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Sex In A Blanket (Lyrical Poem/Bad Ass Rap) So I met this fly honey She was a play boy bunny She was lookin’ hella fine So I had to make her mine I walked up to her Said, “Yo you wanna drink?” She said, “Boy you serious? I need more than you think.” I said, “Yo, whatcha want? I promise I can make it.” She whispered in my ear, Said, “Boy I just wanna have---CHORUS-Sex in a blanket Sex in a blanket That’s what I want from you” ~Repeats~ So we went Back to my crib And went to the bed A whole bunch of thoughts Was runnin’ in my head ”Damn, this bitch is crazy. Is she fo real? How do I please her If I can’t see what I feel?” But how was I supposed no? This girl was on my dick like a straight up ho But I kept my mind open And all was goin’ swell ’Til my woman busted in And said, “DAMN BOY WHAT THE HELL?” Cause she caught me havin’---CHORUS-So this is a story For all my bros Just a little somethin’ That you should know If you got a main lady Stay away from the ho’s Cause she’ll find out And fuck up your--


Lyric Poem  

lyric poem