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Passionate producer who has garnered a deep comradery within a team for the last three years. Has overseen its growth from 4 to 15 members and established a culture of developing quality games, maintaining work life balance, and fostering a strong sense of teamwork.

P r o d uc e r | The 100 Year Locust

June 2017 – April 2018

Action Adventure Game, Unreal Engine 4 •

15 Person Team

Facilitated conversations between members of different disciplines to ensure that visions of the Game Director and discipline leads were understood throughout the team

Utilized Agile processes, including sprint planning, standups, sprint reviews, and retrospectives

Identified development risks and worked with discipline leads to maintain direction and scope

P r o d uc e r | DragonFishing

July 2016 – April 2017

Open World Action Adventure Game, Custom Engine

10 Person Team

Showcased at PAX West 2017 •

Managed team tasks and documentation using Jira and Confluence

Acted as liaison between the team and instructors to protect development time

Handled conflicts ensuring the unification of the team and maintenance of morale

P r o d uc ti o n I n t er n ( Ci n e m a t i c s) | Guild Wars 2 at ArenaNet • •

May 2018 – Present

Developed new processes and tools for better task tracking, project visibility, and scoping Curated Confluence pages for the team and embedded deep Jira integrations with a focus on visibility, organization, and automation

Ran meetings for the team and stakeholders, lead the team in times when the lead was gone,


and fostered collaborative relationships with other service teams

T e a ch i n g As si s t a n t | Project Management Class at DigiPen •

Served as a mentor for ~30 students exploring project management and game production

U X D e si g n er , S cr u m M a s t e r | Medzii •

January 2018 – April 2018

June 2017 – August 2017

Oversaw daily standups for a multidisciplinary startup with a strong focus on creating powerful, intuitive software

Bachelor of Arts in Game Design DigiPen Institute of Technology

Expected April 2019