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Emily Barber BA HONS Fashion, Product and Promotion EXD 300 Native Waters Design Research Book

Into the jungle

Black and White Drama

The White Stuff



Lagoon Acid Green Pure Turquoise Night Dive

Cobalt Blue

Sunset Orange

Cliff Tops Spanish Dancer Antique Postcard Soft Coral

Goldfish Orange

Vanilla Ice Cream Moonstone Desert Dust Seaweed

Inspiration: Californian Soul

Inspiration: American Funfair

Popsicle Thrill Toffee Popcorn Cloudless Sky

Palm Leaves I want candy! Neon Glow Deep Blue Ocean

Miami: Art Deco Mecca

Exploring graphical print through fashion and swimwear

Inspiration: Texan Desert

Black Neoprene

Cowboy Boots Dirt Bike Canyon Gold Rush

Inspiration: The Red Indians

Scuba Wear

Red Neoprene

Beach Bum Lemon Sorbet Rock Pool Boogie Board

Surf Wear

Pink Hibiscus Blue Spotted Ray Sunshine Lifeguard Red

Surf Artwork

Native Waters Inspiration Book  

Inspiration behind my Two final wetsuits, marking the thought process of the designs.

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