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Parasite Cleanse Enhances Blood Circulation and Oxygenation A healthy body’s immune system is able to handle the parasites, but if circulation is poor, sufficient oxygen is not provided to the tissues and organs and they start deteriorating. This is a good environment for parasites like worms, mites, flukes, viruses, and bacteria to exist. Immune system is weak to eliminate them.

Parasites are reported to infect 80% of world population. Surprisingly, infestations even affect developed nation’s population. General lab tests screening can be conducted for just 40 out of 100s of parasites, which reside inside the human body. Moreover, most of the tests are conducted on stool samples but just a few parasites populate the intestinal tract. Therefore test results are negative

even when the person has parasites. Below are some indications, which suggest the infestation of parasites.

Parasitic infestation - signs and symptoms  Indigestion, stomach pain, constipation, ulcers indicate parasites in digestive tract  Arthritis means parasite is present in the joints or tissue, which causes irritation and inflammation  Parkinson’s disease display parasites in nervous system  Dermatitis, eczema, itching, rashes, swelling and hives specify parasites in skin  Fatigue, anemia, or drowsiness after mealtime reveals that parasites are challenging the body for nutrients. Parasite cleanse incorporated in life routine allows to detoxify major elimination organs. Thus, your body is converted into a place inhospitable to parasites. Controlling exposure to parasites is hard, but practice cleansing and detoxification.

Parasite Cleanse Enhances Blood Circulation and Oxygenation