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Bjørn Lillesoa

Hey how you doing? Im great, I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Barcelona, Munich, and Tallinn in Estonia, Also I just got on the new Vans Nordic team so im stoked! You just came back from Vert attack how was it? It was cool to see all the vert homies again! And of Couse seeing some new people out there too, but im not all fresh after vert attack. I dislocated my shoulder in my Semi-final heat, I’ve tried to do a nosebone to fakie but I burst out when I landed and smacked my shoulder straight on the flat so it just popped out. But anyway I had a really good time and I was happy to be at Vert Attack as always.

“I had a blast in Barcelona I just wanted to go skate everywhere all the time”

You skate transition but you have no problem taking taking your trick to the street so how was barcelona for you? I had a blast in Barcelona I just wanted to go skate everywhere all the time. One of the days we went to the harbor at Barcelona and we found a big ass bank and I just had to go down it, then 1 of the days we went back there in the early morning to shoot a photo on it but we got kicked 10 minutes after and the police told us that if we came back we would get fines for up to 3000€ and all the camera equipment confiscated, but we didt really care so we came back the morning after and I did a melon down it.

Nose Blunt Steppe Side Malmo

Fs 5-0 Over Vert

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What is 4 you best place to skate? The best place for me to be is were the session is on! I love to be at “Hullet” the DIY bowl in Copenhagen because its really gnarly and one of a kind, and of cause “ALIS wonderland” in christania, Copenhagen. Plan for the summer? I’m going to travel, have fun and skate as much as possible! Im going to Italy, France, and Czech republic for the 20’s anniversary of mystic cup. And I’m hoping to go to USA for a month in august. And eat hell a lot off BBQ

Our friend from New Jersy send us this hironic drawing Keep it up Sam!

Sam Cardelfe

Venner or Veninde

Alexander Rivald Fs Ollie Golden Hour Engheve Park

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