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Handmade Wedding Series: Eat Greener Food with Emily of Eco-Chic Weddings

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Story by ecochicweddings Published on March 26, 2008 in Spotlight

Photo by pukashell and sparkledvintagecharm

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9/14/08 12:26 PM

Etsy :: The Storque :: Spotlight :: Handmade Wedding Series: E...

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Emily Anderson of eco-chic weddings is here to school us on better food alternatives for your Handmade Wedding. She knows what she's talking about; she used to work planning events and weddings for Martha Stewart's operation before deciding to focus on sustainabililty. Emily has been co-blogging the Indie Wedding Guide at Vintage Indie, which we wrote about here. Etsy will be joining her at the Down 2 Earth sustainable living expo at the Boston Hynes Convention Center this weekend ( I’m (Kinda) Sweet on You Sugar, coffee and chocolate are very important. Okay, you’re probably nodding your head “oh, I agree…” But I’m not talking about the pleasure of its taste. When I say important, I am talking about the incredible global impact our world-wide love of sugar, coffee and chocolate has on virtually every corner of the planet. For centuries, these three items have led to the rise and fall of empires and individuals. They have also been at the top of the list of things having a negative impact on our environment. But simply choosing organic is only part of it. It’s equally important to buy products with the Fair Trade label. Amazing, I know, but a choice as simple as the sugar you use in your wedding cake can mean the difference between survival and destruction for small communities in Africa and South America. It takes a tremendous amount of natural resources to produce the 2.8 million weddings per year in the U.S. If each wedding has just one wedding cake, that would still mean 30 million pounds of sugar for the cakes alone. When I started writing my book over four years ago, it was a different marketplace. Not many people were having the “buy green” or “buy local” conversation. It was also before Etsy and the amazing connection it gives the consumer to the individual producer. I used to recommend that couples seek out local people who would be willing to bake them an organic, fair trade cake, and to look online for Fair Trade coffee suppliers and chocolate producers…Now, even if you can’t find someone in your local community, you can possibly find someone in your Etsy community who will be happy to help you make your wedding fair and delicious. Take the Cake… pattycakesbakeshop will make you a cake, but do the frosting yourself; it’ll travel better…

ThePeach has these cute cupcake toppers for just $3.85 per dozen, upcycled from vintage fabric.

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9/14/08 12:26 PM

Etsy :: The Storque :: Spotlight :: Handmade Wedding Series: E...

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9/14/08 12:26 PM

Etsy :: The Storque :: Spotlight :: Handmade Wedding Series: E...

Pattycakes ORANGE B... pattycakesbakes... $55.00

PIF Cupcake Toppers... ThePeach $0.20

BRAINSCAN COFFEE Sm... brainscan $4.00

Seasonal Plums Revo


Faux Very Cherry Ch... JenniBOriginals $8.00

Kawaii Japanese Gif... littleapplecraf... $4.00

3 inch Fake Cake We... fakecakesbydaff... $5.99

Mint Green Paper Ca... daisysanddots $30.00

SALE - picnic red a... purposedesign $10.00

Salt and Pepper Sha... CharmingCraft $5.00

Il Rito del Te set ... anflorence


Sweet Pink Birdy an... littlebitfunky $4.00

Oh-My Joys Milk Cho... Nuts4Candy $10.50

Needle Felted Layer... MerryMoonDesign... $45.00

THE HULA HULA COOKI... Ulljas $9.99

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9/14/08 12:26 PM Organic Apple Cinna... bumbleberrybaki... $10.00

Set of 12 Pink Ball... sweetpoppy


Wedding Mice TheHouseOfMouse


Etsy :: The Storque :: Spotlight :: Handmade Wedding Series: E...

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TheHouseOfMouse says: Wow! Thank you so much for including my little wedding mice in your feature on the front page. what an honor! Very tasty article as well... I'm off to see what cakes I've got in the cupboard now! 3/26/08 at 12:11p.m. phoebec says: I had a caterer adapt an existing vegetarian menu to include local organic seasonal produce. The guests raved about the food. The caterer also helped me find a local organic farmer to provide all the flowers for the wedding. Here is a link to a sample vegetarian menu from the caterer I used: /vegg... 3/26/08 at 12:13p.m. StacyRaeT says: Another great addition to the Wedding Series. Lots of great yummys! 3/26/08 at 12:54p.m. mykonos says: all are great work!! 3/26/08 at 1:05p.m. kjoo says: great choices! yammy cute finds*** 3/26/08 at 1:34p.m. raghousenternational says: Excellent article! So many ideas. I am bookmarking this so that I read more about this.

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9/14/08 12:26 PM

Etsy :: The Storque :: Spotlight :: Handmade Wedding Series: E...

3/26/08 at 2:38p.m. OneHoney says: This is great! Thanks Emily. As self serving as this may seem, of all the sweeteners, honey is the most sustainable, requiring the least amount of energy to produce. Here is a link to an article written buy honey co-op friend and bee scientist Adony Melathopolis. 3/26/08 at 7:56p.m. pukashell says: Thanks for using my fortune cookies as a focal point in your article. Much love - Pukashell Creative Designs 6/28/08 at 3:16p.m. Comments are moderated by the editors.

ecochicweddings says:


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9/14/08 12:26 PM

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