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Table of Contents “Just Because I’m Asian” “I Am Tall and I like Bacon” “Mom and Dad” “Goku” “Rain” “CatDog” “Happiness” “Home” “School”

Just Because I'm Asian Just because I’m Asian It doesn’t mean I always get A’s Doesn’t mean I always study Doesn’t mean I get hit by my parents Know who I am before you judge me.

Just because I’m Asian It doesn’t mean I eat with chopsticks Doesn’t mean we eat dogs Doesn’t mean my parents are rich Don’t discriminate, it will only lead to hate

I Am Tall and I Like Bacon I am tall and I like bacon I wonder if I’ll be successful in life I hear silence as I fall asleep at night I see my dreams as the night goes by I want to live my life just how I like it I am tall and I like bacon

I pretend to be the characters in my game I feel my sweat when I run the mile I touch the keyboard as I type this poem I worry about what will happen to me I cry when I lose someone close to me I am tall and I like bacon

I understand that life will be harder as I get older I say that we all have to work to earn something I dream that someday I will be successful I try hard when I’m going for my goals I hope that all my hard work will pay off later I am tall and I like bacon

Mom My mom Kind and supportive Works constantly As protective as a million bodyguards If only I can pay her back

Dad My dad Considerate and friendly Helps me continuously As smart as library

Goku Goes Super Saiyan

Overcomes his enemies King Picollo’s friend Undefeated

Rain Wet and slippery Cleans,Pouring,Providing It keep your plants healthy Water

Happiness is the color of the sun It sounds like cheerful laughs It taste sweet like an ice cream sundae And it smells like the air that I breath Happiness looks like my dreams coming true And makes you feel alive

Home Living central Where my family lives And where I’m at rest A place with a roof A habitat for people to live