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Emily Bain

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pal and Sirius were excited about going home for the annual Lunar Festival. The Starlight Academy would be closed for two whole weeks. Everybody had to go home for the break. All the weather charts promised good atmospheric conditions for a stellar space flight. Opal and Sirius spent an entire day washing and tuning up the space ship. All systems were go.

uddenly, as soon as Opal launched, a storm appeared in the sky. Lightning flashed across the sky and gusts of wind howled. The storm spun the spaceship around, and soon Opal was heading deep into space!


As the ship plunged



e r & de ep er

There were a great many things to see

and a very strange sound.

it went.

pal quickly pressed the emergency booster jet button. The monster was getting closer and almost had the spaceship in his tentacles. Immediately, the ship took off and headed back towards space.


Went Opal and Sirius in thier ship.

pal and Sirius made it back home safetly, and had quite a tale to tell their family during the Lunar Festival.

pal is traveling back to her home on the moon to celebrate the Lunar Festival with her family, but when a storm throws her ship off course, will Opal be able to return home at all? Join Opal as she travels to the planet of Oceana and discovers the wonders and dangers of the deep sea.

Opal's Deep Sea Adventure  

Opal is traveling back home on the moon to celebrate the Lunar Festiveal with her family, but is blown off course by a space storm and lands...

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