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The Salvation Army continued

School for Performing Arts

Provides a structured performing arts program, offering voice, instrument, band, dance, visual arts, drama, and educational enrichment classes

150 students served


Clients (90% from low-income background) receive solution-focused 180 clients served treatment to resolve a wide range of emotional and psychological issues

Corps Community Center

A safe after-school program offering mentor services, academic support and recreational activities

750 students served

Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge

HIV Care Coordination & Prevention

Provides HIV/AIDS clients on a path of better physical & mental health and financial stability

425 clients

Everybody Reads

Mentors for reading

900 students; 850 Reading Friend volunteers; 8,700 reading sessions

Family Preservation

Intensive in-home therapy to improve family functioning between adjudicated delinquents and their families, with 0 recidivism rate

42 youth and their families

Volunteers In Public Schools

Everyone Counts

Mentors for math

150 students; 140 Math Friend volunteers; 1350 math sessions

Home Care Patients

Provides services to non-funded terminally ill patients and their families enabling them to have a peaceful death with resolution of loss

450 days of care provided; 13 months of bereavement services


Middle and high school mentoring

22 students; 20 Voyage Captain volunteers; 200 sessions






Increases the education level of clients to better equip them with basic skills requirements on the job

70 students served

Adult Literacy Advocates

English as a Second Language

Increases communication skills to enable individuals to live and work in the community

62 students served

Workplace Development

Increases math, reading, problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills for a given company’s employees

150 students served

AMIkids Baton Rouge

Personal Growth Model

Combines education, behavior modification, and treatment to educate, instill values, improve lifeskills, rebuild confidence and reinforce accountability in kids court-ordered to attend AMI Kids

130 youth served

Behavior Modification Component

Changing behavior and promoting youth responsibility through positive reinforcement and challenging and exciting activities

130 youth served

Baton Rouge CYO

Senior Wellness

Wellness and life enrichment senior citizen programs

9,000 opportunities

Baton Rouge Speech Communication Services and Hearing Foundation

Individual therapies and group learning opportunities for children with communication disorders

650 children served

Summer Camp

Teaching social skills, emphasizing good behavior, and teaching teamwork in a fun environment at all Y locations

10,600 kids served


Serving youth through Little Buddy Clubs, character education, and special events

240 youth served

2,375 teens served

Elementary Program

Provides academic, enrichment and recreational opportunities for students

3,100 youth served

Teen Programs-Black Achievers, Christian Values Conference, Model United Nations, Youth Legislature

Provides teens opportunities to develop a positive sense of self, learn leadership skills, and helps to set education and career goals

Buddy Program Big

YMCA of the Capital Area

Teen Program

Provides academic, enrichment and recreational opportunities for teens

1,700 teens served

Pennington Club/After School Care

Safe and nurturing environment for children to grow and learn, developing social skills and learning tools which enable them to perform better at home and at school

7,500 kids served

Scouting for Character/Operation First Class

Provides at risk and special needs youth with living skills, character development, leadership training to better prepare them for productive lives

3,500 scouts served

Early Head Start

Early education programs for low-income children ages 0-3 and parent education for their teen parents

150 children enrolled

Provides young people the values of citizenship, good character and fitness to teach effective leadership skills

8,000+ scouts served

Center for Family Empowerment

Promotes family financial literacy, helps children find the right path to success in school and beyond, and saves lives of youth and teens through prevention, detection and early treatment of HIV/AIDS

5,600 individuals served

Boy Scouts of America, Traditional Scouting Program Istrouma Area Council

YWCA Greater Baton Rouge

Provides young people the values of citizenship, good character and fitness to teach effective leadership skills in St James parish

70 scouts served

Racial and Social Justice

Provides education and dialogue on matters of racial and social justice in our community

1,500 people educated

Traditional Scouting Program- St. James Parish

Boys & Girls Club

Provides an environment which increases academic success, improves character and citizenship and increases healthy lifestyles

1,200 students served

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Baton Rouge

Get Real About Violence

Focuses on violence and how to lessen aggressive behavior verbally and physically

1,703 students served

Youth Legislature-Middle School

Increases knowledge and understanding of the legislative process; improves character and leadership skills

518 students served

Capital Area Family Education and Training Violence Intervention Center, Inc. (CAFVIC)

Community members and volunteers receive an understanding of domestic abuse and its impact on women, children, men, families, and the community at large

2,000+ individuals

Catholic Charities of the Family Achievement Center Diocese of Baton Rouge

Assists people moving out of poverty and toward self-sufficiency by offering resources, education and guidance

7,000 individuals served

Basic Skills After School Program

Tutoring program to raise standardized test scores and develop a more positive attitude about school among students

200 students served

Community Association for the Welfare of School Children (CAWSC)

Enrichment Activities

Art activities to enrich cognitive development, field trips, guest speakers discuss anger management, parent & authority relationships, and healthy lifestyle habits

300 students served

Holiday Camps

Thanksgiving, Christmas & spring break for students, providing a safe environment, reinforcing academics and recreational activities

180 students served

Saturday Academy for Mathematics

Provides focused math skill development for iLEAP and LEAP

55 students served

Summer Basic Skills Development

Provides children access to books during the summer months, improving learning and communication skills

110 students served

Girl Scouts Louisiana East

Leadership Experience

Girls learn skills that will enable them to lead with courage, confidence and character

482 girls

Happi Llandiers, Inc.

Academic Enrichment Programs

Afterschool tutoring, Summer Day Camp, and a Back to School Workshop provides school supplies to kids in need

523 students received supplies; 55 campers; 19 students tutored

O’Brien House

Prevention Education

Presentations and activities designed to deter substance abuse

2,500 individuals educated

St. Helena Head Start

Head Start

Early education programs for low-income children ages 0-5

90 children enrolled

The Arc Baton Rouge

Community Service

Provides disability education to the public, service referral, advocacy, crisis assistance, and volunteer coordination

470 children and adults served

The Salvation Army

Character Building

Leadership building programs for adults and children

18,000 individuals served





American Diabetes Association

Camp Victory

Summer camp where diabetic children receive the benefits of diabetes education

200 children

Baton Rouge Area Alcohol & Drug Center


Patients stay at the agency during the detoxification process from drugs or alcohol addiction

391 bed days will allow 65 people to detox

Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center

Children’s Services

Children’s Bereavement Group provides free clinical traumatic grief support to children ages 3-18 who experienced the death of a love one by accident, illness, homicide or suicide

175 children

Baton Rouge CYO

Youth Sports Program

Participants learn good sportsmanship, discipline, respect and teamwork

4,000 youth

Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation

Audiology Service

Free hearing screenings and evaluations for adults and children, including hearing aid fittings on free hearing aids

270 hearing screenings; 300+ adult evaluations and fittings; 100+ pediatric evaluations and fittings

Support Programs

Provides support to patients, family members, and caregivers through education, healthcare navigation, and family and children’s support

2,000+ cancer patients, family members and caregivers supported

Cancer Services of

Sanctuary for Life

Transitional housing, medical care, counseling, and job services for 29 women homeless pregnant women to better equip them to become good parents

Greater Baton Rouge

Youth Services Program

Strengthens families with counseling and group sessions that teach coping skills and alternatives to self-destructive behavior

1,250 youth and family counseled; 1,300 individuals in group settings

Behavioral Health

Professional low cost counseling by LCSW in New Roads, Donaldsonville, Gonzales, and Baton Rouge

500 people counseled

Community Association for the Welfare of School Children (CAWSC)

Community Garden

Increased educational and recreational opportunity in high-crime area to improve quality of life and engage neighbors in process of growing healthy food to enhance the economic opportunities for the people of Zion City

100 people engaged


Hospice of Baton Rouge

Butterfly Wing Patients

Inpatient care for the non-funded terminally ill patients

6 days of care provided

Livingston Youth and Family Counseling

Individual and Family Counseling

Individual therapy, couples counseling, play therapy, family counseling, and group therapy provided by mental health professionals

250 families served with 1350 counseling sessions

Louisiana Hemophilia Access to Care

Transportation to medical appointments for patients with a bleeding disorder

35 patients served

McMains Children’s Developmental Center

Therapeutic Programs and Social Services

Therapy for children with disabilities and/or developmental delays

11,900 therapy sessions provided to 130-150 children

Mental Health Association of Greater Baton Rouge

Drop In Center

Day counseling program to help clients remain stable and free of hospitalization

50 clients served per day

Residential Center

Provides transitional housing for people with mental illness and substance addiction issues with necessary therapy and workforce and life skill development training

100 clients served

O’Brien House

Treatment & Recovery Services

Services for clients battling substance addictions

135 clients provided clinical support on the road to clean and sober living

River Parishes Mental Health Clinic

Mental Health Outreach

Mental health counseling in St. James Parish

100 hours of services provided

The Arc-Iberville

Residential Services

Personal care attendant services

374 hours provided

The Arc Baton Rouge

Children Services

Provides services, support and advocacy through The Arc Early Head Start and Child Care Center. Intervention services and therapy are provided in home including parent support and training

218 children received childcare or in home therapy; 414 hours of community training

YMCA Youth Sports

Physical activity for youths to promote healthy lifestyles for all participants

25,000 youth participated

YMCA of the Capital Area

Aquatics programs including Cancer Survivor Water Fitness

Swim lessons and water aerobics for cancer patients after their treatment

15,000 individuals trained

Trim Kids/Healthy Kids Day

Teaches obese children effective behavioral modification, age appropriate exercises, and how to maintain healthy eating habits

425 children


Breast cancer and cervical health information and referrals for free screenings

3,600 women served




Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge

Direct Assistance

Cancer patients receive financial assistance for critical medical 2,500 patients served needs such as prescriptions, transportation, equipment and supplies


Catholic Charities of the Employment Services Diocese of Baton Rouge

Assists individuals in becoming job-ready for gainful employment.

500+ individuals served

Diversified Employment Services The Arc-East Ascension

Provides training and support to allow individuals with disabilities the dignity and self-esteem that result from valued, meaningful work; providing a work force that is part of the community

60 individuals employed


Medical equipment community closet

50 families helped

Donaldsonville Area Arc

Vocational Day Program

Provides choices for all people with developmental disabilities in terms of where they live, work and recreate within the community while providing access to a variety of services and opportunities

37 individuals served

Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge

Ways to Work

Provides low interest loans to low income individuals to purchase a vehicle for transportation to work or school

586 families served

Family Mentoring

Case management for families with critical needs

341 individuals served

HOPE Ministries

Getting Ahead In A Gettin’ By World

Financial literacy program

80 individuals completed training









Livingston Activity Center

Vocational Training

Provides meaningful work opportunities for individuals with developmental delays or disabilities

56 individuals served

Clothes Closet

Provides clothing to underprivileged people

1,200+ individuals served

Vocational Training

Provides meaningful work opportunities for individuals with developmental delays or disabilities

30 individuals served

Port City Enterprise

Residential In Home

Enables persons with disabilities to live independently by providing 11 individuals served support necessary for a person to maintain their place of residence in the least restrictive environment

Toys for Tots

Provides toys to children living in poverty

15 children received gifts

Keep a Child in School

Provides school uniforms to children from low-income families

Hundreds of uniforms distributed

Community Association for the Welfare of School Children (CAWSC)

St. James Arc

Vocational Training

Provides meaningful work opportunities for individuals with developmental delays or disabilities

18 individuals served

Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge

The Parenting Center

Provides supervised visitations and training day care centers in Quality Start child care services

10,500 children and families

Assistive Technology

Provides skill development to help individuals with disabilities utilize various forms of technology

13 individuals served

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank

Feeding the poor

Feed the hungry by providing food and educational outreach

7,500 meals each day

The Arc-Iberville

Vocational Training

Provides meaningful work opportunities for individuals with developmental delays or disabilities

14 individuals served

HOPE Ministries

Clients Choice Food Pantry

Provides people in need the opportunity to shop in a food pantry in a setting similar to a grocery store

14,000 individuals fed

Metro Enterprises

Work skill development for individuals with developmental disabilities 123 individuals served

Vocational Training

Provides meaningful work opportunities for individuals with developmental delays or disabilities

Emergency Assistance

Provides financial support for families in crisis by meeting medical, housing, or clothing needs

35 families served

The Arc Baton Rouge

Louisiana Career Development Center Provides job placement in area businesses for deaf and deaf/blind individuals

St. James Council on Aging

Mobile Computer Lab

Brings computer literacy & GED classes to low-income residents in a rural area

300+ hours of classes

Youth Services

Provides low-income youth ages 16-21 job training, GED/higher education assistance, and case management to support self-sufficiency and workforce development

15 participants received training

Individual Deposit Account (IDA)

Workshops, seminars and trainings focusing on financial literacy and homebuyer education

200 individuals participated

Baton Rouge Respite In-Home

Provides relief for in-home primary care providers of persons with developmental disabilities

50 families helped

The Arc Baton Rouge

Community Life

Provides supported living services to adults with developmental disabilities who require support to live independently

20 people served

Baton Rouge Respite Center

Provides relief for primary care providers of persons with developmental disabilities

40 people served

Emergency Social Services

Provides emergency assistance to individuals in crisis and holiday assistance to families

5,000 families supported

60 individuals served 15 individuals served




Recurrent Disasters

Up to three nights shelter, a clothing allowance, food, storage and 730 house fires clean-up kits to those in need due to house fires responded to per year on average

American Red Cross

Nonrecurrent Disasters

Leadership volunteers trained in disaster education and response

510 volunteers prepared in time for disaster

Armed Forces

Emergency messaging services to connect families with deployed military

372 emergency messages delivered

Baton Rouge Area Alcohol & Drug Center

Outpatient Services

Counseling sessions support clients to recovery through program completion

720 counseling sessions

The Salvation Army

Bed & Bread Emergency Center

Provides room, board and social services to homeless men

4,000 homeless men sheltered

Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center

The Phone

Telephone crisis counseling connects callers to crucial resources

As many as 27,000 calls answered

Next Step

Provides transitional housing to men who are recovering from addiction and social services to assist with living a sober life

100 homeless men served

Survivors of Suicide

Specialized clinical and support services for survivors in the Capital Area

200+ survivors receive services

Emergency Social Services in Gonzales Provides general emergency assistance in time of crisis

2,400 individuals served

Home and Community-Based Services Provides meals and personal care to isolated senior citizens

21,500 meals and 230 hours of personal care

Housing First

Helps clients achieve residential stability, increase their income, and obtain greater self-determination

322 clients served

Capital Area Agency on Aging Capital Area CASA Association


Children in the EBR Parish foster care system are provided with an advocate to speak on behalf of their best interests

300 children have an advocate

Capital Area Family Violence Intervention Center (CAFVIC)

Legal Services

Provides services to survivors of domestic violence regarding civil and criminal proceedings

685 survivors, 1,000 court appearances, 200 protective orders

Non-residential Services

Crisis line staffed with professionals and volunteers 24 hours a day, 2,000+ crisis calls providing safety planning and resource connection answered

Residential Services

Safe shelter provided to women in crisis due to domestic violence

300 women and families sheltered; 9,000 counseling sessions

Case Management

Addresses a consumer’s immediate crisis through financial assistance then stabilization by creating and implementing a Family Recovery Plan

1,600 families in case management; 450 families with a plan of action; 100 families in stable housing

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge

Maternity Counseling

Counseling and support to women experiencing a crisis pregnancy, 37 women supported; as well as the father and extended family members 10 adoption plans

Immigration Legal Services

Assists immigrants, refugees, and victims of human trafficking to rebuild their lives with the help of a staff attorney

220 people assisted legally; 170 citizenship applications; 300 immigration cases managed


Children in the outer parishes foster care systems are provided an advocate to speak for their best interests

150 volunteer advocates provided; 7,500+ hours in service

Children’s Advocacy Center

Forensic interviews, advocacy and clinical services for abused children and their families

35 children served

Child Advocacy Services


Volunteers of America, Greater Baton Rouge

Parker House

Provides a safe home for abused children

13 children served

Baton Rouge Youth Girls

Helps abused girls to stabilize and de-escalate crisis behavior, enabling them to live a life in a less restrictive setting

36 girls served

West Baton Rouge Helping Hand

Emergency Assistance

Financial assistance for families in crisis through rent, utilities or food assistance

250 families served

Community Outreach

Enhances the quality of life for the disadvantaged in our community 4,800 homeless individuals served

YMCA of the Capital Area

BREC Park Youth Outreach

Provides a safe and nurturing environment for the youth in our disadvantaged community

234 children served

Senior Program

Provides transportation for seniors to and from The Y daily for activities that will combat depression and enhance physical fitness

2,600 seniors served

2010-2011 Program Listing One Donation, 125 Programs, 1000s Impacted Capital Area United Way’s funding model is based on high-impact, high-performing and effective programs with measurable results in education, income, health and basic needs. This year, 120 community volunteers spent more than 3,000 hours reviewing agency programs and outcomes to ensure the highest level of accountability for our donors. In this pull-out section, you will find a list of our community partners broken down by focus area, program name, description and projected results.

2010 -2011 Program Listing  

Capital Area United Way's funding model is based on high-impact, high-performing and effective programs with measurable results in education...

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