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newsletter #6


Karlovy Vary 2012

Our Karlovy Vary Newsletter Series comes to an end with this issue (though an e-�book is coming...). We complete our survey of Eastern European cinema with a review of People Out There, a story of ordinary misery and hopelessness from Latvia and an interview with the GLUHFWRURIDVXEWO\LPSUHVVLYHÀOPDear Betrayed Friends. And an end seems to have come to western civilization too, at OHDVW MXGJLQJ IURP (NWRUDV /\JL]RVȍV Boy (DWLQJWKH%LUGȏV)RRG...

People Out There

Image by Josef Rabara

Interview: Dear Betrayed Friends

review by Mirona Nicola (Romania)

Luckily for both the director and the audience at KVIFF, “Dear betrayed friendsâ€? made it back to the East of the West competition. Hungarian director SĂĄra Cserhalmi talks about her powerful feature directorial debut. MORE

Boy Eating the Bird’s Food

review by Sebastiano Pucciarelli (Italy)

review by Giovanni Vimercati (Itlay)

Latvian suburban drama People Out There can be taken as a good specimen to measure the state of health of Eastern European cinema, and is in accordance with this KV festival’s section GHYRWHG WR ÀUVW DQG VHFRQG IHDWXUH ÀOPV IURP the former socialist block. MORE

(NWRUDV/\JL]RV¡ÀOPYHHUVDZD\IURPWKHRXWZDUG ZHLUGQHVV RI KLV FRPSDWULRWV¡ ÀOPV Dogtooth, L, Alpis, Attenberg) to penetrate the disturbed inti-� macy of a young Greek man stripped of any social life and thus reduced to his most basic bio(il)logi-� cal functions. MORE

Nisimazine Karlovy Vary #6  

Newsletter covering Karlovy Vary Film festival 2012, focus on the "East of the West" Competition. By Nisi Masa, European Network of Young Ci...

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