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EmilieDiers Architecture and interior design Israel + 972 (0) 533 349 717 France + 33 (0)6 45 69 59 82 Ibn Gvirol 149, 62037 Tel Aviv, IsraĂŤl

Architecture & Interior design

Curriculum vitĂŚ

Professional experiences 08.2013 - today BARANOWITZ KRONENBERG ARCHITECTURE STUDIO Tel Aviv Israel W Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherland, Design development + Technical design

01.2013 - today ATELIER E. DIERS (founder) Nomadic studio Petit plus, Caterer & spice shop, Paris, France, Complete study. Collaboration with Daphna Glaubert & Tatsumi Taeron. Taeron’s studio, Renovation of a graphic design/apartment studio, Paris, France. H’s apartment, Renovation of a 70m² apartment, Roma, Italy.

07.2011 - 01.2013 VINCENT CALLEBAUT ARCHITECTURES Paris France Agora Tower, Taïpeï, Taïwan, technical design Presidential complex, residential sceme, King forest, Marocco, concept design Coral Reef, Emergency residential scheme, Haïti, concept design

12.2009 - 05.2011 BED BUREAU - (B)UILDING (E)NVIRONNEMENT (D)ESIGNERS BUREAU Tel Aviv Israël Hotel ****, Eilat, concept design + design development William’s house, Eilat, concept design

02.2006 - 07.2009 VASCONI ARCHITECTS & PARTNERS Paris France 2009

Princess Grace hospital, Monaco, design development


Urban city planning, Riyad, UAE, concept design Hotel ****Paris, La Défense, France, technical design + production information Campus RDI, Michelin, Clermont Ferrand, France, competition Graduate school for automotive industries, Toulouse, interior design


Campidoglio Due, New city hall, Rome, Italy, competition D2 tower Sogecap, La Défense, France, competition Mixed use scheme hotel+offices+retail, Franckfurt, Germany, competition Law courts, Aix-en-Provence, France, competition


Axa Tower, Asnières, France, competition Médiatheque, Bandol, France, interior design Rhône Alpes region head quarter, Lyon, France, competition Dexia head quarter, Luxembourg, production information

2006 - 2008

Hôtel Amwaj, Dubaï, Emirats arabes Unis, concept design + design development

07.2005 - 02.2006 SHIGERU BAN ARCHITECTS Paris France Residential scheme, Dijon, France, design development Pompidou Center museum, Metz, France, tender documentation

Competitions 2010

Construction et architecture en acier 2010, French syndicat for metal work Subway station « I KB», 2nd price collaboration with Youssef Anastas, architect & Etienne Albenque, engineer


Made of steel, Arcelor, Origami stairs project


Matrix, collaboration with l’Oréal, Hair saloon concept design, 2nd price


Inside the bathroom, Water ballast project, mobile bathroom


«Turn-it-on», new packaging concept for a lightbulb, Danemark Ceramics for breakfast - collaboration with Hotel Saxildhus****, Kolding, Denmark Tableware «2 in1»


A door to paradise, designboom competiton, Discobol project.


European Way(s) of life exhibition Scénography for Barbie, project realised for Mattel SAD Société des Artistes Décorateurs, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

Studies and diplomas 2012

HMONP diploma - Part 3 french equivalent Ecole d’architecture de la ville et du territoire, Marne La Vallée

2007 - 2011

Architect diploma - master grade delivered by the state, Prof. Marc Mimram Ecole d’architecture de la ville et du territoire, Marne La Vallée


Design Skolen Kolding, Danemark Erasmus exchange, Industrial design and Ceramic department

2000 - 2005

Interior designer diploma, master grade, ESAG Penninghen, Paris


Baccalauréat scientifique

Internships 08.2004

Shigeru Ban architect workshop (4 months) Construction of the temporary office of Shigeru Ban in the Pompidou center, Paris


IDS Land, Interior design and architecture studio (2 months) Rehabilitation and upgrade of Bazar de l’Hotel de ville, Paris


Porcelaine de Paris, Ceramic factory (2 months) Reassembly of antique artifacts with intent to reproduce and personal design project


Guy Eliche : sculptor, ceramic prototype maker (3 months)

Softwares, languages and hobbies Autocad, Photoshop, Rhino, 3dsmax, Artlantis, Illustrator, InDesign French (mother tongue) , English (fluent) , Hebrew (fluent) Photography, Ceramic, Sculpture, Sports

In offices

Workshop SBA 2004 Collaboration with Shigeru Ban Architect Location Pompidou center, Paris Project Construction of a temporary office for Shigeru Ban. The aim of this temporary structure was to house the Centre Pompidou Metz team for the duration of the project won a few months before. This studio has a paper tube arch structure. Arches are coated with a waterproof PTFE membrane. The same material used to cover the Centre Pompidou Metz. Besides the electrical installation, the whole construction was carried out by our student team over a period of three months. Phase Building Construction Team A group of 30 international students Surface 100 m²

Pompidou center Metz 2004 - 2005 Collaboration with Shigeru Ban Architect Location Metz, France Project New Pompidou center museum in Metz. The museum is made of three rectangular pipes (the galleries) stacked and oriented towards the main symbolic buildings in Metz. A hexagonal wooden module, is repeated to form the structure of the roof covering the galleries. Participated in optimizing the strategy to build the roof; this study involved numerous scale models for testing resistance, patterns, and scale of the modular canopy. Participated on the building materiality and fire safety. Phase Tender documentation Team Marc Ferrand Copyright image Arte Factory

Graduate school for automotive industries, Toulouse, France. 2008 Definition of the materiality and interior design of the graduate school. Phase Tender documentation & Building Construction Team Thomas Schinko + Charlotte LardinoisSurface 34 000 m²

Michelin headquarter 2008 Collaboration with Vasconi architects & partners Location Clermont Ferrant, France ProjectThe bridge-building above Michelin’s circuit. Offices are grouped by 20 units in glass bricks. These 100 m² bricks are stacked on 4 levels along a covered street They are accessible by catwalks and have their own garden. A glass roof wrapped the bricks. Phase Competition Team Jiaoyang Huang, Vincent Callebaut, Jean Michel Chartiel Copyright image L’autre image Surface 120 000 m²

New law court 2007 Collaboration with Vasconi architects & partners Location Aix en Provence, France Client French ministery of justice AMOTMJ Project The building is located in the historical center of the city. The main facade is opened and transparent. A patio garden offers an outdoor continuity to the waiting room behind the facade. Audience rooms are next to each other along the west façade of the building. Phase Competition Team Thomas Schinko, Florence Mauny Surface 19 000 m² Copyright image Arte Factory

Spa boutique hotel 2009 - 2011 Collaboration with Building envirrenmental design studio Location Eilat, Israel Client Private client Project The hotel spa is integrated in the landscape and has been developed in partnership with a research team from Bersheva University working on low tech green buildings. There are 40 luxurious suites. The spa is partly accessible to the public. Phase Design development Team Yaniv Turgeman, Tal Kaufman, Keren Meir, Axelle Desaint, Oscar Vos Surface 6000 m² Copyright image Keren Meir

L.T bomb shelter • • • ••••• Staff acces

Eco pool

type 3 • • •• ••••••

Eco pool special

type 3 • • •• ••••••

Eco pool


type 2 • • •• ••••••

type 2 • • •• ••••••

type 2 • • •• ••••••

Treatment Room • • • ••••• Staff acces

Treatment Room • • • •••••

Indoor central spa pool 140 m2 Watsu • • • ••• • • ••••••••••

Shaded outdoor central spa pool 410 m2 Vichy Shower • • • •••••

Semi-outdoor Cave spa pool • • • • ••••••

Rasul • • • •••••


Eco pool

Indoor central spa 90 m2

+15.60m 'floating blocks' infi nit yp oo l


Vichy sh. 15m² Men Chang.r. • • • ••••• Men Sauna

Light roof above shaded square

Women Chang. r. • • • •••••


Women Sauna


Outdoor spa • • • ••• • • • ••••••••••• +15.60m

infinity pool

Pool shop • • • ••••• Terrace

Pool bar • • • •••••

L.T bomb shelter • • • ••••• Staff acces

Kitchen storage • • • • ••••••

Technical area 120 m2

Gen. storage 20 m2 Workshop 30 m2

Laundry 40 m2

Parking 51 pk spaces

Staff acces

Technical area 180 m2

Delivery area 480 m2 +06.90m

Williams House Gallery

Agora garden tower 2011 - 2012 Collaboration with Vincent Callebaut Architectures Location Taipei, Taiwan Client BES engeniring Project Luxurious condominium. The building includes a ground floor reception area, 40 apartments of 650 m² and a roof top lobby. Each apartment has a 200m² private planted outdoor terrace and a view on the 101 Tower : the landmark of Taipei. The tower makes a 90° rotation arounf the core, which acts as the structural spine of the building. The 20th level acts like an outrigger truss beam. The apartment levels are stacked like helicoidal strairs between the core and the two megacolumns running from structural level to the ground. Phase From Technical design to construction phase starting in june 2012. Surface 50 000 m² Copyright image Frame images

Personnal works

Petit + Caterer & Deli 2013 Location Paris, France Project Design concept and complete study of the first caterer and Deli ÂŤPetit +Âť wich will open in Paris. Team : Daphna Glaubert Architecte + Tatsumi Taeron Graphic design. Phase : Complete study & construction



Location Paris, France Client Construiracier french syndicat for metal work Project Rehabilitation of the Kremlin Bicêtre metro station. The station becomes a landmark integrated in a green boulevard axis. The diversion of the traffic planned by the city-hall is an opportunity to create an open-air station in relationship with the city. Phase Competition, 2nd price Team Youssef Anastas, Etienne Albenque

Strate Office 2009 Location Boulogne, France Project Pilot project for new offices. The building is a five floors energy efficient office building including a public restaurant. All the workspace layout is oriented as an amphitheater, toward the Albert Kahn garden. Phase Design development Surface 2000 m²

Tissé tréssé 2010 Location Mobile Project Research for a pavilion facade. The goal was to use a thin and flexible module, easy to carry, which would become rigid once the modules were assembled. The rigid sample can be used vertically or horizontally. A curved surface can be created only by playing with the distances between the modules (screws). Phase Concept design

Tree house 2011 Location Port au prince, Haiti Project Small green architecture unit under tropical climate. This tree house lodge is built with local material and was designed in response to the 2010 earthquake and specific tropical climate data from the site. The project executed by an architect and local engineering team was made in collaboration with RFR engineering company. Phase Internationnal workshop in Waterford, Ireland Team Samuel Kaiser, Thibault Dezellus, Sandrine Vignarath, Brendan Kiernan, Lee Hennessy

Porcelaine se dégourdie 2005 Location Paris Project Rehabilitation of the metro station Cité. Following a fascination for ceramic materials since an early age, this project was an opportunity to explore new potential use for porcelain in architecture. The technical properties of the porcelain, used to diffuse light in the station, are perfectly adjusted to respond to the constraints of a public underground place. Phase Concept design

Graphic design studio, 2012 Location Paris XIV, France Project The aim of this project was to turn this one room artist studio (wich didn’t have any facilities to live) into a studio to live and to work. The owner, a graphic designer, wanted to be abble to use the space as his studio, to organise meetings. and also to be abble to live in the same space. A sleeping galery has been buit above a fonctional unit kitchen + bathroom. On the main floor, the working space is maximised. The private bedroom space is not visible from the working area. The bathroom and kitchen unit disapear behind slidding doors Phase Complete study, construction site delayed.

Appartment H. 2012 Location Roma, Italy Project The appartment as been turned into offices in the 70’s. The aim of the renovation was to give it back his authenticity. The painted ceiling was covered by false ceiling, the arches of the living were bearly visible. The owners also wanted to add a working space and an extra bed room for guest.

Phase Complete study, construction site completed.


Expression and experimentation

Ceramic for breakfast 2004 Location Kolding, Denmark Client Saxildhus **** Hotel Project Design of dish-wear and wooden furniture set for the wedding suite of the hotel. Phase From concept to realization Team Gal Shvekey

Silent Tales 2011-2013 Publication by Bezalel Academy of Art and design - Jerusalem. on October 25th, 2013.

Photographic research project about urban and architectural scars, burns, prosthesis, etc...

ÂŤ Imperfections act like a quiet time machine. They belong to a bygone time, embody the persistence of memory as opposed to oblivion, and reveal the past as much as they remain in the present. They are conducive to daydreaming and give rise to emotion. They tell us life stories, remind us of the power of nature and the uniqueness of every minute, pushing us towards the future. Âť

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Emilie Diers Architecture and interior design France + 33 (0)6 45 69 59 82 Israel + 972 (0) 533 349 717 Ibn Gvirol 149, 62037 Tel Aviv, IsraĂŤl

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