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Toyota Mark X Introduction

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Toyota Mark X Introduction Posted on July 8, 2013 by mp4mobilephone

The Mark X is a mid size automobile created by Toyota for the Japanese market, and sold only at Toyopet Store locations. The Mark X was introduced in 2004 and is manufactured in Kanegasaki, Iwate, Japan. Also sold in China as the Reiz, it is available with either a 253 horsepower (189 kW) 3.0 L or 212 horsepower (158 kW) 2.5 L GR series V6 engine. Both engines offer dual VVT-i (variable valve timing) with gasoline direct injection(Japanese models only). The rear-wheel drive models have a 6-speed automatic transmission as standard, and the allwheel drive models have a 5-speed automatic. The Mark X is the successor to the Mark II which was first introduced in第 1/9 页)2013/7/10 14:11:34

Toyota Mark X Introduction

1968, was known in the North American market as the Corona Mark II starting in 1972 and the Cressida from 1977 to 1992 and was the predecessor to the introduction of Lexus. The Mark X is not pronounced “Mark Ten” but “Mark Ex”, though the Mark II is “Mark Two”. The Mark X is an alternative to the Toyota Camry for buyers who like the size of the Camry, but prefer a front engine rear drive powertrain with the option to add all wheel drive, which the Camry doesn’t offer. The Mark X is a combination of previous Mark II siblings, the sport oriented Toyota Chaser, and the luxurious Toyota Cresta in one vehicle, letting the Camry appeal to buyers who traditionally purchased the conservatively styled and equipped Mark II in the past, repeating an approach previously attempted by the short lived Toyota Verossa that used straight 6 engines, whereas the Mark X uses V6 engines. Both the first and second generation Mark X were manufactured at the Motomachi Plant in Japan.第 2/9 页)2013/7/10 14:11:34

Toyota Mark X Introduction

First Generation (2004–2009) Toyota unveiled the Mark X sedan, successor to the Mark II sedan which has been on the market since the late 1960s. Instead of being based on a modified Supra chassis “A” series platform, the Mark X continues to use the Toyota “X” platform, and does not share its platform with the Toyota “S” series platform used under the Toyota Crown and the Lexus GS. The continuation of describing this vehicle as the “X” series is a reference to the first dedicated Mark II platform introduced in 1972. Major changes to the Mark series are the engine and footwork. Toyota discontinue the majority of their straight-six engines used in the Toyota Verossa, more specifically the JZ series and the G series motor and went to the newly developed GR series motor. Either the 2.5 L 4GR-FSE or the 3.0 L 3GRFSE is made available; both pair to a six-speed sequential automatic transmission. No manual transmission is offered.第 3/9 页)2013/7/10 14:11:34

Toyota Mark X Introduction

A first in its class is the rear bumper with integrated exhaust outlet, which later made its way on to the corresponding model year Lexus LS series and the Toyota Crown. A new LED light for the ceiling runs from the front of the vehicle to the rear, creating a “mood” lighting system. The led system is also incorporated into the gear shifter and key area of the vehicle. Minor changes were made in 2006. Mirror-mounted turn signals replaces the fender-mounted turn signal, and a redesigned grille. Mark X with all black interior deleted the wood trim in favor of the brushed aluminum trim. A formal introduction of the “S package” which gain the three-spoke steering wheel and changes to the exterior lip piece. For model year 2007 on Japanese models only, G-BOOK, a subscription telematics service, is offered as an option. This generation continues to be sold in China by the Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. as the Reiz (transliterated into Mandarin Chinese as ‘锐志’). The Reiz is sold as the 2.5S, 2.5V and 3.0V Premium with 2,497 cc 5GR and 2,995 cc 3GR engines. A new version was released by FAW Toyota in September 2010, with an exterior restyled after the second-generation Mark X. The Toyota Mark X Supercharged version uses the 3GR-FSE engine with a supercharger added. Power output is 316 horsepower (236 kW) at 6200 rpm and 42.0 kilogram metres (412 N·m; 304 lb·ft) at 3200 rpm, paired to a six-speed auto transmission.第 4/9 页)2013/7/10 14:11:34

Toyota Mark X Introduction

A limited edition 50th Anniversary Supercharged Mark X was produced with the Vertiga kit. It has chrome ducts and carbon fiber splitters as standard parts. Second Generation (2009) A redesigned Mark X was released on October 19, 2009. Engine options are the 2.5L 4GR-FSE V6 and the 3.5L 2GR-FSE V6 found in the Crown, GS 350 and IS 350. Models available are Standard (350G, 250G, 250G Four), Premium and Sports (350S, 250G S). The 250G has all-wheel drive as an option (250G Four). Changes from the X120 generation include the elimination of the exhaust outlet diffuser, 6-speed automatic for AWD models and a return to the hinge design trunk instead of lift support. As with the last generation Mark X, Toyota’s in-house tuning company Modellista installed a supercharger on the 3.5L 2GR-FSE motor to create the Mark X +M Super Charger. Power output is 360ps and 50.8 kg-m. Vertiga Modellista also produced a non-supercharged version of the Mark X called the Vertiga. Mark X Sport Plus The Sports Plus is a version of the Mark X Sports with a 2.5L engine,第 5/9 页)2013/7/10 14:11:34

Toyota Mark X Introduction

sold in Hong Kong and Macau. It includes front and rear spoilers, front fog lamps, gear shift paddles, electronically controlled AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System), leather seat and front seat heater. DVD Player Special for Toyota-Reiz with GPS Bluetooth iPod第 6/9 页)2013/7/10 14:11:34

Toyota Mark X Introduction

General function: Special design for Toyota Reiz/ Toyota Mark X, DVD Player with Radio, 6.2 Inch 800 x 480 High definition TFT LCD Touch Screen, GPS dual zone function (listen music or watch movie at the same time when GPS working), Car Kit for handsfree calling, RDS, Picture in Picture, USB Port, SD Slot, iPod Ready, support Steering Wheel Controls. This model is a special design for Toyota Reiz/ Toyota Mark X. It compatible with most brands of GPS software, the popular are IGO, Route66, TomTom and Finean. However hardware specific software such as Garmin may not run on this unit. Happyshoppinglife provides the GPS-enabled hardware, free evaluation software and map. This entry was posted in Car DVD Player and tagged Toyota Reiz DVD, Toyota Reiz DVD Player, Toyota Reiz DVD Player GPS, Toyota Reiz Radio DVD, Toyota Reiz Radio DVD Player. Bookmark the permalink.

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Toyota Mark X Introduction ❍

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Toyota mark x introduction  

The Mark X is a mid size automobile created by Toyota for the Japanese market, and sold only at Toyopet Store locations. The Mark X was int...

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