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Viva Voce Emily Bight

Subject Matter Dementia

The nature of the project -

Documentary Photography & time

Why it has been left a Secret ?

So that it will not cause upset to my Granddad, and anyone else within the family.

Research Conducted to get to this point ?

Emails to artist Contacting charities Visiting Dementia centres The causes of Dementia And visiting my Nan

How I have undertaken my project ?

Documenting my Nan & Granddad on a daily bases. Undertaken research. Continued with image taking. Understanding how to use print on demand companies.

Why present the images in publication form?

It shows and tells a story

The reason for having 7 publications ?

To show 7 days in a week

The chosen type?

Helvtica Regular 30pt Black & white colour

How the inside pages should look and out.

Viva voce  
Viva voce