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FOREIGN RIGHTS CATALOGUE 2017 Award-Winning Swedish Publishing House

Books that make a difference

OLIKA PUBLISHING HOUSE OLIKA PUBLISHING HOUSE – BOOKS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE Founded in 2006, we are an award-winning Swedish publishing house that produces high quality children’s books. The word OLIKA means different in Swedish and our books are different from the ones usually found in the children’s section in that they challenge stereotypes and limiting norms. Our titles reflect the diversity of modern society in terms of gender and ethnicity, (dis) abilities and family forms – thereby offering more children the possibility to identify with the characters in our books. We believe that literature has the power to influence children’s perception of themselves and of the world around them. For this reason, we choose our manuscripts carefully and work closely with our authors and illustrators. We provide children, parents, teachers and librarians with books that subtly, often without comment, challenge traditional and limiting stereotypes rather than reinforce them.


In 2012, we were awarded Equality Award the Swedish Equality Award and winner our for ip rsh ola Sch ck nbe Ste the diversity efforts to promote equality and our title in children’s literature. In 2013, n was chosen Courage with Wilma and Loppa ternational as Outstanding Book by IBBY (In ). We are Board on Books for Young People discuss frequently asked to represent and n and Swedish equality both in Swede lude, abroad. Former collaborators inc ent among others, the Swedish Parliam e, and the Swedish Embassy in Rom Madrid and Washington.

GENDER EQUALITY Besides childrenʻs books, we publish handbooks on diversity and gender equality. Our bestseller Give Your Children 100 Possibilities Instead of 2 has introduced a new way of discussing issues of gender equality in Sweden. In 2015, we published a unique and muchlonged for handbook on equality issues and solutions in preschools: Norm Creativity in Preschools – Norm Critique and Equality Tools. One of our most famous childrenʻs books is Kivi & Monster Dog. Published in 2012, it was the first Swedish children’s book using the gender neutral pronoun hen. The book made headlines nationally and internationally and went on to be discussed in Swedish media for months. As a result, the word hen made its way into the Swedish vocabulary – a major equality breakthrough! Welcome to OLIKA!

METHODBOOKS HANDBOOKS Give Your Child 100 Possibilities Instead of 2



D TO Nor way , Serbia a nd S pa in.

by Marie Tomičić & Kristina Henkel
 Hand-book, 340 pages

“One cold day, my daughter had a meltdown because I wouldn’t let her wear her dress. With big tears running down her cheeks, she yelled: I want to wear my dress because when I do, the teachers tell me I’m pretty!” “When my son was three years old, girls and boys stopped playing together. No one seemed to find this weird.”

Give Your Child 100 Possibilities Instead Of 2 is a book for all parents and adults who want to give children more possibilities in a world full of gender stereotypes.

Why this book?

y introducing a new wa A Swedish bestseller of looking at equality equality improves the Shows how and why girls lives of both boys and actical and inspiring The book provides pr and address children ideas on how to treat n as boys and girls as children rather tha

R E V IE W S :

ad that works An interesting re of inspiration both as a source . and a handbook nesty Press

The magazine Am

gender The best book on Very useful! issues right now. ilda Förskolor Stockholms Ensk te Preschools) iva (Stockholm Pr

is before I’m glad I read th and I having children all parents-to-be. recommend it to ket Hanna Lager, the


blog Feministbibli

HANDBOOKS Norm Creativity in Preschools – Norm Critique and Equality Tools


by Johanna Ivarsson, Karin Salmson & Emili Svensson Hand-book, 332 pages

Based on research, experience and the policy documents of the Swedish preschool, the writers and educators Johanna Ivarsson and Karin Salmson present tips and advice, demonstrating how knowledge can result in creative reality in the everyday life of the preschool.

Why this book?

start thinking Inspires the reader to ative ways and acting in norm cre d advice Of fers practical tips an

R E V IE W S :

waiting for Finally! I’ve been ! a book like this eschool teacher

Jasna Kumric, pr

e out norm critiqu Finally a book ab a d an approach with a practical preschools. n s o cu fo specific Angelica, 17 years



Let’s Play Outdoors!

by Marin Salto & Maja-Stina Andersson 0 – 3 years, 24 pages

This is a picture book for the youngest ones, showing a variety of fun activities taking place outdoors.

Let’s Play Indoors!

by Marin Salto & Maja-Stina Andersson 0 – 3 years, 24 pages

This is a picture book for the youngest ones, showing a variety of fun activities taking place indoors.

Christmas in Pictures

by Marin Salto & Maja-Stina Andersson 0 – 3 years, 24 pages

Gifts! Gingerbread! Snow women! A Christmas-themed picture book for the youngest ones.

R E V IE W S :


lers intended for todd Nice to see a book into er nd ethnicity and ge taking issues of consideration. Berit Aler, Swedish

Why these books?

practise language They help small children g way skills in an enter tainin rof children, thereby mi They include a variety er nn inclusive ma roring diversity in an ren in these books is The gender of the child not defined


Library Service (B

rs the proach that offe A pedagogical ap n about re lk to your child opportunity to ta t pu to em d teaches th ever yday life an y. wa ce ni a ings in it – in words on the th y Service (BTJ)

n, Swedish Librar

Sarah Magnusso

0–3 YEARS Simri’s Hat Adventure by Karin Salmson & Maria Clason 1 – 3 years, 28 pages

One of the downsides of living in a hat is that the wind can take your home anywhere it pleases. Just ask Simri… Little Simri the Rat lives among roses red, in a beautiful hat, in the middle of a flower bed. One day the winds pops in and grabs hold of Simri’s hat. The hat is taken for a spin and ends up landing on a cat!

Why this book?

is The gender neutral pronoun hen k used throughout the boo A stor y with room for both exciting adventures and loving friendship

R E V IE W :

and written in verse The short text is The d. when read alou flows smoothly and e iv at very imagin illustrations are colorful. ) ce (BTJ

edish Library Servi

Christin Billing, Sw

0–3 YEARS Who is that?

by Karin Salmson, Marie Tomičić & Anna Tim. 0 – 3 years, 28 pages

Small, red and strong? Blue, light and beautiful?  Stripy, smooth and buzzy?  Who is that?

Who Makes that Sound? by Karin Salmson, Marie Tomičić & Anna Tim. 0 – 3 years, 28 pages

Moo, moo. Quack, quack.  So many sounds! Who is making them?

Who Was Here?

by Karin Salmson, Marie Tomičić & Anna Tim. 0 – 3 years, 28 pages

A white feather. A blue blueberry.  A beige peanut! Who was here?

R E V IE W S :

a this to my child After having read nvinced. few times, I’m co ket

Why these books?

s accessories and name With well thought-out the t ec refl se books from all ethnicities, the ty. cie so rn de diversity of mo out animals, sounds, They teach children ab ers. colors, forms and numb ing animals! Fun books about amaz


ger, Feministbibli

Blogger Hanna La

trations e book with illus A classic pictur e rest. and out from th that makes it st (BTJ) ish Library Service

Ann Vilner, Swed

0–3 YEARS Dojo Goes Treasure Hunting by Karin Salmson & Marcus Brengesjö. 0 – 3 years, 28 pages

Dojo and Maya go treasure hunting. Is it indoors? Outdoors? Is it hidden in the tree?

Dojo’s Birthday Party

by Karin Salmson & Marcus Brengesjö. 0 – 3 years, 28 pages

Dojo is having a party! He bakes a cake and prepares a game. Soon his friends will be here. Dojo can’t wait!

Dojo is Playing Hide and Seek by Karin Salmson & Marcus Brengesjö. 0 – 3 years, 28 pages

Where is Dojo? Not here and not there. Can you find him?

R E V IE W S :

s? Why these book

Maya and Gorby his friends Aisha, d an o oj D t ee M stereotypes in a challenge gender ho w ds en fri 4 – natural way. hatever colors and girls wear w ys bo s, ok bo e In thes to. Dojo always tever they want ha w do d an e they lik climbing trees. and Maya loves s es dr nk pi s hi wears out ever yday picture books ab Fun and colorful adventures!

rming a well Many details fo e. ol thought-out wh .se


pass for could definitely The Dojo books e same th at t bu s books, regular children’ of how to find examples time it isn’t hard been avoided. stereotypes have prat

a Ferry, Barnboks

the blogger Helen

0–3 YEARS Daddy is picking me up!

by Alexander Holmberg & Ewa Stackelberg 0 – 3 years, 34 pages

Today is Monday. Who picks Tyra up from preschool on Mondays? And what happens the rest of the days of the week?

Where Is Rabbit?

by Alexander Holmberg & Ewa Stackelberg 0 – 3 years, 34 pages

Tyra wakes up in the middle of the night. Rabbit is gone! But Daddy doesn’t want to wake up. Tyra goes to find Rabbit. She finds a ball, a bucket and a blanket. But where is Rabbit?

Good night, says Tyra.

by Alexander Holmberg & Ewa Stackelberg 0 – 3 years, 34 pages

Tyra wants to say good night to a lot of things before she goes to sleep. Good night, car. Good night, boat. Good night, horse. Good night, ocean.

R E V IE W S :

a e book portraying Finally, a pictur ild! father and his ch Föräldrar&Barn,

Why these books?

oks portraying small Meeting the need of bo rs in ever yday life children and their fathe a father who felt his They were created by t nces were non-existen father-daughter experie in children’s books inning photographer Photos by the award-w Ewa Stackelberg


December 2008

children yday stories that The type of ever s through ar-old often flick love. My two-ye rself. these books by he Barnboksbloggen

0–3 YEARS BuBu Builds a Snow Woman by Ann-Christine Magnusson 0 – 3 years, 24 pages

BuBu rolls a snowball. It’s really big! Dad rolls a snowball too. Together they build a snow woman. But suddenly, the snow woman is gone! Where did she go?

Winter landscape

BuBu Goes Sledding by Ann-Christine Magnusson 0 – 3 years, 24 pages

BuBu goes sledding. It goes fast. Dad wants to go sledding too. Oh no, the sled broke! What to do now?

BuBu Climbs High by Ann-Christine Magnusson 0 – 3 years, 24 pages

BuBu climbs. All the way to the top of the snow mountain. But what’s this? Someone is already there.

R E V IE W S :

s? Why these book

s e Magnusson ha thor Ann-Christin au in ng g ni in in w ay dpl ar b w A a lion cu te stories about created these cu the snow n with her in close interactio b cu n lio a ow They sh d friends caring father an woman instead longed for a snow And who hasn’t man?! of the usual snow

are creased way the clothes The lighting, the e believe m e almost mak and the gestures st hapju on ss nu e Mag that Ann-Christin all on camera. pened to catch it et about the BuBu

Skånska Dagblad


y son. oks and so did m I loved these bo Bu series Bu e th d en m com (…) I warmly re t


1–4 YEARS R E V IE W S :

Follow up will come!

Konrad’s Dress

by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & Caroline Röstlund 2 – 4 years, 24 pages

Hedvig has a new dress. She’s sparkling! Konrad didn’t get anything.  Can Konrad borrow Hedvig’s dress? Of course! But only for a little while…

forward This is a straight ildren about ch l al book for sm tracts far a subject that at ion: boys in too much attent so liberating dresses. What’s is that the ok about this bo sue. is e th t no dress is

This is the first book of three about Konrad. Written and illustrated by the creators of the popular Tessla books and our best-seller Not Fair!


Eva Emmelin, Skå

e, but The plot is simpl icity. pl m si great in its Hanna Lager, t Feministbiblioteke

Konrad and the Lucia Procession by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & Caroline Röstlund 2 – 4 years, 24 pages

Tomorrow is December 13, Saint Lucia’s Day. Time to dress up!

R E V IE W S :

there l book. (…) Will Such a wonderfu ? ad nr out Ko be more books ab iga Paula

the blogger Prick

Konrad and the Candy

by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & Caroline Röstlund 2 – 4 years, 24 pages

Hedvig has a bag of candy! So does Konrad. But now Konrad is out of candy… I bet Hedvig got more candy than me, Konrad thinks.


a rad and the Luci What makes Kon at it th is ok bo od go a Procession such not d an ar what to we doesn’t focus on ead, st In . on si a proces to wear in a Luci m fro ed ct pi de on is the Lucia traditi view and builds of t in po ’s ild a ch up gerness to dress on children’s ea ay. during this holid Barnboksbloggen

A story of jealousy, sharing and candy.

RI G HT S SO LD TO Denmark.

Why these books?

. ter enjoys dressing up The male main charac associated up in outfits normally Sometimes he dresses al de t portrayed as a big with girls but this is no o siblings ationship between tw They involve a close rel and their grandmother d portrayal of the joys an A realistic and amusing ling sorrows of having a sib

R E V IE W :

allenge house aims to ch The publishing Perhaps this is s. rm no ed outdat adings to stereotypes and ok me a few re-re to it e us ca be g, workin skirt. Caroline ad is wearing a nr Ko at th e tic no to the skirt in t draw attention Röstlund doesn’ isely why it’s and that is prec her illustrations its normy feels obvious in working. It simpl t. breaking contex almqvist Swedish Library

Service (BTJ), Ulf


1–4 YEARS Where Are Daddy’s Shoes? by Kristina Murray Brodin & Bettina Johansson 1 – 3 years, 28 pages


Daddy has a lot of shoes. He wears one pair when it rains. He wears another pair for parties. Daddy is going to work. But where are Daddy’s shoes? A book about shoes, style and a morning scenario many will find familiar.

R E V IE W :

Why this book?

s rms in terms of clothe Challenges gender no and style onship between Portrays a loving relati father and child rn society is mirrored The diversity of mode in the illustrations

leading se, but the stor y obvious, of cour is ed. e sh om ru tc t ou n’ e is Th e all, it and funny. Abov its in ll we s rk up to it is clever e wo o lines per pictur firstThe text with tw is told from the y or st e th at th ct fa it. e to Th t . is ity tw ic simpl ds a sort of ive of the girl ad t, ct ar pe st e rs th pe m on rs fro pe e joke reader is in on th f el its in og /d Even though the hter tween dad/daug pics the interaction be rspectives and to pe w ne rs fe of at th e y us or st ho a ng es hi becom the publis e l in the spirit of Al Th . ! on s” si tie us ili sc ib di ss r fo s – Hello, po pe ty eo er st , d ye an motto “Goodb painted in bright y. sive illustrations lively and expres ension to the stor di add a comic m rs lo co ed ch at well-m alm Swedish Library

nika M

Service (BTJ), An


Mix Drives

by Malin Lilja & Matilda Salmén 1 – 4 years, 32 pages

Mix drives. Cars, trains, airplanes. She even travels through space. Just try to keep up!

Why this book?

aracter who can A resourceful main ch role model for girls serve as an inspiring that vehicles This story demonstrates erests reser ved int ’t and mechanics aren for boys and men rroring the diverPlayful illustrations mi ciety sity of modern-day so

OLD TO R I G H T S S d Spain

re a a n South Ko

R E V IE W S :

d the ve personality an All characters ha the text. of y jo d the speed an ey nv co es ur ct pi ce (BTJ) edish Library Servi

Gunilla Essén, Sw

d ives delights an

Reading Mix Dr

, Anna Liv Lidström

the blog Dagens

invigorates me!

bok (Book of the


1–4 YEARS NEW! The Chaseby Sanna Borell 1 – 4 years, 28 pages

A fruit is stolen. The hunt begins. Catch the thief! Through the woods, across the fields and under the stars – the hunt goes on. A story vibrant with color, in addition to an unexpected ending that raises questions about ideas we tend to take for granted.

Sanna Borell, awarded!

R E V IE W :

ejudice is tr uly In this book, pr e e world of pictur challenged. In th cted pi de n are too ofte books, mothers otw y od go onal, in a one-dimensi But children y. wa of rt so shoes pes of mothers. ty r need to see othe oks that don’t Children need bo r s. That don’t offe provide answer ] [… . ns tio lu so e mpl sermons and si s ire sp in ung children This stor y for yo o. to to think the adult reader , the blog Dagens

Anna Liv Lidström (Book of the day)


Why this book?

provoking adventure A thrilling, yet thoughtdiscussions about This book encourages e privileges and prejudic with a surprise twist Color ful illustrations –

1–4 YEARS Why Is the Daddy Crying?

by Kristina Murray Brodin & Bettina Johansson 2 – 4 years, 36 pages

A daddy is sitting on a bench, crying. Why is he crying? Alvdis and Hamsa wonder. Has someone been mean to him? Or is he just tired? Did he lose something? Maybe he’s just had too much candy!



LD TO G e r ma n y a nd S p ain.

R E V IE W S :

Why this book?

g his emotions! A manly man expressin g together in a A girl and a boy playin playing separately natural way, instead of or fighting throughout the book Challenges stereotypes ty with humour and subtle

ly y Cr ying? quick Why Is the Dadd favorite. became a family ånska Dagbladet

Eva Emmelin, Sk

the es you happy, at A book that mak k. in th u makes yo same time as it Barnboksbloggen


Why Am I?

by Karin Salmson & Lina Sandqvist 1 – 4 years, 28 pages

Can you buy children from the grocery store? Or do you make them out of clay? Do you get them from Santa? Why Am I? tells the story of a child who, just like many other children, wonders how babies are made.

Why this book?

full of humor A hear t-warming story emination Portraying ar tificial ins without comment to and enjoy All children can relate sings mu the main character’s

R E V IE W :

ing it aloud Just finished read e in a row and for the sixth tim make my 6-year several passages e’s Sh s. ie cr e sh old laugh so hard w eschool tomor ro bringing it to pr o. to it n read so her friends ca Carina, reader

1–4 YEARS Not Fair!

by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & Caroline Röstlund 1 – 4 years, 28 pages

Little Bit gets to sit in the stroller. Big Bit has to walk. NOT FAIR! Big Bit gets to stay up late. Little Bit has to go to bed. NOT FAIR!

Why this book?

R E V IE W S :

t it’s that shows wha A wonderful book finalwe , so Al siblings. like to live with uded ted children incl ly get to see adop etely pl ature in a com in children’s liter ve it! natural way. Lo

children portrayed A family with adopted without comment lings is not defined The gender of the sib ren experience are The big emotions child o put in perspective acknowledged, but als


blogger Nina Ru

n’s book right Favorite childre now: Not Fair! ånskan

Eva Emmelin, Sk

LD TO RIGHTS SO orea. nd South K

De n m a r k a

1–4 YEARS Tessla’s Mom Says: I Don’t Want To! by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & Caroline Röstlund 1 – 4 years, 28 pages

NO! Tessla’s mom doesn’t want to go home. She doesn’t want to eat. Or brush her hair.  And she definitely doesn’t want to brush her teeth or go to sleep!

R E V IE W :


! A wonderful book


Lisa Hamfors, Bo

Tessla’s Dad Says: I Don’t Want To! by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & Caroline Röstlund 1 – 4 years, 28 pages

NO! Tessla’s dad doesn’t want to get up. He doesn’t want to drink his coffee. Or read the newspaper. And he definitely doesn’t want to go to work. Unless Tessla pulls him in a sled!


Why these books?

is not defined The gender of the child e parental roles: Playing with stereotyp go home and Dad Mom doesn’t want to work doesn’t want to go to based on the conviction The Tessla books are lve problems. With that conflicts seldom so r e-down logic, the autho humour and an upsid er solutions shows us there are oth

R E V IE W S :

’t even know The book I didn re! I laughed I longed for is he ading the book, re ile out loud wh nt. I think it’s brillia nistbiblioteket

Hanna Lager, Femi

A new classic?


Reader review, Bo

1–4 YEARS Allan and Mike Goes for a Walk

by Tora von Platen & Emili Svensson 1 – 4 years, 34 pages

Daddy drops Allan off at preschool. Allan is sad. – Don’t be sad. I can be your daddy instead, Mike says and puts him in the baby carriage.  Mike takes Allan for a walk. Because babies need fresh air. And ice cream.

R E V IE W S :

a downGo for a Walk is Allan and Mike d care. an p out friendshi to-earth stor y ab ft and so of ts there are lo ( … ) In real life rarely men, but they’re caring boys and and literature. portrayed in film Föräldrar&Barn

r and havcare of each othe ng ki ta ds ki o Tw l. (…) It’s day at preschoo ing a pretty good a walk. d Mike going for simply Allan an Barnboksbloggen

Why this book?

iving skills and an A boy showing careg empathic character playing together in Includes girls and boys of playing separately a natural way, instead or fighting sed stereotypes on Challenging gender-ba and Dad drop Allan parenting: both Mom eschool off or pick him up at pr

1–4 YEARS Pingis & Raffe Find a Friend by Åsa Nordström & Mikael Sjömilla 2 – 4 years, 28 pages

Pingis and Raffe are friends. They do stuff together. Like going to the beach. But on their way, they find a big egg. What’s in it?

R E V IE W S :

Why this book?

and a between a he and a she Depicts the friendship er a he nor a she new friend who is neith other s children to help each A story that encourage y with pla to s nd as potential frie es fac w ne e se to d an games to exclude from their rather than strangers illustrations Simple yet expressive

manages simple but still The plot is very ng friends portance of havi to reflect the im help one d experiences an who share one’s solve problems. Barnboksprat

rns. Help each Together. Take tu depiction of ul other. A beautif young reader. e th r fo friendship Preschool teacher

3–6 YEARS Kivi & Monster Dog by Jesper Lundqvist & Bettina Johansson 3 – 6 years, 34 pages

“A dog!” Kivi cries. “Not a cow, frog or mink! Give me a dog or I won’t sleep a wink!” All Kivi wants for the upcoming birthday is a dog! And one day, there is a dog waiting outside zees bedroom door. But it’s not the kind of dog Kivi imagined…

R E V IE W S :

er n Hellsing. erful! (…) a mod Absolutely wond too. amazing pictures And absolutely ola Södertörns högsk ociate professor at

Karin Milles, ass

ds me

uage remin At times, the lang of Tove Jansson. ia Tidningen)

Sara Kappelin, Fr

Kivi & theGoraffe

by Jesper Lundqvist & Bettina Johansson 3 – 6 years, 34 pages

“I want a GORILLA as big as the sun, a feisty and furry and fabulous one!” Kivi from Kivi & Monster Dog is back! And this time, Kivi wants a gorilla.

Why these books?

R E V IE W :

that keeps and crazy stor y An imaginative ned. ai rt d adults ente both children an rvice (BTJ) edish Library Se

Christin Billing, Sw

ok in Swedish to use a The first children’s bo n gender neutral pronou fined in character is not de The gender of the ma tive language, with Hilarious and imagina illustrations to match

3–6 YEARS Kivi and the Rumble Dragon by Jesper Lundqvist & Bettina Johansson 3 – 6 years, 34 pages

The sky is red, filled with fire and ash. “Strange,” Kivi thinks as ze hears a loud CRASH. The walls are shaking and the house wrapped in smog. Could it be the return of the Monster Dog?


Draw & Fix with Kivi and friends Everyone who likes Kivi will enjoy this drawing book based on Kivi and friends.


3–6 YEARS Here Comes Johanna the Inventor! by Ann-Christine Magnusson & Lovisa Lesse 3 – 6 years, 32 pages

Abracadalf, try not to laugh! Johanna the Inventor is going to be the greatest inventor in the world. Today, she’s trying out her latest invention on the crankiest man in town: Cranky Olle.

R E V IE W S :

e more of bright I’m sure we’ll se ntor! Johanna the Inve ce (BTJ) Ansi Andersson,

Swedish Library


ar-old is book, my 3-ye Since we read th . or nt g inve won’t stop playin Sanna, parent

Johanna and the Fright Machine by Ann-Christine Magnusson & Lovisa Lesse 3 – 6 years, 32 pages

So she’s “too small to play with the others”, huh?! Johanna decides to invent a Fright Machine. That will teach them a lesson!

R E V IE W S :

rage of ptures the boiling Lovisa Lesse ca te way. ra nishingly accu a child in an asto ingen Kulturen

Jonna Fries, Tidn

ventors at many young in This is a book th s also it’ t Bu emselves in. can recognize th ft out. le be to it feels like a bok about what Bokhunger

Why these books?

in all children, and girls Books that encourage s tor en inv as themselves particular, to think of es to believe in themselv They inspire children and their ideas by including a strong Challenge stereotypes an ethnically mixed female character and family

3–6 YEARS Full Speed Ahead, Johanna the Inventor! by Ann-Christine Magnusson & Lovisa Lesse 3 – 6 years, 32 pages


All day long Johanna the Inventor and her brothers want nothing but to run around, but when it’s time to go home their legs are so tired… “Will it be like this forever?” Johanna’s brothers wonder. “Of course not!” Johanna says and starts inventing.

Draw & Fix with Johanna the Inventor Everyone who likes Johanna will enjoy this drawing book based on her.


3–6 YEARS Come Dive with Me

by Marin Salto & Marcus Gunnar Pettersson 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

Today, Mertsi and his classmates are going swimming. His friends want to jump off the diving-board. It’s very high up. And the pool is so deep. Mertsi wants to jump too. But not right now, the water is a little cold…

Let’s Dance!

by Marin Salto & Marcus Gunnar Pettersson 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

Selma can’t sleep. Her stomach feels funny. Her head is spinning. Tomorrow, Selma is going to dance. Usually dancing isn’t scary. But this time, everyone at school is going to watch!

Let’s Play Hide and Seek

by Marin Salto & Marcus Gunnar Pettersson 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

Finally, summer vacation. Rosita can’t wait for Emma to come visit her at the campground. When Emma finally arrives, they decide to play hide and seek. But some people are almost too good at hiding…

R E V IE W S :

Why these books?

e Romani children, The main characters ar ul and positive way portrayed in a respectf ourceful girls and These books include res ying together and cautious boys, all pla er to be brave encouraging each oth ultural setting, these Taking place in a multic er ful diversity of books reflect the wond modern society

pical children’s clear of stereoty r ee st to nt wa If you e perspectives, heteronormativ d an sm ci ra s, book a safe bet. ng Ltd is usually OLIKA Publishi ånes Fria

Sara Karnehed, Sk

ures are Pettersson’s pict Marcus Gunnar orate, offer ations, they elab more than illustr ures in nt ve , they are ad new perspectives them a es lik ld r-o four-yea themselves. My lie close to it’s because they lot. (…) I think ayfulness) pl (thoughts, fears, her own reality g way. in an unassumin r, ETC

Anna Jörgensdotte

3–6 YEARS Good Decision, Mirjam! by Anders Alzén & Maria Borgelöv 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

Mirjam likes to be in charge. But what exactly can she decide? Can she decide who is allowed to like whom? Can she decide there’ll be pancakes for dinner?!

Why these books?

ily form without Depict a modern fam ue presenting it as an iss a strong-willed, The main character is resourceful girl ations that Describe ever yday situ s can relate to both children and adult

I Don’t Want to Play on My Own! by Anders Alzén & Maria Borgelöv 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

This is a picture book for the youngest ones, showing a variety of fun activities taking place outdoors.

R E V IE W S :

veral ok to my child se I’ve read this bo out that, ab y pp ha es it. I’m times and he lik r to it when to be able to refe because I want n.” to play on his ow he doesn’t want nistbiblioteket

Hanna Lager, Femi

I think the heap Emil, 4 years old


fu of poo was really


Monster Mira and the Marvot by Ulrika Hjort & Maja-Stina Andersson 3 – 6 years, 48 pages

There’s a reason Mira goes with Grandpa to Storm Island to visit his grumpy friend Margot. Margot’s marvot! But Margot doesn’t seem too eager to show off her new pet. Mira will have to take matters into her own hands!


R E V IE W S :

chapter An entertaining twist book with a few n in a te and turns, writ . warm tone

the blog Malin Alvasdotter, ing about Barnboksprat (Talk Children’s Books)

Why this book?

to read aloud to Works both as a story ok as an easy-to-read bo younger children and to read for children learning t ayed without commen Same-sex family portr ay situation placed in A recognizable ever yd tting an color ful fantasy se

3–6 YEARS Saffa & Parmesan: The Secret Submarine by Ola Norén & Karin Olu Lindgård 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

One day, Grandpa opens a secret trapdoor in the floor. Down below, in a cave, is where he keeps his submarine. A submarine? Great! Now Saffa and Parmesan can go look for Grandpa’s missing ring. Saffa pulls a lever and the submarine is off. But finding a tiny ring in a big ocean isn’t easy. The octopus who loves shiny things isn’t helping either.

R E V IE W S :

Why these books?

ctly natural for the A book where it’s perfe e to operate a submarin female main character n ow r ean on he and go explore the oc ing onship between a lov Involves a close relati andchild grandfather and his gr wn writer and actor Written by a well-kno

ok of the year is ost ingenious bo The best and m lu Lindgård. Saffa rén and Karin O  an aquatic created by Ola No Submarine is an and Parmesan –

The Secret

eve Zissou. adventure à la St

IKA, the ston it comes to OL … as always whe n’s books re ild ch the usual ry steers clear of o makes dpa is a hippie wh stereotypes. Gran a is cool girl rences and Saffa Janis Joplin refe r mind to. hing she sets he who can do anyt Barnboksbloggen

Saffa & Parmesan: The Wild Balloon Flight by Ola Norén & Karin Olu Lindgård 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

Saffa and her guinea pig Parmesan love adventures! But now they’re on vacation with Grandpa and time has never moved slower. Then one day, they find an egg. Where did it come from? That’s for Saffa and Parmesan to find out.

R E V IE W S :


oks like these. Children need bo s aginative storie Wonderfully im o wh role models featuring brave enrich life. , the blog Dagens

Anna Liv Lidström (Book of the day)


3–6 YEARS We All Die

by Jesper Lundqvist & Gabi Frödén 3 – 6 years, 38 pages

What happens when die? What does grief feel like? What would happen if no one ever died?

Why this book?

R E V IE W :

stinguishes e of We All Die di yl st e iv at rr na The unique g with death. It n’s books dealin re ild ch r ath he ot it from yful verse, and de aginative and jo im ive ct in pe n rs te pe rit w is d global m a timeless an it a g in ak m , is approached fro hm flowing rhyt ly ve lo a s ha nt xt én confide ly (…) The te d, and Gabi Fröd ou al ad re to re pleasu her colorful ss and humor in ne us rio se es ix m ing, inventive is book is disarm r illustrations. Th starting point fo lenging – a good and slightly chal h. at ussions about de undramatic disc

Lisa Hamfors, Bo

slightly amusing – A comfor ting – even book about death t cultures and Mirrors many dif feren and pictures t tex ethnicities in both th wonder ful, Written in verse and wi detailed illustrations

3–6 YEARS Princess Victoria

by Kristina Murray Brodin & Kajsa Lind 3 – 6 years, 24 pages

Every day Victoria sits on a bench outside our house, even when it’s snowing. Why won’t Victoria tell me where she lives? A beautiful and heart-warming story about the friendship between a child and a mysterious woman named Victoria.

R E V IE W S :

seeing a book came from The idea for this homeless her lollipop to a small child give olm.” person in Stockh

Why this book?

ry that encourages A beautifully written sto s to open their hear ts both children and adult and minds is not defined The gender of the child a child on his own A father taking care of

the author Kristina

Murray Brodin

wn and els good to sit do Sometimes it fe r world at this side of ou show children th om for ro e o, to leave som and age exists to . een the laughs seriousness betw ns bok)

The Lady and the Treasure

by Jesper Lundqvist & Marcus Gunnar Petterson 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

In this heart-warming story, a child becomes friends with a woman sitting outside a grocery store. Why is she sitting there? Where does she live?

Why this book?


ook of the Day (Da

Rebecka Horn, B

ting it as ily form without presen Depict a modern fam an issue rceful girl a strong-willed, resou The main character is and ations that both children Describe ever yday situ adults can relate to

3–6 YEARS My Family

by By Anna-Clara Tidholm 3 – 6 years, 32 pages

Award-winning Anna-Clara Tidholm is one of the greatest creators of children’s books of our time. For OLIKA, she has created a book she felt was missing: “a modern book about families.”

R E V IE W :

A brilliant book

Johan Salén, Norra

Why this book?

. in its simplicity Skåne

t ara Tidholm shows tha Award-winning Anna-Cl dif ferent shapes families come in many by letting ional idea of a family Challenging the tradit families. ir the t the reader abou dif ferent children tell ! ide pr d ted with joy an All families are presen and eden’s most respected Created by one of Sw well-known ar tists

3–6 YEARS The Pirates and the Rainbow Treasure by Karin Frimodig, Sara Berg & Maria Poll 3 – 6 years, 38 pages

All hands on deck! These jolly pirates are off to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Written in playfully exhilarating verse, with illustrations to match.




R E V IE W :

unity to e had the opport “In this book, I’v from the nt aracters differe create female ch es. ur ct pi to seeing in ones we are used ator

Maria Poll, illustr

Why this book?

ters in all shapes Includes female charac and sizes ent skin colors The pirates have dif fer aracters having fun By depicting female ch challenges the idea as a group, this book ays socialize in that girls or women alw ps pairs rather than grou

3–6 YEARS When I Grow Up…

by Pamela von Sabljar & Janette Bornmarker 3 – 6 years, 64 pages

What do you want to do when you grow up? Maybe you want to be an astronaut like Alice? Or a gymnast like Isac? Or something totally different? This is a book about possibilities, about what you can do and become! When I Grow Up… also includes What Do You Like to Do? and What’s Your Favorite Thing?

R E V IE W S :

it. But ’t see the point of At first, I couldn goose t go I n, re the child when I read it to ds! ussions afterwar bumps! The disc Mona, preschool


Why this book?

dels! possibilities and role mo A book full of inspiring ditional t to feel limited by tra Encourages children no do with to at wh en dreaming of gender boundaries wh their lives ity is s and ethnicities, divers With a variety of name way reflected in a natural

3–6 YEARS The Homesick Bear By Karin Blixt & Mikael Sjömilla 3 – 6 years, 40 pages

The Chaffinch and the Bear are an odd couple, but the best of friends! As it gets chillier, the Chaffinch prepares to fly south for the winter and the Bear needs to find somewhere to spend the long, cold winter months. But will she ever find a home for the winter?

R E V IE W S :

Why this book?

rs or y, the characte I like it all: the st the to ss ki g ction. A bi and the facts se whole thing. the blogger Tinni

Ernsjöö Rappe

y, an ar is a cute stor The Homesick Be asks o wh ar be a poor ingenious tale of help Estate Agency to the Animal Real r for the winte her find a home

Helena Ferry, Ba

gendering of big and Challenges the usual acters as male, and dangerous animal char es as female the small and cute on int of not taking one’s The book makes a po anted own perspective for gr the woods and the Beautiful illustrations of wild animals


Who’s The Thief, Mirjana? by Ana Udovic, Jessica Kurki & Tomas Nilsson

Mirjana’s parents own a pizza parlor. Mirjana plays there almost every day. One day Uncle Mirko comes by with a gift, a beautiful clock. When the clock goes missing, they all try to figure out who the thief is. All but one.

Why this book?

R E V IE W S :

of colors rtual explosion This book is a vi wonderfully e ar e characters and patterns. Th ct ethnic fle re ey th like how illustrated and I l way. rsity in a neutra and cultural dive Sara Hilmersson,

er yMir jana? has ev Who’s the Thief, d ul ar-old and I co thing my five-ye suspense, discus , as zz wish for: pi an d an – h ut and tr sions about lies a. ings right. Go, An th t pu at th ng endi We want more! nfrun

the blogger Gran

g a pizza parlor Includes a family runnin ale main character Includes a defiant fem rns both how it The main character lea th and how appearfeels not to tell the tru n be misleading ance and prejudice ca

3–6 YEARS When Grandpa Fell In Love by Gabrielle Frödén 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

Filip and Grandpa always hang out in Grandpa’s candy stand. But one day, the candy stand is closed. Grandpa is ill and Inga, the lady with the stethoscope, comes to visit. But getting better doesn’t make Grandpa any happier. He says he’s suffering from something worse than a disease. But what could be worse than a disease?

R E V IE W S :

Why this book?

onship between a Involves a close relati andfather young boy and his gr r too old for love Shows that you’re neve t mean should not Challenges the idea tha ons show or express emoti

ok so far!

KA bo My favorite OLI Flaskposten

ildren of cozy stor y for ch A warm, happy, d! ou al ok to read all ages. Great bo Barnboksbloggen

Grandma & Grandpa: How to Catch an Elk and Other Adventures by Cecilia Rihs & Pia Niemi 3 – 6 years, 38 pages

Grandma and Grandpa are playful and mischievous and they’re always getting up to something crazy. ”I wanted to make the reader look forward to tomorrow and fall asleep happy”, says the author. This volume contains three books that can be done as three separate books as well.

R E V IE W S :

Why this book?

d lly is just a number an In these books, age rea re ntu ve ad fun a ned into any activity can be tur t stereotypes and reflec They challenge gender l oo ch es a multicultural pr diversity by including ls! es filled with fun detai Funny stories and pictur

d, colorful are very detaile The illustrations finding new s ep y daughter ke M . us rio la hi d an her giggle. ures that make things in the pict s Noblesser

the blogger Lyran

st for life! A book full of ze

ce (BTJ)

edish Library Servi

Gunilla Essén, Sw

6–9 YEARS THE HAPPY SCHOOL Meet Abel, Klara, Pardis, Nora, Karam and the rest of their classmates! The books about the students at Happy School are an Easy-to-Read series which challenges limiting stereotypes and includes a wide range of ways of living and being. All illustrated with colorful pictures.

Who’s in Love With Abel? by Ebba Berg & Carl Flint 6 – 9 years, 36 pages

Abel Svensson has a problem. He knows he’s in love with Mina, Lilly and Sixten. But is anyone in love with him? And how can he find out?

R E V IE W :

es you happy. A book that mak ! (…) Thumbs up Barnboksbloggen

Klara Ek and the Dog that Wasn’t a Hamster by Ebba Berg & Carl Flint 6 – 9 years, 36 pages

Klara really wants a hamster. But Dad’s new girlfriend Malin has a dog. A big dog. Suddenly the dog is always at their place…

Pardis Moradi is Here! by Ebba Berg & Carl Flint 6 – 9 years, 36 pages

R E V IE W :

le in play a central ro The illustrations m8 fro n re ild ch sure the book. (…) I’m out ab y enjoy the stor years and up will t. nging for a pe Klara and her lo Barnboksbloggen

Pardis is sick of being Pardis! Suddenly, Pardis has an idea. Why not pretend to be someone else for a day?

A Job for Nora Henriksson by Ebba Berg & Carl Flint 6 – 9 years, 36 pages

Nora and her classmates are all going to go with a grown-up to work. For a whole day. Nora knows what she wants to do! No one else seems to think it’s a very good idea. But Nora has made up her mind!

Karam’s Magic Show


by Ebba Berg & Carl Flint 6 – 9 years, 36 pages

It’s Karam’s first day at his new school. He doesn’t know which day will be his last here, but it will probably be soon. Because Karam and Mom are leaving soon. Will he have time to show his new classmates his magic tricks before they leave?

Why these books?

ily form Depicts a modern fam an issue as it g tin en without pres th a disabilIncludes a character wi ctful way pe res ity in a natural and r the diversity The illustrations mirro of modern society

6–9 YEARS Red Card, Therese! by Anja Gatu & Maria Borgelöv 6 – 9 years, 90 pages

Red Card, Therese! is inspired by the Swedish national team player Therese Sjögran’s childhood. Therese is a true soccer pro. But during the first game of the series, everything goes wrong. It’s almost like her body won’t listen to her! What’s going on?



e Sjö g r a n


re captures the atmosphe The writer Anja Gatu , ion dit ad autifully. In of the soccer game be ay ations skilfully portr str illu ’s löv Maria Borge en oft , ch pit the off and events happening on r. mo hu of bit a th wi J)


edish Library Service (BT

Staffan Engstrand, Sw

Why these books?

Go, Fatima!

t t the joy and excitemen Inspiring stories abou r ula rtic d soccer in pa of spor ts in general an t soccer is not a spor t These books show tha men reser ved for boys and by ity of modern society They mirror the divers nic eth t en fer th many dif including characters wi nds and cultural backgrou

by Marin Salto & Matilda Salmén 6 – 9 years, 90 pages

Fatima loves playing soccer. She and Ayaan play all the time, at school and at home in the yard. But one day, they’re invited to a practice session – a real practice session! Go, Fatima! is inspired by the organization Futebol dá força’s Aberto team.



out this book. A There’s something ab up and the girls’ child who won’t give to play soccer mixed friendship. The urge am. The worrying cre ice with the urge for d wet shoes. But over practice outfits an sense of expectation most of all, a tingling book. running all through the Mia Hansén, the blog


6–9 YEARS These books about Charlotte and her teammates in Ekby’s all-girls soccer team are inspired by the Swedish national team player Charlotte Rohlin’s childhood


Kick It, Charlotte!

by Jennifer Wegerup & Bettina Johansson 6 – 9 years, 68 pages



a rlo

tte R o h li


Finally! Charlotte is about to play in her first ever tournament. The competition is fierce. But so is Charlotte and her teammates.


Beware of the Dog!


by Jennifer Wegerup & Bettina Johansson 6 – 9 years, 78 pages

In the second book about Charlotte and Ekby’s all-girls soccer team, a dog shows up out of nowhere in the middle of an important game. Will the mysterious dog ruin the Ekby team’s chance to win the league?

Go, Ekby!

by Jennifer Wegerup & Bettina Johansson 6 – 9 years, 78 pages

In Go, Ekby! Charlotte and her teammates go to Denmark to play against a Danish team. A really good team… But as usual, Charlotte is determined to win!



by Jennifer Wegerup & Bettina Johansson 6 – 9 years, 78 pages

Charlotte has been given the opportunity of a lifetime! She has been selected for the region’s elite team. But then something terrible happens! Charlotte’s worst nightmare…

R E V IE W S :

e there eat. It’s about tim I think this is gr an in n about our girls are books writte r exou g in s about widen inspiring way. It’ t do. n’ ca d an n at a girl ca pectations of wh en ad coach of Swed Pia Sundhage, he tball team foo l na tio na n’s wome

ifootball and fem A nice mixture of cpe ex y M ) (… . nism from OLIKA ely high and I em tr ex re we ns tatio nted. wasn’t disappoi nistbiblioteket

Hanna Lager, Femi

6–9 YEARS Over Here! Kosse Cries by Anja Gatu & Maria Källström 6 – 9 years, 84 pages

An inspiring story based on the childhood of the internationally acclaimed Swedish soccer player Kosovare Asllani.



a r e A sll a n i

Kosse loves playing soccer. But how can you improve your technique if no one wants to practise with you? Her brothers think she’s too small. Her best friend Emma thinks soccer is boring. It all changes when Kosse and her classmates are picked to represent their school in a local soccer tournament. This is Kosse’s chance to practise! And her chance to beat those mean Gullringen girls once and for all…

What a Goal, Kosse! by Anja Gatu & Maria Källström 6 – 9 years, 84 pages

Finally! Kosse and her friend Emma have joined a team. A real team with jerseys and everything! And before long, they go away for a soccer cup. But the competition

Why these books?


t ies is a nice story abou Over Here! Kosse Cr . ort sp te ori your fav the longing to practise th is written with warm vel no st fir s tu’ Anja Ga ges the way Kosse ur and feeling. (…) I love y Emma doesn’t exactl h ug tho Emma on even e lik I . cer soc sm for share Kosse’s enthusia ations – they convey str illu s m’ trö lls Kä Maria and ryday environments a positive attitude, eve s goe t tha y ers in a wa emotional roller-coast text. Anja Gatu, chief ead o-r y-t eas the well with svenskan’s sport Syd per editor of the newspa g as as much about writin pages, clearly knows cer! she knows about soc J)

edish Library Service (BT

Staffan Engstrand, Sw

t t the joy and excitemen Inspiring stories abou d soccer in particular of spor ts in general an t soccer is not a spor t These books show tha men reser ved for boys and by ity of modern society They mirror the divers nic eth th many dif ferent including characters wi nds and cultural backgrou


Why these books?

mani backPortray a child with Ro d positive way an ground in a respectful acter is brave The female main char and strong-willed es with her carThe main character liv ing father

Malva and the Horses

by Malin Eriksson & Lisa Chantem Säfve 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

Malva loves horses. Dad is afraid of them. Luckily, there’s Grandma. She tells Malva stories about her greatgrandfather Valentin. He was really good with horses. And one day, Malva will be too!

Malva’s First Riding Lesson by Malin Eriksson & Lisa Chantem Säfve 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

In the second book about Malva, it’s finally time for her first riding lesson. Dad goes with her to the stables, but maybe it would have been better to leave him at home. He’s so nervous, it’s starting to rub off on Malva. Will she ever get up on her horse?

Malva at the Stables

by Malin Eriksson & Lisa Chantem Säfve 3 – 6 years, 36 pages

In the third book in the Malva series, a very boring day suddenly turns great when Malva stops by the stables and gets to help preparing her favorite horse for a horse show. It’s so much fun, Malva stays there all day. But does Dad know where she is?

n can recogat many childre This is a book th ith, regardw in and identify nize themselves nd, and I ou gr ck icity and ba hn et r ei th of ss le t. think that’s grea

R E V IE W S :


l horse book, les is a wonderfu ab St e th at va al M t read for types, and a grea free from stereo too. non-horse lovers und Swedish Library

rola Forsl

Service (BTJ), Ca

ar and y about Dad’s fe An exciting stor will. Malva’s strong ) Berit Aler, Swedish


Library Service (B

6–9 YEARS Courage with Wilma & Happy by Anneli Khayati & Mikael Sjömilla 6 – 9 years, 40 pages

It’s Saturday and Wilma and Happy are playing soccer. Oh no! The ball ends up in Mrs Crankersen’s garden. Now they have to sneak into her garden and take their ball back. And that takes courage!

ilma and Happy Courage with W d as Outstanding has been selecte d ternational Boar Book by IBBY (In )! ung People on Books for Yo

Together with Wilma & Happy by Anneli Khayati & Mikael Sjömilla 6 – 9 years, 40 pages

Wilma has been home from school for almost an entire week. She can’t wait to play with Happy again. But back in school, nothing is the same. At recess, Happy plays with Malla and doesn’t even wait for Wilma. When they play rounders, Wilma and Happy don’t play together like they usually do. But when their team is about to lose, they need to make up their minds. Will they play together or not?

Love with Wilma & Happy by Anneli Khayati & Mikael Sjömilla 6 – 9 years, 40 pages

Wilma and Happy has a new classmate! His name is Sigge. When Wilma thinks of Sigge she feels happy and a bit funny. But when Happy tells the whole class that Wilma is in love with Sigge, Wilma gets upset. If she’s in love she wants to tell him herself. And how is she even supposed to know if she is in love?

R E V IE W :

Why these books?

t ls, not her legs, to ge Wilma uses her whee se the in e nc importa around. But what is of ilma’s wheelchair, W t no is s exciting book d courage but friendship, love an types in terms of both They challenge stereo abilities and love rn society is reflected The diversity of mode in the illustrations

d ir is not presente a is in a wheelcha ilm W y pl at m th si ct i fa at e ay Th neli Kh the contrary, An as an issue. On a natural part of be ) ile ob m er (p ir ha lc ee wh lets the r-old girls as they ese two 9-10-yea th t ou ab s ie or the st challenges most rience the social pe ex left – se ur co of – dship vs feeling e deal with: frien with ng hi us bl d children their ag an falling in love , ts ul ad g in m ify oo out, terr ole classr friend tells the wh shame when your love’. that ‘Wilma’s in n

l, Göteborgs-Poste

Ingrid P Bosselda

6–9 YEARS THE SECRET GUIDE FOR ADVENTURERS Short sentences and chapters – perfect for the beginning reader. The first book of the series is now available to read in English. E-mail us if you would like to read the PDF!

Mission: The Water Witch by: Cecilia Rihs & Jenny Lindqvist 6 -9 years, 68 pages

Lina and her friend Pepper have promised to help Grandma Hilda complete her Secret Guide for Adventurers. And to finish it, they need to try all of the adventures listed in the Guide. It’s so much fun! And a little bit scary… Their first mission is to find out more about Water Witches. How do you protect yourself against them? And how can you read a top-secret message if it’s written in invisible ink?

Mission: The Genie in the Bottle by: Cecilia Rihs & Jenny Lindqvist 6 -9 years, 92 pages

If you find a genie in a bottle, you’d better be careful. Wanna know why? Join Lina and Pepper on their latest top-secret mission and you will find out!

Mission: The Swamp Trolls by: Cecilia Rihs & Jenny Lindqvist 6 -9 years, 68 pages

Lina and Pepper have been sent on a new mission. This time, Christmas is at stake! Someone or something is trying to ruin Christmas. Gifts disappear, the gingerbread dough tastes like salt…

R E V IE W S :

scar y, actionLoved it! Not too s d with humorou packed and fille I d th my son an elements that bo appreciated. Reader review

already? What, is it over e next part! th I want to read Reader, 9 years old

Mission: The Frighteners by: Cecilia Rihs & Jenny Lindqvist 6 -9 years, 68 pages

Lina and Pepper’s latest adventure involves Frighteners lurking in an abandoned house. But what is a Frightener? Are they really as frightening as the name suggests…?


Why these books?

main With a brave girl as the s challenge character, these book re and the notion that adventu ics” danger are “male top th dark skin They portray a child wi ily form Include a modern fam an issue without presenting it as

9–12 YEARS Forthcoming – out in november 2016

The Ice Gate: Cold water RKT VAT TEN

tid varit annorlunda. Som det där a andan nästan hur länge som helst, bättre än alla andra. I alla fall nästan när Mads börjar i skolan upptäcker ns f ler som hon. Snart upptäcker Johanna och Mads. Det är han som Isporten, vägen till den parallella och mystik är en självklarhet. En väg att gå förlorad och som ingen na och Mads kan rädda.

Fler titlar i serien Isporten!


Jonna Berggren

litet!” elius


första delen i serien ISP ORT E N

by: Jonna Berggren 9-12 years

Johanna has always been different from others. She can hold her breath for so long, and she can cope with cold waters more than anyone else. Or almost. When Mads starts in her school she realizes that there are more people like her. Soon the guardian who watches the gate to the Iceland also notices the remarkable gifts of Johanna and Mads.

Jonna Berggren

NEW f ant asy book s !

The Spy on the Ghost School by: Jesper Lundqvist 9-12 years

One day in school Silase´s hand suddenly becomes transparent. It is the same hand where the wasp stung him. Are the two events correlated? And why is that? In the Spy on the Ghost School the reader follows Silas as he realizes he is not only human and the invisible hand is a starting point where he has to leave his ordinary world and explore the world of the ghosts, a world not friendly as he had hoped for.

YOUTH Take Charge!


by Leone Milton, Marie Tomicic & Emili Svensson Young adult/Method book

What happens when you start to think about all the things that are good about yourself instead of the other way around? What is self-sympathy and how do you deal with toxic thoughts and fears? These and many more questions are answered in this book. Because the more you understand about how you work, the easier it becomes for you to choose what’s important to you and what makes you feel good. And the best part is – it works! Inspired by psychological perspectives like ACT (Acceptance and Comittment Therapy) and SelfCompassion.

R E V IE W S :

d me happy, inspire This book makes d ne ar le e think. I’ve and it makes m with problems. al de new ways to Angelica, 17 years


ness among psychological ill In a time when is an an ever y re easing and st ss cr in e ar s er ag teen school should EVERY adult in day phenomena, e pupils on they can teach th e med gain read this so that tal book that mad vi a is It . it em te self-es inking and how own negative th y m to in t hg is in affected me.

h that I 5 out of 5! I wis I give this book arge the book Take Ch could have read ever y h is ager! I also w when I was a teen will w ro or day and tom young person to rtant! po im y gl in It is amaz read this book. Boktokig, Swedish


g but fficulties readin I love it. I hav di turner. ge pa a e ade lik this was really m ! ad! I want to read One wants to re Felicia Jackson

Why this book?


The Literature M

tools needed to Gives young people the es and feel well take charge of their lliv s and Includes clear example amples, wellex ws interesting inter vie designed excercises


Olika publishing 2017  

OLIKA publishing, Sweden 2017

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