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SOCIETY AND TOLERANCE Now a days the society lost the value of tolerance that cause, that the new generations become people without values. Also the society don´t try to reintroduce that because they think that values is not necessary in the modern life. In the globalize world are a lot of war or issues between nations or groups of terrorisim a example is: ISIS is a group of people that follows Islamic ,that group kill and kindnapped several people only for their causes, there only see that they can´t tolerate different societies that don´t believe in their religion.

There we need to taught, all people is different we can not agree in all, our thinking it all ways be different from each other also we need to have respect each other, that change need to come from the core of the family. In the other hand we have people that teach and show tolerance, that people need to be on schools, public places, bussines if we have success not only the people can coexist instead we can have peace around the globe. In conlussion I think that all people have the value, only we need to develop it also encourage our kids to adapt the value to be a better human being. 3

The Garden Little piece of land that´s mine, Were I can spend my time, I know that a new day comes up, When the flowers wake up,

Little piece of land that´s mine, The days pass in front of me, They survive despite everything, So beautiful, so delicate,

Little piece of land that´s mine, Little flowers are everywhere, Bugs come to play in the garden, All that nature in one place,


Little piece of land that´s mine, Take care of the pretty land, Plant your own piece of beauty, We love our little garden.

Courage Today I opened wide my eyes, And stared with wonder and surprise, To see beneath November skies An apple blossom peer; Upon a branch as bleak as night It gleamed exultant on my sight, A fairy beacon burning bright Of hope and cheer. 'Alas! ' said I, 'poor foolish thing, Have you mistaken this for Spring? Behold, the thrush has taken wing, And Winter's near.' Serene it seemed to lift its head: 'The Winter's wrath I do not dread, Because I am,' it proudly said, 'A Pioneer. 'Some apple blossom must be first, With beauty's urgency to burst Into a world for joy athirst, And so I dare; And I shall see what none shall see December skies gloom over me, And mock them with my April glee, And fearless fare. 'And I shall hear what none shall hear The hardy robin piping clear, The Storm King gallop dark and drear Across the sky; 5

And I shall know what none shall know The silent kisses of the snow, The Christmas candles' silver glow, Before I die. 'Then from your frost-gemmed window pane One morning you will look in vain, My smile of delicate disdain No more to see; But though I pass before my time, And perish in the grale and grime, Maybe you'll have a little rhyme To spare for me.' Made by Robert Wiliam Service


The Four Once upon a time there was a village. That village was a quiet one. Its name was Bree. People in there used to be farmers. Man would work on the fields while women took care of their little children. Grown boys helped their fathers to work the land and the ladies learned how to keep a house neat and clean so when they get marry, no trouble would come to their homes. Everything was peace and quiet to those people and nothing unexpected ever happened. But it came. In a dark night full of clouds and tremendous winds that threatened to lift trees up through the air, the rain started falling as if was a waterfall that was being born on the skies and wanted to flood all the earth. It destroyed everything on its way, but that wasn’t everything. And from the sky big birds began coming down landing in the middle of the little and quite village, and from the giant and unknown birds, big men started to appear shaking the ground with every step they took. Big monsters that were looking for someone to kill or at least make suffer. They were there standing, just looking around and at each other. The people were terrified, didn’t know what to do nor if they had to do something, hiding from the strangers that wouldn’t matter the size of the storm since they looked bigger than it. Some didn’t notice there were these visitors, but for those who did, they never forgot how they looked like, and even worse, their eyes, big as a grown potato and black as they fertile soil they would work with every day. They conveyed fear and death, a deep sight that would make anyone tremble from within, even the bravest wouldn’t dare to defy them. 7

They started to talk and divided into three groups. The first started braking the barns and stealing all the grain that were inside including some animals that were there. The other two, carrying swords and hammers open path through the village looking for people to torture. They lift the buildings, one after another were discovering the fearful and trembling villagers that were hoping not to be found and wishing that all this was just a dream. Some escaped thanks to the deep darkness of the night but for those who were captured it wasn’t that good for them. Once they were collected they were drag to the main square and put one by the side of the other. The giants were just looking at them waiting for the signal of the leader to start having fun. A few minutes later, the captured villagers weren’t there anymore. The “Schlots”, as they were called were laughing and cleaning their arms while some of them were tying the robbed grain and animals. And as they came they went, with a storm in their backs and riding those big birds, in silence and without trace. The next morning as usually everything was quite, the birds sing and the sun shines once again in the sky. But it isn’t the same at all, people are missing, those who were massacred weren’t there. What happened the last night would never be forgotten, for those who heard about what happen nor for those who experienced the fear of being there and watching how they were losing their love ones. Between the survivors were four people, who in a short time were considered as “The Four”. These were the following: Garen, the strong, and his wife Ashe, then Ryze the wise and Rengal, Garen´s best friend. They were able to escape the dark night from


the Schlots and now due to their abilities as leaders they had to guide the remaining of the villagers. Months have passed since the destruction of the village and now as since the beginning Garen wants to move from location to a safer want with the argument that if they came once they could return and cause more destruction and suffering, but as they were four leaders all of them had to agree. It took a long time to convince all of the members of the consul, but is was done, the decision was made and now the survivors were moving towards Isengar, the White City, to find protection and notice the king about these creatures that caused so much suffering to Garen and his people. It was a long trip but they got to see The Great White City, build within a mountain and in its surroundings, it was a prosperous city and powerful city that hasn’t been attacked since the first era. The Breeans (people from Bree) established their camp in the outside of the city and started looking for some job to do on the fields, since the majority were farmers. Meanwhile The Four reunite to talk about the possible meeting with the King Rayan to explain all their situation. He received them as expected and help them with a place for living, jobs, and the security that they would be safe within the city walls. But that wasn’t enough for Garen and Rengal, they wanted vengeance for their people who died by the hand of the monsters. But Ashe didn’t think that was necessary since now they have security and Ryze also though that. Nevertheless Garen and his friend went to talk with the king to ask for permission for an expedition and his help to accomplish it with resources and some men to support them finding the Schlots and finish them. The king saw the desire of revenge and the pursuit of the restoration of their people 9

honor, so he help them. He gave supplies, 50 men and maps to study the area. They departed a week later: the king´s men, Rengal, Garen and his wife Ashe. Ryze stayed to take care of the remaining Breeans. After a month of looking for the Schlots and asking in other villages where it had happened the same as to them, they found the Schlots kingdom, “Gorgonian” the dark side of the world. Once you get inside the kingdom you would notice its deep darkness and desolation surrounded by a feeling of despair and hopelessness. Everything was dead there, gray and cold. There weren’t green plant or trees, just the remains of big logs that now have died and were on the ground and big deep gray Rocky Mountains that were everywhere surrounding the forgotten valley of Gorgonian. The presence of our heroes wasn’t a surprise, since the Schlots could see them from the skies while riding their beasts. The Battle was epical, worthy of legend. Many died but it was glorious. Garen was at the front with his big sword made of white steel and forged by the great smiths of Isengar. Rengal was by his side protecting his back and stopping the arrows from the enemy with his mighty shield with the face of a lion on it. Ashe was in the back leading all the archers to the battle and protecting his husband from the distance. The Schlots are not easy to beat. They are big monsters with the heigt of one men and a half carrying hammers with the weight of a wild pig and the size of a wagon wheel. They had the advantage of the place and also they had beasts, not just the big flying creatures, but also large lizards that could eat a deer without hesitating. Many life were lost from both sides, the numbers weren’t equal. Some would say that Garen and his men would have opportunity


against this menace, and they could have been right they were bigger, stronger, and more powerful than them. But they didn’t have something that Garen, and Rengal and the rest did have‌Honor and Fortitude. That gave them the battle and they won with great rejoice. They came back home 4 months after leaving and a great feast was made on their honor and the celebration lasted 4 days and 4 nights because the good side had won one more time over evil and the wish of destruction. Many stories were made, telling the great legend of The Four and the 50 men that fought with honor and for the honor of the fallen ones.

The Four and their people went back to their quite village where they used to be farmers that didn’t have to worry about tomorrow. It turned from a village to a town, then to city and now it is known as the second capital of the country after the Great White City of Isengar. City of the Four Legends was its name and still now a days the legend of the four is remembered as an example of honor, fortitude and hope for those who live there and for all the rest of the country. And there remain four statues remembering the Great Four taking care of the entrance to city and being aware of the return of the Schlots.











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