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Emiliano Serreli, 31 years old, architect and illustrator from italy. all along interested in comics, illustration, movies, animation and everything entertainment related. after spending my life doodling and drawing for myself, now I’d like to take a step forward and try to work doing what I enjoy the most.

rebel girl, rebel girl - you are the queen of my world.

neverland two little brothers are playing pretending their room is a pirate playset playing the roles of Peter and Hook. they’re both enjoying their time though a dangerous crocodile is approaching. TIK TOK TIK TOK...

keeping fit dancing and doing gym in a summer morning.

alice... quacker? - alice cooper portrait.

number two “the prisoner� inspired pin-up.

Š Disney

summer trip two loyal friends sailing to adventures.

© Marvel

Bruce and Jen, family picture “HULK noT LIKE WHEN COUSIN JEN SIT ON HIS HEAD!!”

declaration illustration for a poster.

Mr handcuffs’ office Background art for indipendent videogame “S.Cape escape”, in developement.

Š Disney

lolling on a bench donald doing what he does better.

at the ophthalmologist’s the best pair of specs you will ever wear.

© 20th Century Fox

there’s a light one of the most iconic scenes in “the Rocky horror picture show”.

© Disney

defying gravity minnie and clarabelle playing glinda and elphaba in a scene from the musical “wicked”.

sonia, the redhead - a “film fun magazine� inspired pin-up.


snikt! - “I’m the best there is at what I do, and what I do best tastes good”.


cranky’s winning back short comic, excerpt (bw).


cranky’s winning back short comic, excerpt (color).

expressions sheet character study.

pretty-pretty the queen of the galaxy walking around the... galaxy.

Š Nickelodeon

a present for squiddy SpongeBob just finished drawing a lovefull portrait of his friend Squiddy, while he seems not to appreciate it so much. But...

© Nickelodeon

ehy! Look at him! Squiddy’s very amused when Spongebob can’t see him: is he trying to mimic the face Spongebob just drew for him? Or is he just secretly happy for the present?

© Marvel

your friendly neighborhood spider-mouse ‘nuff said!

Š Disney

daisy in gown she loves doing that duckface to the camera.

summer drizzle a few unexpected raindrops help refreshing the limbs.

Joey Ramone the kkk took his baby away.

up, up and away “I gotta model myself after someone!”

Portfolio 2013 - Emiliano Serreli  

Cartoonist portfolio. Comics and illustration.

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