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Final Deliverable Imagined • Planned • Written • Designed by

Emily McBeth University of Denver Fall Quarter ‘11

MFJS 3200

Special Events Planning Professor Cathy Grieve, Ph.D.

Contents Event Overview

Page 1: Description, Purpose, History Page 2: What is Sub.mission?

Event Details Page 3: Lineup Page 4: Venue

Logistics Page Page Page Page

5: Venue Floorplan 6: Pre-Show Timeline 7: Day of Show Timeline 8: Post Show Timeline  & Budget

Promo Strategy Page 9: Target Audiences & Media

Conclusion Page 10: Method of Evaluation

1  •  Event Overview

Description Sub.mission Presents: Electronic Tuesdays Winners Showcase ft. Special Headliner Star Slinger! Electronic Tuesdays is a weekly concert series held at Cervantes’ Other Side in Downtown Denver at 26th and Welton. Produced and promoted by local self-sustained music entertainment enterprise Sub.mission Limited, this successful weekly event consists of a local DJ battle where contestants play 30 min slots prior to a headlining artist’s set. Upon entry, patrons will receive a ticket for voting and the act that received the highest number of at the end of the night wins a slot in the winners showcase on the first Tuesday of the upcoming month. The victor of each Tuesday that month then proceeds on to battle it out in the Winners Showcase for an hour-long opening slot in the next big Sub.mission Monthly event that can bring a crowd of around 900 people. Big Opportunity for local talet to be seen by the masses!! Headliners can range from notable local DJ’s (on non-showcase nights) to globally recognized figures in the electronic music industry. For Showcase Tuesdays a higher profile headliner will be booked, creating a buzz about the night, drawing in a larger crowd to vote in the battle. Each Tuesday admission is free before 10pm for those 21 and over, after which, entry is $10. Admission is $10 all night for under age attendees.

Purpose Electronic Tuesdays was created as an opportunity for local DJ’s and Producers to show their talent to the masses. Registration for preliminary rounds are open to any and no specific genre of electronic music is required for participation. Colorado has an amazing underground music scene and this is the perfect way to foster new talent and provide and avenue for the next big artist to be spotted. Past winners have gone on to gain quite a following within the local scene. Some have earned slots in larger shows and a few have even scored major label representation!

Event History Beginning in March of 2011 this weekly event became an instant hit, frequently selling out Cervantes’ Other Side – with a capacity of around 600 – on a weeknight! Past headliners have included notable EDM (electronic dance music) artists: Girl Unit, Seven, Megalodon, Supreme Dubs, Silkie, Cottie and Reso, just to name a few.

Event Overview  •  2

Promoter: Sub.mission What is Sub.mission?

Sub.mission, Limited is a self-sufficient music entertainment business based out of Denver, Colorado. With its beginnings in strictly event promotion for the developing underground sounds of dubstep back in 2007, Sub.mission brought bass a mile high years before the hype, earning Denver its current crown as the #1 city for Dubstep in North America. As if being top promoter in the states wasn’t enough for founder and CEO Nicole Cacciavillano, the tough as nails boss lady of the 5280 plans for major expansion in 2012 with the launch and development of a record label and booking agency as well as an internet radio station.

3  •  Event Details

Lineup Special Headliner: Star Slinger (UK) 24 year old Manchester beatsmith Star Slinger has shot to worldwide recognition in a startlingly short amount of time. He has already been named by the Guardian as “best new act of the year by miles”, with his recent track Mornin’ one of the most popular songs across music blogs the world over. He counts the likes of DIPLO, Jamie XX, Donald Glover and Benji B amongst the fans of his melodic, chopped up beats, with pitched up soul vocals sliced around complex drum machine patterns and swathes of vintage synths. His rogue re-workings of the Cocteau Twins and Nicki Minaj are perfect examples of his talent for completely transforming the mood and tone of the original source. The talent didn’t go unnoticed and SS has since officially been hired to remix notorious acts. The list includes none other than Gold Panda, Childish Gambino, Broken Social Scene, The Go! Team & The Morning Benders.

Local Headliner: Dodger DJ Battle Contestants Doctype Reddot Fonzie

Event Details  •  4

Venue Cervantes’ Other Side Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom is located at 2637 Welton Street in the old Casino Caberet whose history dates back to the Cotton Club days of the 1930s when jazz greats such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Benny Goodman took the stage when they toured through Denver. Over the years the Casino Caberet has hosted such acts as James Brown, BB King, Ray Charles, Ike & Tina Turner, and countless others. Cervantes’ has continued the musical legacy of the building and neighborhood ever since the grand opening in January 2003. The sister venues, which have collectively served the music community for seven years, have played host to over 3,000 live shows including intimate performances with Chris Robinson (Black Crowes), Derek Trucks, Dr. John, Sam Bush, Page McConnell of Phish, Branford Marsalis, and Warren Haynes to name a few. Cervantes’ has two rooms that offer live music simultaneously, Cervantes’ and The Other Side. Each room operates independently of the other but they are connected giving our patrons the ability to venture back and forth between each room. Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom seperates itself from other Denver live music venues for a multitude of reasons, but the dual venue feature makes Cervantes’ stand out the most. Cervantes’ holds 900 people and includes a balcony that wraps around the entire room creating a very intimate setting. Cervantes’ incorporates a top of the line sound system, including a Meyer MICA Line Array with four boxes per side and six Meyer 650P subs. This arrangement translates into full sound that can be heard throughout the venue from front to back. The Other Side holds 500 people and has equally impressive traits.

5  •  Event Logistics

Venue Floorplan Description Cervantes Other Side is a venue with a main stage, bar, dancefloor, and lounge area and pizza parlor in the back. I could not get access to the exact dimensions of the venue in time for the final deliverable but I sketched up this from memory. It is definitely a little disporportionate but one can get the sense of the type of venue it is. Floor plan optimization isnt as large of a matter in concert promotion unless there are special live painters or dancers, which this event does not consist of.

Event Logistis  •  6

Timeline: Pre-Show 5-6 Months Prior to Show Date    •  Make official inquiry to Star Slinger’s booking manager   •  Tech Rider, Press Kit, and Contract will be sent to Sub.mission for negotiation   •  Sub.mission needs to make an offer in this time frame

3-4 Months Prior to Show Date     •  Deal Needs to be made in this time frame with earlier being preferable   •  For this project the deal consists of:        •  Star Slinger: $2,000 + $250 flight share + $100 Hotel + $25 meal + $100 runner              •  Various hospitality costs submission will cover up to $75          •  Total Cost for Booking Star Slinger = $2,550   •  Once deal is made contracts need to be signed by both parties and faxed back   •  Once contract is signed Sub.mission has 10 business days to send a deposit        •  Half the booking fee: $2,000/2 = $1,000 deposit to be sent to booking agent   •  Once deposit is received Star Slinger is officially confirmed   •  Lineup needs to be finalized and all local artists need to be confirmed as well   •  After all artists confirm internet promo begins        •  Events need to be created on all social media platforms   •  Request for flier design needs to be sent to designer with finalized lineup   •  Traditional Media needs to be contacted to buy ads in local print media   •  Flier design needs to be finalized in this timeframe and sent to commercial printer immediately        •  Ideally print materials (500 4x6 handbills and 100 11x16 posters) need to be ready

1-2 Months Prior to Show Date     •  Distribute print media to street team at least 2 months before   •  Materials should be on the street no later than a month before the gig

Week of Show   •  PROMO! PROMO! PROMO!        •  All social media platforms need to be buzzing about event   •  Need to be in contact with Star Slingers management about his travel plans and heath.   •  Make sure all runners are in place for airport pickup on day of arrival on the showdate

Night Before Show   •  Sub.mission crew gathers at the venue for decoration   •  VJ set up this evening projector set up will be done at this time

7  •  Event Logistics

Timeline: Day of Show Day of Show    •  !!!!!!Promoter needs to be on call all day!!!!!!!   •  4:15pm – Star Slinger Arrival at airport to be picked up by designated submission runner and taken back

to Curtis hotel or out to eat

  •  5:30pm – Promoter needs to be at venue   •  6:00pm – Runner needs to pick up Star Slinger from Curtis Hotel or be en route to Cervantes with Star

Slinger for sound check

  •  6:30-7:00pm - Star Slinger set up and sound check   •  7:00pm – Star Slinger can either chill at venue or go back to hotel or out to eat or whatever they want

to do it is just the runners responsibility to get him back to the venue by 11:00pm

  •  7:00-8:00pm – Battle Contestant equipment set up and sound check        •  Contestant Drink tickets to be distributed to those of age at this time        •  2 per contestant   •  8:00pm – Doors open   •  9:00pm – Music Starts            

     •  Set Times •  Doctype (9:00pm-10:00pm)        •  Reddot (10:00pm – 11:00pm)        •  Fonzie (11:00pm – 12:00am)        •  Star Slinger (12:00am-1:00am)        •  Dodger (1:00am – Close)       

    •  10:30pm: Runner should be picking up Star Slinger or en route with him   •  11:00pm: Star Slinger needs to be at venue   •  12:00am: Votes counted by crew downstairs   •  1:00am: Stage manager will announce winner of showcase   •  1:00am: Dependant on what Star Slinger wants to do he can either stay and chill in the green room with his provided items from rider or he can be taken back to hotel or wherever else he wants to go. It is the runner’s ultimate responsibility to get him back to the hotel safely.   •  2:30am: Doors Close        •  Event tear down          

     •  Payment is made to all necessary parties •  VJ - $100        •  Runner - $100        •  Star Slinger - $1,000 check        •  Stage Manager - $100       

Event Logistics  •  8

Timeline: Post Show Day after show   •  10:30am: Star Slinger to be picked up from Curtis to be taken to airport   •  11:30am: Star Slinger needs to be at airport by this time take him to eat if he desires and runner will pay to be reimbursed by sub.mission at a later date   •  12:30pm: Star Slinger flight time

Budget Since Electronic Tuesdays is an ongoing partnership with Cervantes the budget works a little differently than if Sub.mission booked this venue separately for every event. The partnership agreement consists Sub.mission having the venue each Tuesday for no cost and all staff is included such as lighting and sound technicians, security and bar staff but at the end of the night all profit from ticket sales is split down the middle and profit is shared 50/50. This also works if the night is not popular, technicians are still paid but the loss is split down the middle. Bar sale profit is also split 50/50. I have drafted two separate budgets - one with the partnership and one without. It is obvious how much more it would cost to put on this weekly event if this partnership weren’t in place. There is no way Sub.mission could even break even with the current pricing schedule and capacity of the venue, even if they over sold. This partnership allows for larger profile artists to play, bringing larger crowds which benefits both Cervantes and Sub.mission in the purpose of fostering and nurturing the local underground music scene.   •  Star Slinger: $2,550 total        • Booking Fee: $2,000        • Flight Share: $250        • Hotel: $100        • Meal: $25        • Runner: $100        • Various Hospitality: $75   •  Print Media and Ads: $277 total        • Flier Designer: $50        • Handbills: Approx $62 for single night        • $250 for month/4 = $62.50        • Posters: $15        • Traditional Advertising: $150   •  Special Costs: $100 total        • Video Jockey: $100   •  Cost

There is no way Sub.mission could even break even with the current pricing schedule and capacity of the venue, even if they over sold. This partnership allows for larger profile artists to play, bringing larger crowds which benefits both Cervantes and Sub.mission in the purpose of fostering and nurturing the local underground music scene.


With Partnership: $2,927 total

  •  Venue: $1,500 total

  •  Staff: $660 total        • Lighting Engineer: $250 • Sound Engineer: $250        • Stage Manager: $100        • Security: $60        • Bar Staff: Cervantes Cost          •  Cost

Without Partnership: $5,087 total

9  •  Promotional Strategy

Target Audience

The target audience for most Sub.mission events is young people anywhere from mid teens to twenties. We aim our marketing efforts toward this demographic because this age group is what seems to be present at our events the most and this age range tends to have a more disposable income for nightlife activities. With that being said, the target audience can also be narrowed down even more to college students, more specifically, male college students. This core demographic has proven to be very loyal to the Sub.mission brand, with many becoming aspiring producers and DJ’s.

Media To Be Used

Submission and Cervantes both employ a traditional media and social media approach to promoting Electronic Tuesdays. Ads are places in prominent Denver print media such as Denver Westword, The Denver Post (events section) and The Onion. Prices of ads very upon size and frequency but for purposes of this deliverable total costs for traditional advertisements can be estimated at approximately $100-$150 out of pocket for one month.

Social Media

Sub.mission has a social media presence on all popular platforms including Facebook, twitter, youtube and various music industry forums such as Resident Advisor and Once an artist is confirmed the event is posted on these sites and online promotional work begins. Sharing of the Facebook event is our main source of hype but we try to direct all online traffic back to our www. home page where all of our information is centralized.

Print Materials

Even in this digital age it is essential to have print materials made for distribution in the community. For each month of electronic Tuesdays we have a batch of 4x6 handbills printed double sided on glossy cardstock with the winners showcase flier on the opposite side.

MultiMedia Promo

For special events such as the monthly winners showcase a promovideo will be put together as soon as the artist is confirmed to create hype about the event. These videos are uploaded to our youtube channel and are posted in numerous status updates and tweets preceeding the showdate.

Method of Evaluation/Conclusion  •  10

Method of Evaluation Parnership Agreement

In our minds every event is a success as long as someone enjoyed the tunes that night but with that being said this is a business and we do need to generate revenue to move forward. As stated in the budget section Sub.mission and Cervantes split everything 50/50 and that means even in a loss. So the method of evaluation monetarily comes down to door and bar sales. If we are in the green, then we’re in the green. If we’re in the red, we’re in the red. This ongoing partnership doesn’t plan on ending any time soon or abruptly for that matter. Without this partnership an event of this nature would not be fiscally possible at our price structure. We could increase the ticket prices but that’s not what it is about for Sub.mission. We are the bridge between the fans and the music they love and we will do anything within our promoting power to keep that connection thriving for as long as possible. After all that is our “Sub.mission”. So I guess all that is left for the conclusion is.....


: Accomplished

(Pun intended, of course)

Final Deliverable  
Final Deliverable