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without treatment. An intensive round of chemotherapy was done, but the cancer was too progressed and aggressive. Jody’s father passed away December 27, nine months after his diagnosis. Jody was 34 years old. “We didn’t talk about it much,” Jody said. “But, it took my mom a long time to forgive that chiropractor.” Jody’s family grew close, and missed her father. It was 10 years later that their mother, Phyllis, began having health problems. Phyllis had extreme pain in her side, that literally took her breath away. However, after some tests she had to wait for the doctor to return from vacation to hear her diagnosis. “We had kind of assumed sine they (the hospital nurses) wouldn’t give information, that is was something bad,” said Jody. Phyllis was diagnosed with bile duct cancer, September 2007. There are no treatments for this type of cancer so Jody, and her family knew their mother did not have long. There was a procedure proposed of implanting beads into her liver through her veins to prolong her life. One of her brothers “They may not have the answers, but the said they should try it if more you get out, the easier it will be to it meant possibly care for them” saving their mom, so they attempted. However, after prepping the veins for the beads her mother was too weak to continue with the procedure. Because Phyllis needed 24 hour care, Jody and her brothers admitted her to a nursing home. The fast progression of her cancer made her too weak to move. “By this time she didn’t really want to fight it, she was ready to go,” said Jody. “She was ready to be with Dad.”