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Discover a new way of living A wooden house forever

The construction of Wooden Homes is increasingly widespread, as it offers beauty and functionality in perfect harmony with l 'environment and with the fundamental principles of green building and energy conservation. Thanks to a team of professionals well coordinated, we are able to follow the entire construction process: Design, Structural Calculation, cutting timber, transport, assembly, interior finishes and works supervision, in order to deliver housing solutions (Turnkey hand, or unfinished advanced) quickly and workmanlike.

The wooden houses of Pupa Holding Green building and environmentally sustainable homes 1. High thermal comfort 2. Production time reduced 3. Resistance in case of earthquake 4. Eco-friendly home 5. Durability in time 6. Flexible Design 7. Reduced prices


Good reasons to build in wood

When should you start a project is strongly advisable to rely on a qualified professional (surveyor, engineer, architect, etc.) That a preliminary check the feasibility of the same. That said, however, is quite useful as part of the customer inquire and learn, even in broad terms, what the technician will produce and the different phases and times that the building permit can result. Upon request we can take care of the 'entire design process by offering a complete service from' analysis of the land and then continue with the feasibility study and preliminary consultations.

Custom design ● ● ● ● ● ●

Designing Custom Architectural Design Structural design calculations Project Design external design interior Design Bureaucratic management

For our customers '' FREE '', rendering realistic to see how is your home, before you build it.

From Classic to Modern

We have a wide range of internal and external projects, to help the customer to choose the home of your dreams.

Turnkey packages we offer our customers a wide range of flooring, sanitary, tiles and coatings.

Ceramic is a company of the Group Holding Pupa.


Extensive selection, with 1,000 square meters of Zero problems Turnkey formula

showroom to achieve the home of your dreams. Do you follow our technicians to accomplish your request.

No place is as good as my home

The largest showroom on line for the home of your dreams

Great choice of doors and window frames IN PVC

wood lamelare

wood Aluminium


Structures WALL interstorey *

Description 1. Painting Outside 2. Intonachino 3. Coat in Cork 4. Insulation wood fiber 5. OSB panel and brake Steamed 6. beam Laminated Wood 7. Works 8. OSB panel and brake Steamed 9. Mineral Wool Insulation 10. Panel rigid Fermacell 11. paving 12. deadening mat 13. Screed Lightened 14. Radiant Heating 15. screed 16. Insulation wood fiber

Total thickness: 280-300

mm transmittance Periodic: 0.007 W / m²K transmittance Total: 0,114 W / m²K Thermal Resistance: -16.92 m²K / W

Description 1. Painting Outside 2. Intonachino 3. Coat in Cork 4. Insulation wood fiber 5. OSB panel and brake Steamed 6. beam Laminated Wood 7. Works 8. OSB panel and brake Steamed 9. Mineral Wool Insulation 10. Panel rigid fibrogesso 11. paving 12. deadening mat 13. Screed Lightened 14. Radiant Heating 15. Pre-Screed 16. Foundations theater concrete

Total thickness: 280-300 mm transmittance Periodic: 0.019 W / m²K transmittance Total: 0,114 W / m²K Thermal Resistance: -14.2 m²K / W

The structure of the roof ventilation PUPA HOLDING favors a significant reduction in heating costs: costs with heating up to 5 times lower during the cold season compared to a classical system of house masonry. 1. tiles 2. Strips vertical and horizontal ventilation 3. Sheath Waterproofing 4. Panel OSB type 3 and Anti-Vapour Barrier 5. Insulation in Wood Fiber 6. Mineral Wool Insulation 7. Brake Steamed 8. Wooden paneling 9. beams laminated wood fir (GL24H)

Total Thickness: 29.8 mm transmittance Periodic: 0.071 W / m²K Thermal resistance: 4.274 m² K / W Phase shift: 11.2 hours

Ventilated roof

Benefits of green building Health

House + Sustainable

Energy saving

Materials Lana Basaltic Basaltic mineral wool density of 130 kg / mc, used in the system of prefabricated walls Pupa Holding, offers a highly efficient thermal insulation (D = 0.036 W / m * K), rigidity and dimensional stability of the material over time. OSB IN Type 3 OSB (Oriented Strand Board) used by Pupa Holding as casing, for covering the floor of the inside of the outer wall, are rigid panels laminated pressed in three directions, formed by strips of pine oriented.

Grants and incentives

Panels fibrogesso Are used for the lining of the inside of the outer wall and the inner wall. The panel is composed of plaster reinforced with cellulose fibers, which ensures the rigidity, great shock resistance and are used as load-bearing panels and bracing elements in the system of prefabricated walls. Laminated Wood The laminated wood GL24h product in Austria is used in the system of construction of houses with walls Pupa Holding for the construction of the entire supporting structure of the wooden house and roof.

Environmental protection

Home comfort

Cork The cork is extracted from the plantations of Quercus Suber, preserving the ecosystem with its natural regenerative cycle of the bark.

Wood Fiber The wood fiber is a material of plant origin used as insulation for the insulation of roofs and walls.

The value added to your home

The Pupa Holding was one of the first companies in Europe to achieve power stations with alternative energy.

Solar Thermal





Home Automation


Mini wind

Experience and professionalism are the technical and designers Pupa Holding offering to our customers for distribution delll'ultima technology, with particular attention to energy saving.


Ceramic, Pupa Holding group company, offers its customers free technical support and development to design your home with design according to your needs. Our architects, with their experience and creativity, make your ideas into the project. We have agreements with manufacturers of leading European furniture, factory prices.

Interior Design

Besides the classic pools, we design and manufacture: biopiscine and bio-ponds, actually still little known in Italy, but which allow the creation of scenes of enchantment.

Design and implementation of gardens and terraces with their appurtenances; planting of greenery with warranty and maintenance program

Our greatest ambition is to obtain the satisfaction of our clients, understood as the realization of expectations and this is thanks to the supply of a unique product. Our first and foremost task is to listen to the needs of the customer, and project them adapt to the surrounding environment, propose innovative solutions to achieve such a magical environment, capable of stirring emotions, especially a place to live every day as if it were a room to 'open ... In our work we employ capable staff for all aspects that require further study, such as the lighting, irrigation, drainage, construction work.


A house designed and built for her. A team of expert architects Pupa Holding will accompany and advise during the design of his house in wood and glass. Each project is customized and designed to meet customer needs and desires. Each house Pupa Holding is made to fit perfectly into the landscape as well as the type and size of the land available. There are many projects to inspire you for the realization of their ideal home. We invite you to contact Pupa Holding already during the first project phase. Our experienced staff will help willingly in the drafting of the first plans by providing ideas and information. To Pupa Holding is essential to give each customer the home of your dreams!

Crude prices from gold to Class from â‚Ź 600.00 / sqm


Imagine now the home of tomorrow! As we imagine the house of tomorrow? Able to save you environmentally Comfortable to live Health conscious

trovarc i presso la nostra seHai un terreno edificabi le oppure se sei già in possesso di un progetto esecutiv o o in prelimin are? Vieni a trovarc i presso la nostra sede, oppure telefon a al nostro centrali no

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Subsidized loans. HYou have a building plot or if you already have a working plan or preliminary? Come and visit us at our office, or call our switchboard 0541 309546, our technicians will be at your disposal

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A wooden house for always pupa holding  

The wooden houses of Pupa Holding Large windows in keeping with the concept of energy efficiency. A house designed and built especially for...

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