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Digital Technologies for Marketing Coursework 3. Online Public Relations Consultancy “NicheDesigners� Module Tutor: Mike Watson and Vic Davies Due Date: 9th May 2014

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

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Primary Research Business Concept Services Values and Mission Target Audience. Messages Competition Funding Forecast Plan Choice of Branding and Graphics Website Screenshots Wireframe plans Email marketing Social Media Campaign A5 Promotional Leaflet Banner Advertisement Data Collection Data Capture and Management Business and Marketing Campaigns Optimisation Online PR Marketing Plan and Financial Marketing Plan Web Analytics Conclusions

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Primary Research Interview with Lukasz Kulpa Niche Designers conducted an interview with there first client, which helped them determine the services that a designer would appreciate. This primary research supported the idea of Niche Designers holding seminars and conferences on the importance of social media and online PR for business. Lukasz Kulpa a postgraduate from Buckinghamshire New University, has struggled promoting his design work online and offline. Niche designers have offered there marketing services to him. These services involve, SEO, Online PR, website design, social media handling and creation and reputation management. Lukasz Kulpa suggested the use of online PR and social media handling would be very useful to him, “I believe your skills in promoting online would be constructive, due to the fact I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t really understand the concept.” The team asked Lukasz Kulpa if in the future training in social media would be a good service to offer, in which he agreed “it think that’s a very valuable offer and a skill that many businesses and small companies do no know how to use to there advantage.” Lukasz suggested that the team also hold seminars on online PR and how a business should utilize this to build a reputable brand.

To create Lukasz into a fashion designer brand online throughout the EU, it was important for Niche Designers to understand more about Lukasz’s work and his vision for the future. Also if there were any core messages he wanted to deliver. “I believe my core message would be luxury designer boutique work. I would like to target high end consumers with my work. It is important to me that my website, social media, and other PR tactics represent this. I also don’t want to be seen as just a Polish designer, I want my work to be promoted for every European market. This is why I studied in England I wanted to understand different target audiences so I can become a known brand over Europe”. Using these core messages Niche Designers believed that to incorporate his Polish background, it would be important to use this as a USP. For example, naming his work in Polish would be important on the website, to demonstrate the integration of both cultures. Niche Designers asked if Lukasz would be happy for the team to be in control of updating his content. “I believe that would be a good idea, as I am not sure how to target my consumers.” Using this Primary research Niche Designers have decided as part of there services, to be in charge of the content of a blog as well as the website. The primary research conducted in the interview helped Niche Designers used build ideas on how to develop the brand over 5 years. The interview helped them build a five year plan and how to cost it, whilst understanding there first client. This primary research with Lukasz benefitted the company, in understanding how to segment his target audience of high end consumers and promote his design business through the use of social media and online PR.

Primary Research Niche Designers Focus Group

Niche Designers created primary research through a focus group. Using a focus group allowed NicheDesigners to develop a better understanding of the services they would like to offer and what would benefit designers the most. The group conducted the focus group with three textile design undergraduate students from Bucks New University. The focus group last one hour and brought up some interesting comments on the concept of NicheDesigners, how the business should expand and the pricing.

The group was asked what they thought of the concept of the company (an online PR company that focuses on supporting and promoting small designers in EU.) The group seemed to understand and agree with the idea “It is a good idea, as I wouldn’t know were to start promoting my work. I wouldn’t mind paying someone to do it for me. Of course it the prices were reasonable.” One individual liked the idea of company not just confined to the UK. “ Using a company that will reach all over Europe is important to me, as I want to gain as much recognition as possible. Also using a company that understands different cultures is very valuable, as many of the best design work are overseas, like Sweden or France. I would love to focus on designing shoes, so using a company that could help me break into the Barcelona market would be important for me.”

The group was asked whether the development of the company in providing seminars and training sessions in online PR and social media would be a good factor in choosing to work with the company.

“That is a great idea, as you are offering your skills to us, and it would be interesting to learn how to promote myself.” One participant suggested it was a good way to promote NicheDesigners: “You could offer to lecture at universities around the EU that would be a good way to gain more contacts in Europe.” NicheDesigners used the focus groups ideas to incorporate training days and seminars into the five year plan. The focus group offered NicheDesigners insight into what services would benefit designers and suggestions on how to expand there business. A participant suggested the idea of releasing a book on the importance of online PR to the fashion industry. “On the fitfth or fouth year you could release a book that would discuss the importance of marketing in the fashion industry. You could also include some of your clients in it as case studies, in this way you would be promoting them as well.” This idea was used in NicheDesigners five year plan, and became a crucial aspect of how to develop the business over 5 years.

Primary Research More Focus Group Conclusions The group was asked what they would be willing to pay for NicheDesigners services. Many of them didn’t have much understanding of how the industry costs. “I don’t really no how you would cost it, but I would be willing to pay money if I saw results.” Niche Designers suggested £500 to cover all of online PR. “I would pay this if I gained more customers, and also if you have a good reputation. At the end of the day, I don’t know where to start so at least you would get me some more business.”

NicheDesigners used this focus group and its results to help them develop the costing plan. Brief Conclusion The focus group was successful in helping NicheDesigners understand how to develop their brand. Also if the idea would be used by designers, using current textile students helped them gain insight on the services that would be most useful. For example, it appeared that many understood social media, however there was little understanding of the benefits of Online PR and SEO. The group also suggested they would be willing to pay for NicheDesigners services, if they have built a reputable brand for themselves. The focus group also concluded that for NicheDesigners to incorporate the whole of the EU in its campaigns would be a good idea, as that would gain a larger consumer audience for there designers.

Business Concept This report presents the business concept four Public Relations and Marketing Communications students at Buckinghamshire New University came up with. The idea is to create an Online Public Relations consultancy that will target niche designers across Europe.

The name of consultancy is NicheDesigners, therefore the domain name secured is similar: This was chosen after considering the target audience: niche designers across Europe; it justifies the choice of .eu not Also, any key words a niche designer might search in Google may start with the simplest ones, which will be niche designer or niche fashion designer. Together with a rich content posted on the website and appropriate meta description, the potential client will find the web page and get interested in the services it provides.

Services The services NicheDesigners consultancy would like to offer are: 1) Social Media Management 2) Social Media Reputation Management 3) Blog Content and Blog Management 4) Social Media for Search Engine Optimization 5) Social Media Strategy Planning 6) Event Management These were chosen after taking into consideration the experience of the founders. All of them have finished a Public Relations and Marketing Communications degree at Buckinghamshire New University. Furthermore, social media is getting more and more important part of strategic communication plan for each campaign. Each day there are new opportunities rising online. Social Media Reputation Management A good reputation in the fashion industry is crucial. You are building your own reputation with every post, comment, like and video. NicheDesigners will help you protect your name and business from a negative content online.

What you can expect from NicheDesigners? Monitoring and managing your reputation online. Suggesting where you should or should not get involved in a discussion. Helping you manage the negative opinions by responding to them in a meaningful way.

Social Media Management Social media channels play an important role in today’s business. They help build brand awareness and create a buzz around a future event. It is a powerful tool as the messages tend to disseminate themselves and the community can share their honest opinions. What will NicheDesigners do? Firstly, identify the most relevant social media channels for a niche designer and explain how important it is to invest time in updating the profile. Secondly, add an engaging, rich content and guide the niche designer how to do it in future. Last, but not least, track the visits and generate inbound links to the core website. Remember, via social media, the website traffic grows by 1020% each month.

Blog Management

Social Media Strategy Planning

Blogs might be still underestimated, but they are very powerful and can lead to a successful brand reputation. A well developed blog can offer an increasing traffic to your website.

Strategic planning is a core skill in the PR industry. It helps you manage your campaign easily and make it more integrated. What will NicheDesigners do?

What will NicheDesigners do? Design, integrate and develop your blog. Using this cost-effective tool will not only build a good reputation, but also increase business opportunities. NicheDesigners will make sure a rich content is regularly updated and promoted on other social media so as to gain traffic. Social Media for SEO Having a website set up and a few social media profiles will not make your brand recognizable. The key part is to make sure all of your profiles are getting the highest amount of visits and that they are linked together. What will NicheDesigners do? Make sure your website and social networks are connected to each other. Identify your strong and weak points so that you know which content is the most valuable for your visitors. Identify your target keywords and phrases to develop an online strategy, encourage a conversation around your brand, build valuable links. The aim is to increase your online exposure.

NicheDesigners will help you match your business goals to the social media options. After researching your competitors, we will find your strongest points and focus on differentiating your brand by creating a strategic social media campaign in Europe. We will measure and evaluate results for you to give suggestions what could be done differently in the future.

Event Management Depending on the client’s need, the agency is willing to help with organising an event for their niche designer. Whether it will be an exhibition in Paris or a product launch in London, the managing team will give 120% as the client is the most important. Everything from a venue, guests to catering and lighting. Writing your speech and body language training are provided.

Values and Mission “NicheDesigners mission is to provide the best possible services within Online Public Relations, which will result in strong relationship with the clients, trust and reliability. We care about our niche designers, therefore we want you to feel we’re your business partner, not just an agency. With our background and innovative, creative ideas, your presence on social media will improve and result in plenty of business offers.�


Relationship - Long-term relationships with our clients will build confidence and trust, so they could come back to us for assistance again.


Passion - Without the passion for PR and the target audience, no good social media campaign can be planned.


Technology - Technologysavvy management will ensure your brand is growing and reaching the appropriate market.


Opportunity Central solution is to seek for new opportunities every day.

Target Audience


The target audience is niche designers living and willing to work in Europe. These might be individuals studying any Fashion and Footwear or Textile Design courses or just people with a passion and talent available to promote in the industry. The consultancy is aiming specifically to help younger designers as it believes everybody should have an easy start in the business.

An important part of setting up your own business is to research the competition and differentiate the services you offer from the others. After searching Google and typing niche designers there appear websites, which mainly offer niche designers architecture services and firms offering innovative interiors and furniture. There has also appeared a niche design PR agency, which targets niche interior designers and provides a wide range of PR services from press coverage to digital campaigns.

Message The message wants to send across is that it builds business opportunities for Europe’s emerging designer talent as a business partner rather than an agency. It is important to show support to young people at their early stage of real life. Believing in the endless talent will help gain their trust, which will result in innovative digital projects.

There is no agency offering the range of services provides to its target audience. However, it does not mean there are no competitors at all. What is important is that when searching for “niche designers�, the consultancy will be more likely to appear as the first one and by building a good reputation, there will be more recognition gained among young designer students.

<META HTTPEQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <LINK HREF="styles.css" REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css"> <script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript"> NICHE is a modern design firm focused on creating beautiful interiors, furniture and communication graphics with an emphasis on sustainability. Projects include the model apartment for the first green condominium development in NYC - the Millennium Tower Residences - in Battery Park, and an all new energy efficient residential townhouse in midtown Manhattan. With furniture production facilities located California, NICHE is focused on integrating the best sustainable building practices and materials available on the market today. NICHE researches, evaluates and supports companies, suppliers and manufacturers who incorporate sustainability as part of their business practice. <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO8859-1" /> <title>niche- PR and marketing exclusively for interior designers</title>

For the first year Niche Designers will work from home, with our own laptops and equipment. Therefore expenses won’t have to be paid out for office rental and equipment. Though the agency start up needs to be funded, Niche designers have decided upon the ways to do this. Niche Designers will also be funded from a collection of combined savings. Also the team is hoping to gain interest in an investor generosity to fund the agency’s start up.

Most of the funding will be made available from Crowd funding. (Hubbub, 2014) Using the UK’s crowd funding website Niche designers will advertise there business idea to gain funds from the public to make the company possible. Niche Designers are hoping to raise £10,000 doing this will allow us to start paying salary's, afford better electronic equipment and also rent on a office.

Funding Once the agency has been funded and has made a profit in the first year Niche Designers will hope to rent a office in Brighton. Renowned for its art and designers. Brighton is also a short train journey from London, so the agency can be there quickly, but without paying the London high rent prices. Moreover, the seaside is known for its inspirational and calming nature so it would benefit the clients to visit the agency in such a beautiful surroundings.

Forecast Plan Using Excel, we have designed a plan for five years that includes all our products and services offered over the 5 years. (SoundSolutions, 2014) By the end of the first year Niche Designers aims to make £153,300 however by the end of the five year we are hoping to increase this revenue to £10,412,800.00 .

This plan is subject to the amount of customers we gain over the five year plan. By year 5 we hope to have a 100% increase in clients from 50 to 500. However this will only happen if we expand our products and services over the 5 years.


Advertsing Revenue Annual book basic entry Annual book Ad entry Annual book prime feature + ad entry SUB TOTAL Service Revnue Online PR Social Media Management Social Media Reputation Management Blog Content and Blog Management SEO Event Management SUB TOTAL Publishing Digital marketing for Niche Designers Digital marketing for Niche Designers Digital marketing for Niche Designers

Year 1 Year 2 Product/Market Customers Aov Total CustomersAov Total Cu Europe 50 £300.00 £15,000.00 100 £300.00 £30,000.00 5 £700.00 £3,500.00 15 £1,000.00 £15,000.00 2 £900.00 £1,800.00 5 £1,500.00 £7,500.00 £20,300.00 50 £500.00 20 £500.00 20 £500.00 40 £500.00 30 £600.00 50 £1,000.00

£25,000.00 £10,000.00 £10,000.00 £20,000.00 £18,000.00 £50,000.00 £133,000.00

£52,500.00 100 60 40 60 60 100

£1,000.00 £1,000.00 £600.00 £1,000.00 £700.00 £1,000.00

£100,000.00 £60,000.00 £24,000.00 £60,000.00 £42,000.00 £100,000.00 £386,000.00

Europe USA Far East

SUB TOTAL Niche Diesgners Event Social Media training PR for Niche Designers Social media trends seminar



SUB TOTAL Start Niche deisgners store on website Fashion products Art Work Textiles Graphics






Forecast Plan. Year 3,4 and 5.

Forecast Plan explained For NicheDesigners to grow and expand as a business over five years it must promote itself as a company. Niche Designers will do this through the use of : • Social media platforms: creating a Facebook and Twitter account for Niche Designers, will help establish itself as a company. It will also help create a company that is easily assessable for customers. These social media pages will constantly be updated by the Account executive of the team and regulated frequently. • A Blog: this will include posts about current digital trends, news trends and important company updates. Using a blog will allow Niche Designers to establish itself as a approachable brand, that is enthusiastic about the marketing industry. Using these tactics will develop Niche Designers as a credible online agency. Niche Designers will grow as a business over five years it will do so by offering a range of different products and services.

Year one: To be able to collect data on our customers we will allow customers to sign up to showcase there work in a annual. This will be published and distributed around Europe. There will be a an option of three tariffs, the basic option of a feature will be £300 for the first year. The secondary option will be £700 for an Advertisement. The third prime option is £900 for a featured article plus an advertisement. The prices for appearing the annual will increase throughout the five years as the company becomes more established. Creating a annual will help promote Niche Designers' and also the individual designs themselves. Throughout the five years NicheDesigners will offer marketing services such as : • Online PR • Social Media Management • Social media reputation management • Blog content and management • SEO • Event management The services Niche designers offer will increase in price over the five years social media management will be £500 in year one but in year five the price will increase to £1000.

Year two: The agency will repeat the same services and products offered, however we will aim to double our clientele to 100. Doing this Niche Designers will make a £458,500 increase in revenue.

Year three: NicheDesigners is planning on publishing a book aimed at designers, on the importance of digital marketing to a business. This will be released first in Europe and over the next two years will be released in the USA and the Far East. Doing so will allow Niche Designers to build its brand reputation, as a company that has an understanding of all new marketing trends and it’s importance.

Year four: In Year 4 the company will introduce NicheDesigners events. These will take place throughout the year to promote Niche Designers as a brand and also educate designers on the current marketing trends. The first event will be held on social media, this will involve the company training it’s clients in how to maintain, use and get the most our of social media platforms. The second will be a conference held for its customers on the use and importance of Public relations on a company. Both events will help gain revenue for the company. Its final event will follow on from the social media training, but will be a seminar on social media trends. This seminar will showcase around Europe including the main cities, following the book launch from the previous year.

Year five: By year five niche designers will have increased its customers by 100% therefore will have a portfolio of clients that will have design work the company can sell on the website. Niche designers will sell Art work, fashion products, graphic work and textiles. Niche designers will take a percentage of the product to make revenue on the products sold. By sticking g to the five year plan Niche designer will make revenue of approximately £9million on the fifth year.

Choice of Branding and Graphics We designed the logo to illustrate our focus within not just the UK but within Europe. This is important to our brand as it demonstrates our vision of creating a company that can be known across the EU. We wanted to use loud and eye catching colours for our logo, to stand out to customers. The colours are warm and uplifting, which is important because we wanted to be seen as a confident company that will support and create positive results.

On the Home page, we used images of potential clients work. When the business starts building our customer portfolio, we will showcase work on the homepage. This is essential, because we want to build a brand that is enthusiastic and supportive of our clients work.

We have used social media icons throughout the website to make sure consumers can easy access our social media channels. Helping us build a reputable brand.

Website Screenshots

Website Screenshots

The website was kept in a simple layout, easy to navigate. There are information on the team, services, previous clients as well as a chance to sign up for the annual book and contact the board with any queries. Logo is visible at the top of each page. Pictures are related to the niche design industry therefore they create a nice corporate image. To remind, the domain name chosen is In the future the website will be available in three other languages: Polish, French and Spanish. It will depend on the range of clients from abroad NicheDesigner agency will get.

Wire Frame Plans This design was chosen for the website, as it is easy to access and understand. The website displays clear navigation through the use of a menu at the top of each page. Using a dynamic wire frame, it makes the content easier to read for the user.

Niche Designers logo in header

Navigation menu

Slide show of clients products

Mission and vision


Social media Icons

To demonstrate the use of wire frame in the design of Niche designers website, we have used the example of our home page.

Email Marketing Email marketing will be used by Niche Designers due to the research conducted by the group on the effectiveness of email marketing. It reported as second effective online marketing tactic. It is cheaper and faster way to target customers compared to traditional postal mail. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t require printing costs and addressing and mailing. Using email marketing Niche Designers can also target customers on subjects of interest, as they have opted in. Using data collected on the contact forms they have previously filled out.

Niche Designers will make sure the emails sent are personal to each customer. Making the email personal to the customer can be a very effective marketing tool. (MarketoBlog, 2014) As it builds a direct relationship with that customer, using there interests and demographics, an email can target a customer directly. (Fill, 1999) Often resulting in traffic building to a companies website, and then a purchase. Niche Designer will create a series of emails, designed to target each type of designer; textiles, graphics, fashion and art. This way the emails will target directly to its audience. Whether it will be a 40% discount of some sort or just a product introduction, it will always encourage to come back to the main website and explore the agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plans.

Niche Designers email. The design is simple, and clearly welcomes the customer, offering a 40% discount on the annual. Doing so allows Niche designers to collect data on the customer whilst giving the customer something to benefit them in return.

Social Media Campaign This social media campaign is created for long-term purposes and its aim is to promote the new business concept. It is also strongly connected with building a positive reputation among both consultancy’s target audience and competitors. (Solomon, 2009) A) Objectives: to create brand-awareness; to promote NicheDesigners consultancy. B) Target Audience: fashion designers living in Europe interested in entering the industry; students who need help with promoting their niche designer work digitally. C) Social Media Channels: 1) Twitter A good PR person can send a message across in less than 140 characters. The aim of NicheDesigners Twitter account is to give advice, share thoughts, share pictures and actions which happened on the day at the agency or with a client. Any awards, competitions and events will also be used to create a tweet. To promote the consultancy at the beginning of its career, the tweets will contain the hot tips of how to start your own business in the fashion industry, links to the interviews with a few designers from Buckinghamshire New University, photos from the trip to Warsaw where Polish niche designers were given a chance to show their clothing on a catwalk. It will be also important to leave comments (and therefore encourage people to follow the NicheDesigners Twitter account) on those people’s profiles that are found interesting, relevant and inspiring for the niche designer audience.

2) Facebook In order to encourage more people to think of promoting their business and starting to do something towards their future, NicheDesigners would like to launch a competition. Each month there will be a theme given, for instance Eiffel Tower or nature. The challenge is to design a scarf or a T-shirt that is related to the theme. The best design according to the agency and Facebook visitors will be awarded with a Fashion Week ticket and a personal training on how to promote the business more effectively. 3) NicheDesigner Blog Linked to the main website and the content on other social media profiles will help meet the objectives, so create brand awareness. Blogs are to share thoughts and experiences as well elaborate more on the work you are currently doing. The first posts will include the events and fashion shows recently attended and the connections made during them. As the target audience is related to the fashion industry, there are going to be a few posts on upcoming European fashion events and reviews, which of them are “the must be there” ones for the niche audience. The plan is also to use the language skills the management has and provide the bloggers with a guide-dictionary in a fashion industry. With the basics in English, Polish, Spanish and French no niche designer will be terrified to go abroad to promote his art. Also, there will be posts related to the effective usage of social media.

4) LinkedIn LinkedIn is a place where you grow your professional network. This will be used to search for people with relevant background to help expand the business as well as to share interesting articles.

5) YouTube YouTube channel is a chance to be more interactive and use the power of images. NicheDesigners produced a few videos from the trip to Europe to look for inspirations for the business. There will be a series of 10 videos, about 5 minuteslong posted after attending fashion shows in Milan, Warsaw and Berlin aimed at very creative, slightly provocative designers. Variety of interviews, advice from European niche designers will work well with other content posted on different social media channels.

This strategy will continue for three months to see whether it is successful and effective. All five social media channels described above will start to run at the same time. They will not be updated on the same day. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, which will be updated every day, videos on YouTube will appear once a week or every two weeks. NicheDesigners blog posts will be due every Wednesday.

A5 Promotional Leaflet In order to promote the new business concept, an A5 leaflet has been designed to send across digitally. At the top there is a European silhouette visible, designed as a painting illusion. Refers to the broad audience across Europe. There is a title and subtitle of the leaflet. It contains a name of the consultancy: NicheDesigners and summarises the concept within one sentence. There is a call to action and brief description of the services the agency provides. Catchy phrases are always useful when creating a leaflet.

Bright colours connect well with the business idea and its target audience. Textile design, fashion trends, clothes, furniture â&#x20AC;&#x201C; who does not want it bright and shiny? Four colours are the key here: orange (colour of social communication and optimism), purple (imagination), green (balance and growth) and pink (unconditional love). (ColourWheelPro, 2013)

Social Media accounts and website name appears at the bottom so that everyone who is interested in exploring more, could easily access further information. (Watson, 2014)

3 Banner Advertisements for NicheDesigners

Above you can see 3 propositions of the banner advertisements for the NicheDesigner agency to appear online. The colours were chosen to match the A5 promotional leaflet; bright and colourful banners attract attention. There is also a call to action on each of them.

Ideally, clicking on them will lead to the main website of the agency. Europeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s map and Europeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s landmarks are to remind who the target audience is: emerging designer talent from Europe.

Data collection

Niche Designers will collect data through a sign up newsletter. This will be sent to the recipients email address, containing information on new clients, advertisements and promotions. Email addresses will be supplied through the data collected on the site, through the use of contact forms. The design of the contact form displayed on the website has been designed for the purpose of collecting as much data on a consumer. This data will be used by Niche Designers, to collect primary findings on the demographics of there clientele and customers. These finding will help them segment there target audiences for each clientele.

To attract people to fill out the contact form Niche Designers must offer something for filling out the form. Niche Designers will run a competition, that will offer the winning customer free SEO for a month for completing the form. Niche Designers will also use a contact form for customers to sign up to showcase themselves in the annual. The contact form allows the client to choose which service they will pay for. Also what category of designer they are. Using this contact form will also allow Niche designers to gain data on the clients, on which option for the annual is most popular. Niche Designers have estimated 2 clients will sign up for the ÂŁ900 product for the first year.

Data Capture and Management Niche designers are hiring in DataCapture to act as a link between customers and their data. They help gather, store and display in an easy way for the company to store and analyse. They are installing bespoke system that will match Niche’s unique workflow (DataCap: 2014). When being in contact with DataCapture, they explained that they wold most likely install a type of relational database for example a MySQL.

Once this database has been installed and the data is revealed back to Niche, heavy analysis will be taken place by the team to see what updates need to be taken forward for the company to work on. Niche will now have the opportunity to have the details of the custom they are looking for and target certain areas towards this customer data.

Business and Marketing Campaigns Niche designers are a company that are very personal based. Everything is dealt with by the team and the designers that Niche work with are always the first point of call and constant communication is a must for Niche as a company. As Niche market at such a personal level; when it comes to the campaigns of the business there are certain areas that are approached when a campaign is about to be launched, firstly are the fashion and textile events. Offering Niche’s expertise at a public occasion will maximise the impact and lend credibility to the service that is being provided. Once Niche has a secure customer base then referrals will be one of the main marketing aspects that Niche will look too to provide a word of mouth aspect. Part of the marketing research to take place will be to spend time in Niche’s customer’s shoes, the team will visit fashion and textile schools to find out exactly what they are looking for as businesses change daily and Niche intend to stay on top of their sector of the ‘niche’ fashion business.

Optimisation for the Niche Designers agency

Online PR activities

There are four main aspects to optimisation; firstly are the titles, description and body text. These are what influence a searcher to click and convert to a qualified visitor. From an online PR aspect, these are solid with actionable and SEO savvy keywords and links (Buyer, L: 2011).

For NicheDesigners this means influencing media, communities and audiences that exist solely on the internet using online channels. The online PR channels that niche will be focusing on are search engines, blogs, forums, discussion threads, social networks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; this will be a very important channel, and also some other online communication tools.

For niche designers they plan to be SEO smart so will also be looking into getting the main image optimised, as in the image that is the most eyecatching and that will stand out in blog posts, Facebook posts, tweets and press release distribution. This is one of the most important parts of optimisation to the company as it means control of the image that is going to be supporting the brand. With local PR and Google places Niche will take control of google places; from a PR perspective this is the equivalent to free editorial space on page one of Google that the business can control, be added to and monitored by the company. Maximising PR potential with logos, photos, videos and reviews is also a vital part of the optimisation process that Niche will take forward. For optimal success PR, social media and SEO all need to merge, converge and work together to experience the best online results and ROI.

The social media side is something that Niche specialise in so this will obviously be a main focus for the team. Another side to Nicheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s online activities will be a massive focus on Brand Reputation monitoring and management of this aspect. Online PR requires a mix of social, creative, persuasive and technical skills and Niche believes that each member of the team can bring an aspect of each to the table.

Marketing Plan The aim of a marketing plan is to identify who the target customers are, how the company will reach them and how the company will retain the customers to ensure repeat business (Lavinsky, 2013). 1. Target Customers: This is to determine the customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s demographic, psychographic profile and their specific wants so that Niche can identify and pinpoint where they need to market and who to. After research Niche has decided to focus on European designers and specifically young and fresh designers that are in most need of their help. 2. Unique Selling Point: The USP for the business is the most important because after research it showed that Niche designers as a business did not have any competition specific to what Niche was aiming at. 3. Pricing and positioning strategy: Niche Designers as a brand want to be accessible to all types of business. The plan is to have different packages available that can work with different businesses so for a more premium brand they will have the full extent of the team but if itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a lower price package then that will only take on some of the team but still get the Niche Designer experience. 4. Distribution Plan: When it comes to how customers will purchase our service, it will be on a personal call as then the team can go through the price plan and work out which plan would best suit their business.

5. Marketing Materials: The main marketing materials that will be used are firstly the website as this is the main tool for Niche. The company will also be doing editorial and advertorial work in fashion and textile magazine to make sure that the right consumers are viewing our website. Look into a joint venture with a company i.e. a fashion and textile university 6. Online Marketing strategy: - Keyword strategy: identify what keywords Niche will optimise on the website - SEO: Document the updates that will make the website show up more prominently for the top keywords - Paid online advertising strategy: using the boost and sponsored button on social media sites to boost the website online presence 7. Conversion strategy: - Conversion strategies refer to the techniques you employ to turn prospective customs into paying customers. - Improve the sales script when a customer rings the headquarters - Social proof- posting testimonials of previous customers 8. Retention strategy: Create a monthly newsletter to retain contact with consumers, and look into creating a customer loyalty programme. 9. Financial projections: - Promotional expenses - Expected results from retention strategy

Financial Marketing Plan With the Marketing side of the Financial Plan the three main aspects of revenue to look at are the Online PR, Social Media Management and SEO. These will be the three that Niche Designers marketing will focus on as they bring the most return to the company. With online PR it is set to more than quadruple before the second year, the same with social media management it more than quadruples and then continues to double until its fifth year. SEO management is becoming a massive part of everyday businesses and this is one of the main aspects that after research, NicheDesigners believed they needed to make one of the main aims of the campaigns they put together for their customers, set to more than double every year of the five year plan. With online and social marketing it allows Niche to see the instant wins for their clients so can go back to the client with an instant report of their findings.

Web Analytics Web analytics is a data analysis service for both small and big enterprises. It provides a company with an information on the traffic, page views, clicks. Moreover, it allows you to measure and improve on the results generated from the search marketing campaigns. (Parkin, 2009)

Types of information available from web analytics system to improve the traffic building: Referring sites - useful for identifying potential link-partners and getting to know the type of visitors the website gets the most often; Referral time - for planning future campaigns so that they could be successful; Search engine key words - indicates customer behaviour and can be used to assess the success of search engine marketing efforts; Conversation rates - helps to understand the effectiveness of the site design, messaging and incentives; Stickiness - to check if the visitors find what they are looking for; Repeat visits - for forecasting the effectiveness of the campaign; cookies or registration on the website is very helpful (Chaffey, 2013)

NicheDesigners will use Google Analytics as it is free of charge and helps new businesses identify strong and weak points of the website. The wide range of data it gives you as well as its clarity is definitely an advantage. The management would be able to see the number of visitors on the website, most popular pages and the average time spent on each page. By tracking visitors behaviour, the agency will be able to plan future search marketing campaigns as well as wisely plan the content posted. As the website has a blog tag on it, it will be easy to see whether it is attractive enough or needs changing and promoting more. In the event of having poor repeatable visits for a long period of time, NicheDesigners team is willing to organise a focus group or run a questionnaire to gain more opinions and advice on what could possibly change to attract more visitors.

Conclusions In todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s very competitive market it is difficult to come up with a unique, innovative business idea, which will be appreciated by the chosen target audience. Whenever you think of something, it may already exist. It is only the matter of in what format is it available and how you can differentiate from the competitor. There are many Online Public Relations consultancies as clients appreciate their work more and more. Social media influences many consumer decisions, so there is a need to constantly monitor their behaviour, especially in the stage of research before the purchase is finalised. NicheDesigners is not just another online PR consultancy. It specifically aims at niche fashion or textile designers across Europe. Such an idea was created while thinking of a good start-up for Art students and researching the fashion industry for other course works. Thinking of services, it was a right decision to combine every social media aspect that is needed for a good reputation online and quality presence. The A5 leaflet as well as banner advertisements are crucial for promotion and attracting visits to the main website. Social media campaign strategy should encourage, promote and build a strong brand. Financial part of any business is the reason to put the creators off. NicheDesigners team considerated it very rationally and although the numbers on the spreadsheet may seem too high, the agency should always aim high and in an ambitious way.

Getting support from Lukasz Kulpa and focus group members made us think of expanding the business year by year. Seminars and personal trainings are the main plan for future. Inspirational books, start-up business guides would be very helpful for the target audience and bring some profit to the agency. All in all, NicheDesigners should be a successful online consultancy as long as it follows its mission statement and values. Undoubtedly, it should see the opportunities on every corner and seek for the clients. Starting from attending the minor fashion events, university exhibitions to then large scale shows and online conferences with designers.

References Chaffey, D., Smith, P.R. (2013) E-marketing excellence. Planning and Optimising your Digital Marketing. 4th ed. Oxon. Routledge. ColorWheelPro (2013) Color Meaning [online]. Available from: [Accessed 27 April 2014]. Hubbub (2014) Hubbub. Educationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Crowdfunding Platform [online]. Available from: [Accessed 2 April 2014]. Fill, C. (1999) Marketing Communications. Contexts, contents and strategies. 2nd ed. Hemel Hempstead: Prentice Hall Europe. Lavinsky, D. (2013) Business Plan Template: What to include? [online]. Available from: [Accessed 7th May 2014]. MarketoBlog (2014) Email Marketing [online]. Available from: [Accessed 27th March 2014]. Niche (2014) Home [online]. Available from: [Accessed 20 February 2014]. Parkin, G. (2009) Digital Marketing. Strategies for an online success. 1st ed. London: New Holland Publishers Ltd. Solomon, M.R., Bamossy, G., Askegaard, S., Hogg, M.K. (2010) Consumer Behaviour. A European Perspective. 4th ed. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. SoundSolutions (2014) Breakeven Analysis Model [online]. Available from: [Accessed 20 February 2014]. Watson, M. (2014) Personal Conversation. 27th March 2014.

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