFUL ladies! :)

Beautiful – Group 1 Crew

VERSE 1: I’ve been thinking bout the way I see, myself and I just can’t understand why I say All those hurtful things about myself, my insecurities, they don’t seem to just go away And it’s hard for me to understand, you loving me, through every mistake that I make I’m so glad that you will never leave, keep reminding me, how you see me every day that I wake Chorus: I’m so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful uh oh uh oh I’m so beautiful, so natural, not typical I’m so beautiful, there’s nobody else made like me I’m so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, that’s me v. 2 and 3 (Repeat: I’m so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, THAT’S ME) Yes you are (6x) Verse 2: I love the way you made me smile, cuz it fits my face, it’s so wonderful, unbelievable And every color in my eye is just the perfect shade, Its so incredible, indescribable Now you may think I’m not a perfect size or overweight, but I’m huggable, oh so lovable Let’s put away our silly thoughts, and fall in love with life, cuz there’s so many reasons for you to smile Chorus

RAP: That’s me, I like a girl who got some confidence, uncommon, but with common sense Quick to help her mama with the groceries and condiments Doesn’t live fast, but loves life and gives compliments Someone who I can ask about life and knows what time it is Never late to meet me even though I always am Give her some sorry excuse but she always understands She can take me in some sports basketball was her thang But at night she throws some heels on but her love is still the same Don’t need a covergirl or Maybelline cuz maybe I lean a lil closer To the side of viewing her as a queen And overthrows my life with the sense of humor she brings I’d give my life away to hear her sing Chorus SPOKEN: This goes out to all my ladies out there You’re beautiful So don’t be afraid to be you Let your hair down, put your smile on You’re beautiful. You’re Beautiful! Yeah.

Buy it now on itunes! 22


Dani’s Comics


The Adventures of Toma Toe and Brock Lee!



Natures Organics Natural Skin -Expert Products-

Beauty ProducT REVIEW

Us girls at LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE Magazine love to take care of our the saying goes ‘love the skin your in’!!!! This month we tested Natures Organics Natural Skin-Expert Face Scrub, Face Wash, Cleanser and Moisturiser and give you low down on what we thought of these products.

Product Background

The Natures Organics company states that its motivation is based on a philosophy of creating environmentally responsible products, of the best quality, at the lowest possible price. Not only to make them more readily affordable to Australian families, but to actually reward and provide incentive for people to do the right thing, in protecting our planet - and make the important shift to more eco-sensitive alternatives.

At first glance

We were attracted to these products for many reasons – one of the biggest reasons were that the products are Australian owned and made and that by buying these products we were supporting fellow Aussies! The products are also 97% naturally based which means there is much less chemicals being put on our skin and ultimately being put back into the environment. Happy environment = happy us! The products are able to be used on sensitive skin and are fragrance free. We totally support this product for the fact that there is NO animal testing.....another plus bonus was that each product cost about $5 a bottle which is really reasonable compared to competitors.

Our thoughts

POSITIVE: Right from the scrub to the moisturiser we found that using the product helped give our skin a clean, smooth feeling. The product was not heavy and was suitable for different skin types. The cleanser was effective in removing different makeup types and was suitable for twice daily use (we used the scrub about three times a week). NEGATIVE: Although the pump bottles are useful when at home, it was found that the products weren’t’ very practical when travelling. We also did not experience that tingling feeling when using the face wash (a sign that the product is working). However, we believe that this may be because it is a natural based product.

We recommend

That you try this product - effective, cost efficient, good for the environment and Australian owned and made! We rate this product 8/10. 24

Chec k out o DIY Home Spa ur on page __ !

Home Spa

l a i c Spe


d nds an our our frie y fy o d t n r (a omfo self r c u e o h y t t Trea tment in spatrea n home! o t und the ) y il ow fam ace aro hose p s a e ec oos ce. Ch l and quite. W ckyard. a p s a the ba 1. Find peacefu hich is d out towards w e s u ho ke that loo an area

(adult candles and e m o s !!!!) ave MUST!! ed to h t a p ink o is o als rape dr , g ision v c r li e o 3. We p h u o sion/ s some non-alc girlfriend, mum permis a k in o r ls d A o t . the pam choose ncy, fun touch etc to share fa er for that t, grandmoth is a must! n u e with sister, a per tim

bining .. s il a n ay to ur inted o s in a sure w ime a p e r t we it was t lpattern 5. Nex hands ifferent r d u il po o in r e s ! Aft r old na ith le u y colour o t s d l e a v ividu up w emo add ind r feet!!! We r et we filled it r feet u k o c o t u let u to trea nd using a b h and s a w a t y s ish fir xing!!! d bod ater an ooo rela warm w soak!!!!! Sooo

2. Get pre will nee pared. Colle ct all th d for yo e u ets, bo wls, to r pamper day equipment yo wels, fa u includin nail po ce g: buc lish rem kover, m washers, bo face sc dy was ak rub, wa h, sh and eup pads, n ail polis cleanse the list h r, mud , goes o n and o m n and o asks.... n!

4. Get p a can co mpering! It is mplete time to yo st chose to begin ur pampering art the fun. Yo u in any o pampe polish a rd ring by nd soa removin er. We k our h which h an g ad bod y wash ds in some w our nail arm wa and a fl te oating s oap pie r ce.

6. Our fe Our toe et came out so clea n n an it was t ails could the ime to n be repa d fresh!!! give ou first us inted. N r fac ed and cle a scrub follo es some TLC ext we an . then us ser to remove d by a face We w ed som a a ny dirt e mud and oil. sh es som masks W e e t e o xtra sp y ecial tre give our facome da h r u o a .. tment.. .. fresh, ... d mask felt so hatthe mu e ff W o g . w in e t h r s le fo a p w y m 7. After ment was co ecial ..... read g t p rin a s b e r t d ld n spa wou red a y e a p d e m a p f th clean, e rest o ever th


Art Space livelaughloveDIY

Jazzing up a frame?!

Here is a step-by-step guide to create a beautiful artwork for a special someone.

Step 3

Time for the top coat! We have used purple. A second coat of paint may be required – ensure that the paint dries between coats.

You will need:

::: A frame ::: Sandpaper ::: Undercoat paint ::: Paint (we used purple and gold) ::: Paintbrushes ::: Decorations (flowers, letters, diamonte’s, etc)

Step 4

To add extra flair we have used a gold paint to create an old, wooden look. After all the paint has dried we have then added photos to the centre of the frame (you may like to add a mirror instead).

Step 1

Sandpaper the frame to remove any polish, especially if you are using a second-hand frame. Remove the fine dust created with a cloth.

Step 2

Paint the frame with an undercoat according to instructions on the bottle. Let it dry.

Step 5 Now the fun part – decorations!!!!

Once you choose what you would like to decorate the frame with (we have opted for butterflies, diamontes and letters to spell a name) put them in the arrangement that you would like. Then, piece by piece, use a glue gun to stick the decorations in place. **********NOTE: Be very careful when using a glue gun – it can burn skin easily- ouch!!!!******

Hey PRESTO!!!! You have made a new funky frame! Stick it up in your room or give it to a friend or family member as a cute, unique gift.




Mango smoothies! serves

Equipment blender A handheld cup Bowl or large Knife, spoon 2 mangoes am anilla Ice-cre v s n o o p s le 4 tab d) urt, if preferre (or greek yog d straws 2 glasses an

a simple recipe that you can do in your sleep but is sooo tasty you will want more and more and MORE!!!

procedure 1. Cut the mango either side of its seed using a knife. 2. Using the spoon and knife, remove all flesh from the mango and put into the bowl/ cup to be blended. 3. Add the ice-cream with the mango and begin to blend up a storm!!! Make sure that you get an even consistency throughout the entire drink. 4. Evenly distribute the mixture into two glasses and add a straw. 5. Clean up the kitchen and utensils used. It sure will make mum happy :D 6. Enjoy your mango smoothie – perfect for breakfast or an afternoon summer snack!!!

TIP! Add Ice for extra coolness!



The classic backyard

scientific experiment!


lcanic! Let’s get vo

Stick alfoil around the jar (using some tape). This will help prevent a huge mess and makes the jar look less like a jar! Leave the top open like so as to add ingredients later.


Go to an area (outside is best as this experiment can get really messy!)


Pour in the bi-carb soda! (Not too much!) into the volcano’s opening.


Pour in the food colouring of your choice (we went with green!) But not too much!


Pour in the white vinegar! (Make sure you step back, don’t wanna get the lava on you!) Note: If it doesn’t bubble up and out of the jar then there is not enough bi-carb soda. So add a little more!)

make your own

VOLCANO! You Will Need:

Bi-Carb Soda White Vinegar Food Colouring (to make it look AWESOME!) Alfoil (to avoid too much of a mess) Jar (any size you wish) Tape (to help stick alfoil to jar) Plastic cup (to help pour the vinegar)


Make sure you clean up the area when you are done! Do not want to get the ‘rents angry! :P


Co-editor emily’s best cousin isabella showed her this awesome experiment! 29





Lo City of

Notre Dam


e Cathedral

Pa r is


A rc D i T rio mp he

Get an Eiffel in Paris!

A holiday to ye ol’ Paris, one of the most famous cities of the world, is not complete without Wanderlust sharing the BY EMILY BONACCORSI must-see and the must-do of this must-go-to destination of the world!

Musee’ These!

Hip Hip Beret! Dress the French way! Dressing French does not mean you should wear a beret, striped shirt, red handkerchief and grow a thin moustache, or do any combination of those things. Do not perpetuate a stereotype, but dress the Parisian way in a way that does not offend. No matter what the season, fashion in Paris is C’est la classique! So dress accordingly.

Oui Oui Paree! You will fall in love with this romantic and historical city. The landmarks in Paris are those bursting with history and art. The architecture of Parisian landmarks is definitely something to marvel! If the vast amount of historic buildings and monuments had eyes, they could see the millions of Parisians and Paris-goers that come through Paris every year. One of the most enduring symbols of Paris is the Notre Dame Cathedral; a sight to behold with its French Gothic Architecture. Taking a walk around the entire cathedral, touring the interior and walking up the 387 steps to the top of the towers should be on the list of things to do for every Parisian tourist. Although the climb to the top of the towers can be exhausting, it sure is worth the climb to get a panoramic view of the area and see all those famous gargoyles up close!

Paris – home to iconic landmarks, cute french guys, amazing shopping and the most indulgent of foods.

While the chic women of Paris do wear casual clothing, the real sophistication comes from how they put it together. Parisians also wear well-fitting clothes that suit their frame and understand the power of quality. Parisian chic encompasses classical cut fashion worn in an unexpected, yet perfectly elegant way. Also hairstyles are never over done or complex and makeup is always natural. It is all about starting out with the right pieces that you can mix and match to wear anywhere.

Make sure you Croissant these french foods off your checklist!

Loved and adored by people worldwide, The Eiffel Tower is the number one must-see for any traveller, as Paris without the Eiffel Tower would be like a pizza without cheese. Although touristy, the tower showcases the beauty of Paris with breathtaking, dreamy and spectacular views. Whether morning, noon or night – the Eiffel tower does not deem disappoint.

Everyone loves to eat and Paris is the place to indulge! With copious amounts of French foods; a la’ croissants, macaroons and the cringe-worthy too. A trip to Paris is not complete without trying the real French cuisine, we are talking frogs legs and escargot, remember You Only Live Once! Paris really is the perfect place for an infinite source of pleasure. Food in France is not just food – it is an art. A tourist must-see and do in Paris is to go to a real French patisserie; where one can indulge in fine French pastries, chocolates, biscuits, confectionery and of course, macaroons!

For lovers of art; Musee du Louvre is the place to go. An art paradise, whether it is the glass dome on the outside or the building that houses the many works of art, it simply is a must-do experience. Though remember The Louvre is insanely big, insanely popular and insanely great! You will want to appreciate all of the art and enjoy your visit, along with getting that picture of yourself with the Mona Lisa in the background.

Macaroon in your suitcase for this travel must-have!

A visit to Paris needs to include a grand walk down the city’s most famous avenue – the Champs Elysees; to Napoleon’s most notable legacy to Paris – the Arc Di Triomphe. Although the Champs is somewhat bustling with traffic; as well as tourists and chain stores – it still is a grand walk and a must-do Parisian tourist experience.

Have a good camera with high resolution, as you want to capture the detail of the French architecture and atmosphere of Paris. You will not want to regret using a dodgy camera on this trip!




Temperament: placid when alone, aggressive towards other males Cost: $4 - $18 Lifespan: average 2 years Maintenance: low Recommended for: anyone, those withlittle spare time or space.

H i st o r y

The Siamese Fighting Fish is native to the South-East Asian region of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It survives in the wild anywhere where still water lies, such as rice paddies, stagnant ponds and road-side drains. The species attracted its name because of the aggressive nature of the males towards each other. Thai’s will often place wagers on fights between two males. Winners are those which bet on the fish that continues attacking after the other has given up. Sometimes these fights can be to the death.

A p p e a r a nc e

In the wild the fish are generally brown or silver with red and green highlights. The ornamental fish are available in just about colour. They may be solid coloured, half-coloured (called butterfly), piebald or marbled.

T em perament

Although placid when alone, the males will show extraordinary aggression when together, flaring up their fins and blowing out their gill covers.

B r eedi ng

Easily bred in a home aquarium. The males are bubblenest builders. They blow a large series of accumulated bubbles onto the surface of the water, into which they deposit the eggs released by the female. Once the female releases the eggs into the water, the male will collect them in his mouth, deposit them into the nest and fertilize them.

F eeding

A carnivorous fish. Can be fed commercial fish food, special ‘Betta Pellets’ or frozen tubifex worms. Fresh bloodworms and mosquito wrigglers also make a suitable treat. As water temperature drops, metabolism slows and feeding is required less often. During the warmer months, feed a small amount daily.

H ealth and maintenance These are tropical, fresh water fish which thrive best in warm temperatures (optimal around 30°C). However, temperate regions of Australia should not really require additional tank heating. A heater may be required if the water temperature drops below 18°C.

S I A MESE F I G H T ING F I S H! Although these fish are able to survive in poor quality water, regular water changes are still required. Change 1/3 of the water each week for a small bowl, 1/4 each month for an aquarium and the entire amount once weekly for a small container. These ornamental types are prone to suffer diseases (such as fin rot) which are associated with dirty water. Specific ‘Bettafix’ medications are available from aquariums.

Cost and lifespan

In the wild they survive a year at the most. Captive bred specimens can be expected to average 2 years. The more fancy the specimen, generally the shorter average lifespan. Females are more prone to disease and tend to be very short lived in captivity.

Aquarium space

These fish can live in the smallest of tanks, and are often kept in decorative glass jars, small containers, or betta barracks. They can be kept in a mixed tank with other breeds, however there are some types of companion fish to avoid.

Ideal owner

Anyone. An especially good animal for a first-time pet owner or someone with little time or space for a regular pet. Very low maintenance.

LIVE, LAUG H, LOV pet fightin E girl Hannah Lip sy g fish na med Arwe s’ n




S E I MOV The Princess Diaries

Each month we like to bring all our readers A MOVIE WE LOVE TO WATCH. But not just any MOVIE – uplifting, encouraging, haVE a good message to you girls and will have you IN LAUGHING FITS.


It is every girls become a real life princess. Movie The Princess Diaries follows the story of Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) – geeky, shy high school girl who likes to go through life with as little attention as possible, with her best friend Lilly Moscovitz (who has a hottie for a brother – Michael). Her life is however turned upside down when her grandmother (played by legendary actress Julie Andrews) visits her and spills the beans that her late father was Prince of Genovia- making her Princess of Genovia. But will she choose to follow her fathers footsteps and take up her throne??????? Join Mia on this journey of growing up, change and romance. This is a must see movie for all you Princesses of Christ out there – it is rated G (so suitable for all ages). A great movie which also has a delightful sequel. So grab your popcorn, your best friends and have a movie night that will lift your spirits and have you rolling on the floor in laughter. (P.S. author Meg Cabot wrote the books which inspired the movies..... they are great reads as well!)

Michael: Why me? Mia: Because you saw me when I was invisible. Mia: Okay... you know what? I don’t feel protected. You try living for 15 years thinking that you’re one person, and then in five minutes, you find out you’re a princess. Just in case I wasn’t enough of a freak already, let’s add a tiara! Mia: I don’t want to rule my own country, I just want to pass the tenth grade. Mia: I can’t be a princess! I’m still waiting for normal body parts to arrive!





Each month we like to bring all our readers A GOOD GAME! But not just any GAME – these are tested to ensure that they are fun, awesome and are a gREAT way to spend time looking at a screen! so get ya’ game face on!

Double Trouble

Our game review this week is a free online game called Double Trouble. The game requires you to take the role of Flynn and Rupenzal (characters off Disney’s movie ‘Tangled’) to complete different tasks in order to move onto different levels of the game. There are six levels to complete. The graphics were clear which made the gaming experience pleasurable and the first level gave you instructions in how to move in different ways and different directions. The fact that this game can be found online and its free to play is another big benefit.


This is a game to play when facebook is getting boring or you don’t have the motivation to complete those dreaded assignments!

Choose from thousands of apps in the iTUNES Store! Whether for a friend or for yourself, Gift Cards are the quick and easy way to downloading all your favourite games onto your ipod! Starting from $15, you can also download music and movies too as well as games! So what are you waiting for?! Get your game on!




c usi M Abandon - Control

Each month we like to bring all our readers some new tunes that they can put on their Ipod. But not just any tunes – these are tested to ensure that the lyrics are uplifting, encouraging, have a good message to you girls and will have you dancing around the room.


This month we bring you CD Control by band Abandon. Abandon is an American Christian Rock band from San Antonio, Texas. The group has five members: brothers Josh (lead vocals) and Justin Engler (guitar), cousins Stevan (guitar) and Dave Vela (drums), and Bryan Fowler (bass)- see the pic below. The music is just the right amount of rock, blended with lyrics you can understand and music that will leave you dancing around the house. There are a number of tracks that have a slower feel to them. This CD is definitely worth the money as there is 13 tracks to enjoy. Our fav tracks include Live It Out, New Years Day and Under Fire. LLL co-editor Hannah Lipsys is totally head over heels with this album and of course, the band! Abandon FTW!

Is it just me or the walls closing in? I can’t be the only one feeling this So let's tear down brick by brick Cause it’s not helping anyone And let's get out from under this Or we’ll watch it fall on us all Can you feel the urgency now

It's time for us to love out loud Take what we know and live it out and live it out So am I part of the cure or part of the disease I think it's time we fall down on our knees And ask God for clarity To wash away our memories of the old way Yeah, and pray that the walls break





Each month we like to bring all our readers A GOOD BOOK! But not just any BOOK – these are tested to ensure that they are inspiring, lovely and amazing and are a gREAT way to spend time! so get ya’ READ ON!

His Princess - Love Letters from Your King ~ by Sheri Rose Shepherd

This book is a must read for all us Princesses out there! Written by talented author Sheri Rose Shepherd (pictured below) this book is written in the form of numerous letters –from the perspective of God writing them to you. Each letter is only a paragrapgh long – perfect for those girls in a hurry or those who aren’t a big fan of reading.



Each letter is inspirational, demonstrating Gods unending love. It also covers many topics including trust, compromise, friendship ect. This book is a perfect birthday present for your girlfriends, mothers day gift or perfect book for your bookshelf. A must read for us all!!!!!

Although I am God, my arms are not too big to hold you, My beloved daughter. Don’t let anyone define you but Me, your Daddy in Heaven. The beauty I had in mind when I created you is a reflection of Me. You are royalty even when you don’t feel like a princess. Inside you is a supernatural surprise- a gift that is waiting to be unwrapped…by you. Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23 And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17 37






INS PHONE SK5 From $14.9


All t hings bright and colourful!






l ive laugh love & 38


Woman GOD OF

EACH MONTH AT LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE MAGAZINE WE INTERVIEW AN AWESOME, INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN THAT WE KNOW. WE INTERVIEWED CO-EDITOR HANNAH LIPSYS’ MOTHER JENNI AND THIS IS WHAT SHE HAD TO SAY. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Home maker and Special Needs teacher. WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING A MOTHER? The joy of seeing my children develop and grow in every aspect of their lives, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually and watching and supporting them as they navigate life through the good and enjoyable times and the challenging times. I’m encouraged as I watch them live their faith as their own and see them experience God and His goodness in all areas of their lives. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BIBLE VERSE AND WHAT IS THE MOST RECENT THING THAT GOD HAS DONE IN YOUR LIFE? “And therefore the Lord [earnestly] waits [expecting, looking, and longing] to be gracious to you; and therefore He lifts Himself up, that He may have mercy on you and show loving-kindness to you. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are all those who [earnestly] wait for Him, who expect and look and long for Him, who expect and look and long for Him [for His victory, His favour, His love, His peace, His joy, and His matchless, unbroken companionship]! (Isaiah 30:18) Recently the main family vehicle broke down and died. Not only did God immediately provide a temporary vehicle replacement but also the money to repair another family vehicle that had been needing repairs for some time. As it says in Philippians 4:19 “And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Jenni Lipsys


Life without works is dead, so endeavour to live your life generously with the love of Jesus and let this love overflow to those around about you. Your life may be the only Bible some people read. Love and laugh much, be the glass half full person, reach out to others in practical ways, such as offering to pray for others, making a meal or a cake, giving encouragement in written or spoken form. FINALLY, IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT ARE THE TOP 5 QUALITIES A PRINCESS OF GOD LOOK FOR IN A GUY? 1. Firstly the most important quality is to have a guy who is totally in love with Jesus, who is born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. 2. A guy who is committed to going to church whether you are in their lives or not. 3. Look for a guy who is keen to pray by himself and together with others. 4. A guy who is generous to others and is keen to share the love of Jesus with others and use and develop their gifts and talents God has placed in their lives. 5. A guy who is committed to living a pure life, in thought, word and deed.

HOW DO YOU PRACTICALLY LIVE FOR GOD EACH DAY? I endeavour to watch what I say and what I think about as it says in Psalms 19:14 “Let words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord.” I want the love of God to overflow in those around me, for example, my family, friends, work colleagues, church family and those I come into contact with. I pray that God would help and guide me during the day and give me divine appointments to share the love of God with others, including praying for those who need healing. WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU GIVE TO ALL OUR READERS OUT THERE ON THE BEST WAY TO LIVE FOR HIM? Take some time each day to have some “just you and God time” to talk to Him and give Him time to talk to you and read His word. Expect that God is a good God and He desires to meet you with His goodness , mercy and kindness as you negotiate life in a very personal way in the big and small decisions and issues of life. 39





Keep Your

My best friend Emily really helped me see how he wasn’t a good guy through HEAPS of analogies. I had to make the decision that God had better plans for my life and that by liking this ‘turkey’ I would probably miss out on seeing my true Prince when he came along.

! G N O R T S

They are the type of guy that all us girls have had a crush on at least once in our lives. We call them turkeys. Yep, they may be good looking BUT that seems to be where it ends. Apart from their good looks their personality and actions are not respectful to God, others and you and they keep you looking down on the ground instead of up in the sky (where eagles aka Princes fly)!!!! Live, Laugh, Love magazine’s own Hannah Lipsys – Former crusher on turkeys discusses how to not fall on turkeys and what exactly ‘keeping your cordial strong’ means. So what makes a guy a turkey? Well there are a few things. First – he is a guy that isn’t a Prince. Yep he may be good looking but apart from that his actions are not representing of the ways that God wants us to live. They are really guys that haven’t given their heart to God yet and guys that although you know they are ‘bad apples’ you just seem to crush on. Have you ever crushed on a turkey? Yep I have had a crush on a turkey – it was my last real crush to be exact! *cringes* When I first liked this guy I thought he was cute... well a total hottie actually and it all started because of his haircut believe it or not! Before I knew it I was talking to my friends about how much I liked the guy (although I did not know him at all) and then noticed him more as well as talked about him more. Before I knew it I had one major crush on the guy! So what happened? Well after a while it became apparent that this guy was not a Prince of God and you think that would have been the biggest warning sign for me to let go of this crush....but I kept liking him. Then one night at church the preacher spoke about ‘keeping your cordial strong’ – which means to not dilute your standards and in one respect this meant about your standards about people you like and who you would choose to date. It was then a bit later on at a church women’s conference that I realised just how much my heart was tangled up in this guy -although I hadn’t even really spoken to the guy I had let my hearts attention fixate on him. It was at this point I learnt how important Proverbs 4:23 is ‘Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life’. I realised that if I was to continue along the ‘crush path’ I was on, the course of my life would not turn out good.


So was it easy to get over this ‘turkey’? Sort of, but it was hard. I guess the fact that he went to my college and I saw him most days made it harder. But God and Emily really helped me to see that it was important to get out of this ‘crush rut’ I was in, especially for the sake of my future relationship with my true Prince of God (which I call Princ-e). I also did a 30 day Princ-e challenge in which each day I would find a verse that described a character trait that I wanted Princ-e to have and would pray that both he and I would exhibit it in our daily lives. That challenge really did help me too.

So are you over the ‘turkey’???? Yep!!!!! For sure – I look back and realise how much time I wasted crushing on a ‘turkey’! I am glad in a way that this happened though because I do realise about what I would like to find in a guy and he will definitely not be a turkey – more like a soaring eagle that will be able to take me to great heights!!!

So describe your dream guy....your Princ-e as you call him. Well he is totally on fire for God – He will love God with all his heart. He will also be very romantic, funny, have a passion for life and adventure, will love people, be a peacemaker, be respectful, he will be interested in me as a person and we will have heaps of adventures together and I can go on! Wow! What an inspirational list! What is your final advice to our readers out there in regards to turkeys, cordial and future Princ-es??? Well, firstly, guard your heart even from crushes! It may seem harmless enough but what you really are doing is giving your heart away to a guy when it really should be reserved for your future Prince. In 1John 1:5 it talks about keeping away from ANYTHING that might take God’s place in your heart. Next set standards of what your future guy should be, find out what is important to God and stick to that!!! Have close girlfriends around you that will be able to support you and stop you when your eyes may be set on a turkey – it is a way to keep that cordial strong. Lastly, I would say to girls that your Prince is out there!!! I know that it can be lonely sometimes but it is important to wait for your Prince rather than rush in a find a turkey! God has the best in store for you – God Bless.





BESTIE 1 Q1 Your BESTIE’S full name? ______________________________________ Q2 THEIR STARSIGN? ______________________________________ Q3 FAVE SEASON OF THE YEAR? ______________________________________ Q4 FAVE COLOUR? ______________________________________ Q5 CELEB CRUSH? ______________________________________ Q6 FAVE HANGOUT PLACE? ______________________________________ Q7 FAVE SONG TO LISTEN TO? ______________________________________ Q8 FAVE SINGER/ BAND? ______________________________________ Q9 FAVE ICECREAM FLAVOUR? ______________________________________ Q10 FAVE FOOD TO EAT? ______________________________________ Q11 FAVE SHOP? ______________________________________ Q12 FAVE SPORT TO PLAY/ WATCH? ______________________________________ Q13 FAVE SUBJECT AT SCHOOL? ______________________________________ Q14 FAVE BOOK TO READ? ______________________________________ Q15 FAVE QUOTE? ______________________________________ Q16 FAVE MOVIE? ______________________________________ Q17 DREAM CAREER? ______________________________________ Q18 FAVE SCRIPTURE? ______________________________________

Q1 Your BESTIE’S full name? ______________________________________ Q2 THEIR STARSIGN? ______________________________________ Q3 FAVE SEASON OF THE YEAR? ______________________________________ Q4 FAVE COLOUR? ______________________________________ Q5 CELEB CRUSH? ______________________________________ Q6 FAVE HANGOUT PLACE? ______________________________________ Q7 FAVE SONG TO LISTEN TO? ______________________________________ Q8 FAVE SINGER/ BAND? ______________________________________ Q9 FAVE ICECREAM FLAVOUR? ______________________________________ Q10 FAVE FOOD TO EAT? ______________________________________ Q11 FAVE SHOP? ______________________________________ Q12 FAVE SPORT TO PLAY/ WATCH? ______________________________________ Q13 FAVE SUBJECT AT SCHOOL? ______________________________________ Q14 FAVE BOOK TO READ? ______________________________________ Q15 FAVE QUOTE? ______________________________________ Q16 FAVE MOVIE? ______________________________________ Q17 DREAM CAREER? ______________________________________ Q18 FAVE SCRIPTURE? ______________________________________


After adding up your scores, check the friendship scale below!

0-5 Umm.. have you two just met? 6-12 Not bad. Save the guesswork 13-18 You

You better be re-acquanited before we send you to Friend School for a lesson of “Getting to know your bestie 101?”.

for a pop quiz lovely and pay more attention to your BFF! You’ll be getting a gold star in friendship soon! Goodluck!


earned a gold star in friendship! Your bestie is lucky to have someone like you on her side! Your friendship is definitely blessed!




Life as a flynner! A wonderful time in ones life. A time where you learn alot about yourself, meet many different people and have a great time. Three years ago two people met on the first day of college and have been bestfriends every since. The creators of Live Laugh Love, Hannah and Emilia shed light their college experience at Flynn!

Q. How would you describe O Week?

Q. Any college crushes?


H. A guy nicknamed Cage. (Looking back now it is hard to see what I saw in him apart from his good looks! I have grown up since then!).

Bitter–sweet. Sweet in the fact that I enjoyed meeting new people, learning the fresher dance to ‘Tic Toc’, opposites bowling and the surprise 2am wake up. However, bitter, as that during all this I was plagued with moments of homesickness.

E. A guy we called Wally. As in the dining hall it was like playing ‘Where’s Wally!’, so the name just stuck!

E. Hakuna Matata! (It means ‘no worries!’) It was a

Q. How did it feel finishing up uni?

whirlwind of fun with a whole new bunch of people. With God blessing me with a true friend on the first day, and fun activities and events held throughout the week – I loved it!


After my final exam, It was so freeing to know that I would not have to study again and that I had technically finished all the work to finish my degree!!! Packing up my room was such a weird feeling. I had been in the same room for the three years of college and I was a bit attached! However, packing up and closing up my room for the last time there was a peace that it was the right time to move and for a new door to open up in my life.

Q. What are your thoughts on the alcohol culture of college and university?

H. I was in a culture where a lot of people would want to party hard and this was not something I was used to. I was thankful for friends that knew they could have fun without alcohol. It was also the longest period of time I was away from family. During all this I was trying to figure out who I was. I cherished the support from family and friends and I also had to rest in the fact that God was with me every step of the way!

E. It is a freeing and amazing feeling to have finished a three-year degree. Though sad to leave college and closing our doors after three years of leaving the place we call home, our friendship will last a lifetime. Now graduated, we have both moved to Brisbane and are sharing a house together. The start of a new chapter with many adventures to come, many laughs to have and memories to reminisce!

E. People turn chameleon (blend into the scene of the alcoholic culture) though I fortunately hung with friends that knew how to have fun without drinking every week. People should learn to value themselves more and limit themselves for their healths sake!

Q. Any advice for people moving onto college and starting university?

H. Be yourself and stick to your morals! (you don’t

Q. What was a major social highlight?

need to change who you are to fit in with true friends). Meet amazing people that will love you for being you, cheer you on, encourage you when you are doubtful and celebrate your successes! Also have a healthy balance between uni work and chilling out, take heaps of pics to remember this time of your life and be ready to learn more about yourself and grow as an individual. For all those who feel the homesickness – don’t be embarrassed! Embrace this time in your life as hard as it can be and stick with it. You will look back and remember all the great times you have had and will be so proud of how much you have grown.

H. We went to Magnetic Island for a few days over

Lecture recess. We had a blast at the koala park we were staying at and it was an enjoyable and a much needed break.

E. The college formal ‘PDD’ was at Dairy Farmers Stadium last year. Which made for a fabulous last PDD. We celebrated our Valedictory also, celebrating our achievements of the past three years of college made for a wonderful evening . Q. A standout college ‘God-moment’...

H. Second year I came back to college and I had a new neighbour! Emily was moving next door and we would be sharing a balcony! This made for a great two years of balcony chats, picnics and laughs!

E. Do not lose focus of why you are there, hang around with people who will build you up and not bring you down. Enjoy this new and exciting time of your life because it is one you will look back and reminisce as one of the best times of your life! Have faith and know God will support you and have heaps of fun! :)

E. Meeting Hannah on the first day of college in 2010. She did not know anyone and came up to me while I sat with my family. We have been Best Friends ever since! 42

Bon Voyage! livelaughloveTRAVEL DIARY

to travel to A wanderlustic idea Paris became London, Ireland and nds! reality for two best frie ’s aunty who lives iastic text to Hannah us th en an th wi d rte g in what was to be It all sta long the ball was rollin of our awesome re fo Be . on nd Lo in over help adventure. With the d our international, a whirlwind overseas ha we , ria ent Arnd ag l ve tra ts gh Fli nt booked. We even Stude Taste of Ireland tour a d an s ht flig tic es lves two identical dom s and bought ourse ag db an Str to ed ur t fabulously from vent ich definitely stuck ou wh – es as itc su rfly butte at the airport! all of the other bags ery day was filled the end of this trip, ev to rt sta ry ve e th m Fro , fun and laughter. ing new experiences cit ex t, en m joy en th wi wn to Melbourne rport and heading do Ai ille sv wn To ing av Le ginning to hit us. e journey it was be th of leg t firs e th r fo dma Joan, we with Hannah’s gran e rn ou elb M ing step off the av Le that the next time we ing ink th r be em m will be in re l we al s time, plane in eight hour urs in the ho e or so Singapore! And twelv Londonland! to air after, stepping on both ways was Yep, the overseas trip ssed by eating pa long – but time was plane food, od go lythe surprising to rest, watching talking, attempting ilet breaks, walks movies, going for to journals! Flying vel and writing in our tra re so ecstatic to we we , over London d! Stopping off actually be in Englan ow Airport, we the plane at Heathr winter hit us! d sure felt the Englan finally here! re we e W ! Hello London any London Cards and took m r te ys O r ou up arks and We topped re so many landm we e er Th . ins tra d estminister Undergroun including Big Ben, W d, ite vis we at th ing near cool places ton Palace, iceskat ing ns Ke e, stl Ca r so Tassauds, Abbey, Wind celebs at Madam e th g itin vis e, Ey ng Church the London Royal carriages, Hillso e th d an ce la Pa m n King! We Buckingha iots of Fire and The Lio tea! We ar Ch , es bl ra ise M s London, Le afternoon re posh for a spot of even dined somewhe and learning about the history of the g especially loved visitin ll as meeting the characters of the we as on nd Tower of Lo Palace. II at Hampton Court reign of King Henry VI car and , we packed a hire ek we on nd Lo ely lov Cotswolds After our lled Chedworth in the ca ge la vil a to st we Christmas! travelled side – just in time for try un Co ish gl En e th hed movies region of glish cottage, watc En lil te cu a at d d had a We staye nt of the fireplace an fro in ne wi d an se turkey) for with chee ding the big yummy uresque clu (in t as fe t as ro l , pict traditiona ited the town of Bath Christmas! We also vis e boulders of Stone Henge! This me true! Bibury village and th ure was a dream co nt ve ish gl En l tifu >> au be 44

Taste of Ireland tour Ireland!

A country we were most looking forward to! Medieval castles, picturesque landscapes, irsh accents, singing and dancing, and some irish cuties! Landing in Dublin on the December 8th via British Airways, we got a transfer to our first hotel and the irish fun began!

We totally loved Dublin! Exploring the irish city, we had a horse and carriage ride, went to Dublinia (which took us back to the Viking and Medieval era), went shopping, spotted swans, ate yummy dessert at Queen of Tarts, had a hotel buffet breakfast at the Burlington Hotel that was fit for a princess. We also learnt that the colourful doors meant that drunk people could find where they live more easier by the colour of their door! We enjoyed meeting our new American friends on our bus tour from Dublin. Enjoying many laughs with our new friends – particularly with Heather and her mum Terry from Massachusetts, USA! Our bus driver and tour guide Martin told many stories, history and sang some irish songs. We had a blast experiencing everything Irish! Including a pint and an irish coffee (which proved to be too harsh for our tastebuds!), We ate more potatoes and lamb than we thought possible, celebrated Hannah’s 22nd birthday in Killarney, took many photos, braved the irish coolness, went to Cliffs of Moher and all the towns and cities of Southern Ireland! 45

We were all rugged up, stopped many times for photos at many vantage points, experienced a medieval Christmas banquet at a castle with amazing music (including a lady playing a harp!) and walked up narrow, winding stairs to kiss the Blarney stone at Blarney castle to got the gift of Eloquence! Even in the cold Irish winter, our new friend Heather braved the chill and wore sandals the entire time! *shivers* Our second hotel at Killarney Towers was a delightful stay, our third hotel ‘Academy Hotel‘ was a bit of a maze to find our rooms and our final hotel back in Dublin was a squeeze to get our bus into the side street. Though our amazing and talented bus driver achieved it with skill! It was sad to leave the people we had spent the week with but being here altogether made it great! Definitelly keen to do another tour! This tour was a fantastic and sweet taste of Ireland and the best way to see this beautiful country!



i Oi! Our final week of our overseas adventure was french-packed with awesomness! The Eurostar took us to Paris from London’s Saint Pancras international at Kings Cross Station. A quick visit thru Platform 9 & 3/4 and all us ladies were on our way to Paris’s Gare De Nord station on high-speed rail!

Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night and celebrating New Years Eve there was a standout highlight! In spite of some miserable wet weather some cheese, crackers and some cheap champagne with great company made for a wonderful end to a great year and start to a new one! Buon Annee! We definitely fit alot of sightseeing nto a week! We had a true french macaroon at a french laduree at the Louvre and visited the famous Mona Lisa. We ate an amazing banana, coconut and nutella crepe outside the Notre Dame, saw the inside and even climbed up the top of Notre Dame’s towers to get a gargoyle’s point of view! We stayed at three different hotels during the week, our second hotel was atop a hospital next to Notre Dame Cathedral! Slightly awkward walking out one morning and there were two doctors waiting for the elevator with two patients in hospital beds! We used our French and even navigated the Paris metro! Spent the day at Disneyland in Paris with Hannah’s cousin Cassie. We even got to see Sleeping Beauty’s Castle light up at night! It was so magical! A croissant and a friendly cat in a restaurant, a visit to Montmartre, a walk down adult street to stand outside Moulin Rouge and a taste of escargot for an entree. We even moved our super tired legs and feet right up to the summit of one of the world’s largest icons of Love – the Eiffel Tower! We even left a red heart friendship lock up there facing Paris’s River Siene! To end our time in Paris, we spent the evening on a dinner cruise along the river! With good food and a great friend, we saw landmarks from the water and a miniature Statue of Liberty too with the Eiffel Tower in the background! The view was truly magnifique! Heading back to Australia felt bittersweet! Saying goodbye to Mish was sad, but we were looking forward to coming back home! A week spent in Melbourne finished up our big overseas adventure! It was great to catch up with family and see the sights too!


We learnt alot about ourselves, got to experience new and exciting things and saw countries we have dreamt of seeing! We were so thankful to God for fulfilling the dream to travel with a friend and provide the finances and open doors to the memorable eexperiences with more to come!!!

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