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Kaunas international Film Festival 2012

The adventure may have barely just started and we’ve hardly had a moment to settle down. Good! There is no better way to begin such a journey. The Kaunas International Film Festival is up and going and determined to take no prisoners? So are we. Its daring and impressive program, bringing us some of the best films the art-house planet has to offer, is being closely followed by the Nisimazine army. In just over 24 hours we’ve caught up with Ursula Meier to talk about her latest work; lost ourselves in Miguel Gomes much talked about Tabu and explored the devilish spheres of Latvian director Yevgeny Pashkevich`s Gulf stream under the iceberg.

Interview: Sister

Review by Donata Juskelyte (Lithuania)

Review by Veide Legotaitė (Lithuania)

Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg

Latvian director Yevgeny Pashkevich invites us to a very bizarre but visually moving adventure. His latest movie, “Gulf stream under the iceberg”, leads us into a magical and at the same time possessing story about Adam´s first wife, Lilith, who is mentioned in ancient oriental legends, particularly in Talmud and in the medieval books of the Cabala. READ MORE

Interview by Saulius Kovalskas (Lithuania)

Ursula Meyer’s newest film Sister was chosen as the opening piece in sixth International Kaunas International Film Festival. After the movie, we had a chance to talk with the director and ask her a bit about this film and her work. READ MORE


I was in Africa the other night. There was a crocodile under the sink, a woman who doesn’t miss a shot (unless she’s pregnant, of course), terrific music, and this character called Mario who caused a revolution by taking his friend to the foot of a mountain called Tabu. READ MORE

Nisimazine Kaunas Newsletter #1  

Nisimazine Kaunas Newsletter #1 covering Kaunas International Film festival

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