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Nicole Wells SAU Senior

In Memory of her Grandmother

Nicole Wells has her mind filled with ideas, stress, and

final projects, all leading to her future. Among her many activities is a piece of wisdom that has told her to carry on when she felt like giving up, given by a woman who never did gave up, even to the end of her life: her grandmother, SAU Senior Nicole Wells Patricia Deneau. Nicole was only seven years old when her grandmother became ill. For months, she watched her grandmother grow weaker and slowly unable to perform normal activities, and, yet refuse to see a doctor. “We went to my great grandma’s house in New York and I remember she had to sleep downstairs because she was too weak to go up and down the stairs,” said Nicole. The family urged her grandmother to go to the doctor but she refused, saying she would be fine. She went on planning trips, and doing all she did. Three days later, however, she was unable to get out of bed. She was rushed to the Emergency Room, and after many tests, was diagnosed with stage three Breast Cancer. The cancer had advanced and was inoperable. The doctor’s offered doing chemotherapy, but were unsure if any progress would be made. She was transferred back to Michigan to receive two to three weeks of chemotherapy. The treatments, however, did nothing, and only made her weaker. It was at this point that the doctors told the family that they really couldn’t do anything. They had the option of keeping her at the hospital, but the family chose to return her home, with homebound assistance. After another two to three weeks, Nicole remembers being woke up by her mother saying they needed to leave for grandma and grandpa’s house because grandma probably wasn’t going to