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Emilio Antinori

Designer, artist and musician. He was graduated with honours in Product Design at the University of Venice, Faculty Design and Arts (IUAV). In summer 2008 founded the artistic workgroup DM-A, with witch he created big sculptures on landscape and urban sculpture with reused materials [SUPERICONA and ri.ALBERO series]. His artistic research try to investigate the relations between consumption of the materials and human being.

gamAGE 2010 reused electric cables, polyester resin, chalk, wasted harware Ă˜ 1m (x2) / H = 2,25m

Pro gres sive sub stitu tion

gamAGE (vol. 2) 2012 reused hardware, polyester resin, chalk, clay, red earth 1m x 1m x1m

the future seen from the future

organic inorganic

cosmet(H)ics 2012 fresh fruits and greens, oxidized metal, polyester resin 40cm x 100cm

A simple kind of life 2012 reused iron, chalk, polyester resin 300cm x 100cm

Entropy n.1 2008 reused wood, clay, polyester resin, acrylic varnish 159cm x 107cm

Entropy n.2 2008 reused wood, bloody napkins 45cm x 45cm

EST«»WEST 2008 corn, concrete, chalk, polyester resin 174cm x 67cm

Le case 2011 plexiglass, canvas, screen print, 70cm x 100cm

The age of weariness n.1 2008 upper mould, vinilyc ink, acrilyc varnish 82cm x 91cm

The age of weariness n.2 2009 upper mould, vinilyc ink, acrilyc varnish 55cm x 85cm

DM-A installations The installations of Dm-a underlined the tension between artificial and natural. The main purpose is to act in a continuous and integrated process within life cycle of the agricultural and industrial reused materials. Semantics sustainability is manteined to not generate extraneus messages in local environment.

ri.ALBERO #1 date 2007 place Macerata materials reused tires, acrilic paint, strings dimensions Ă˜ 2 m / h 2,4 m

ri.ALBERO #2 date 2008 place Colle Regnano materials reused tires, acrilic paint, strings dimensions Ă˜2,2 m / h 3,2 m

ri.ALBERO #3 date 2009 place Macerata, Rome materials reused electric cables dimensions Ă˜ 1,2 m / h 2,8 m

SUPERICONA #1 date 2006 place SS 77 (IT) materials straw dimensions 6m x 5m x 2,2m

SUPERICONA #2 date 2008 place Rancia materials straw dimensions 5,7m x 5,7m x 2,2m

N.U.Y date: 2009 place: project for the hall of Hugo Boss - shoes and accessories materials: not used leather dimensions: 3,5m x 7m

Orlando Furioso date 2010 place Ripe San Ginesio materials paper tubes, acrylic paint dimensions 8 m x 6 m twitter: emilio_antinori Links


Next exhibition BERLIN april-may 2012