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Jeffrey T. Collins, Executive Director New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association 251 Clinton St. Concord, NH 03301

Dear Mr. Collins, As per the Article II, Sect. 15 of the 2015-2016 NHIAA Handbook and Member School Directory, and in the pursuit of allowing cross country skiers from our team to compete in cross country skiing contests with NHIAA Member Schools, I am sending this letter to acknowledge that Non-Member School Name agrees to the following for those cross country skiing contests: a. No skier from our school who has reached the age of 19 before September 1 st, 2015, shall compete against NHIAA member schools. b. No post-graduate students from our school shall compete against NHIAA member schools. c. The length of the course(s) shall not exceed the maximum length(s) prescribed by NHIAA rules. d. The competition(s) shall be conducted consistent with all NHIAA rules.

Sincerely, Chief Administrator, Non-Member School Name

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