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Health Insurance

What is health insurance? Health insurance is a financial protection that you can have against medical emergencies such as an injury or a disease

Health insurance covers (depending on plans):

 Cashless treatments (through a network of hospitals)  Hospitalization expenses including ambulance charges  Free medical check-up (through a network of

hospitals)  Critical illness/ Accidents/ Pregnancy

Most common types of health insurance services

 HMO – Health Maintenance Organization  PPO – Preferred Provider Organization  PoS (Point of Service)  High Deductible Health Plan

HMO – Health Maintenance Organization  Allows you to choose a primary care doctor from a

network of healthcare providers  In case of specialist care, your primary care doctor

will refer you to other specialists  No deductible  Low cost and co-payment amount

PPO – Preferred Provider Organization  Allows you to have the entire network of healthcare

providers at hand  Plus doctors outside the network  There are some deductibles  Deductibles increase when you consult with doctors

outside the network. So does the cost!

PoS (Point of Service)  Allows you to choose a primary healthcare provider from

the network  When necessary, you will be referred to specialists within

the network  Shares the stipulations of both HMO and PPO  Low premium but high deductible  Deductibles can be even more higher when you see doctors

outside the network. So do the copayment amounts!

High-Deductible Health Plan  High deductibles but the premium to be paid is low  Need to manage the expenses incurred for routine

checkups on your own, until the deductible amount is met  Once the maximum deductible is met, you will start

enjoying the coverage

Why take health insurance? Health or medical insurance can help you out in paying large medical bills, which can take a toll on your future. Thus, it secures your ‘now’ and future.

We live in a world full of surprises and we have to be wise enough to deal with situations that are extreme and beyond our control. After all, being forewarned is forearmed!

Where to find health insurance in UAE?

Gargash Insurance Services LLC Office #305, 3rd Floor, Pyramid Centre, Opp. Al Nasr Sports Club / Tas’heel, Umm Hurair Road PO Box: 50251 +971 4 337 9800 +971 4 337 7888 Email:

How to choose a health insurance  
How to choose a health insurance  

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