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* 10000 x 7096 * USB 3.0 * CL * CMOS sensor

quality innovation reliability performance The RMV-71M is a 71 mega pixel digital camera used in industrial machine vision, aerial applications, military projects and scientific market applications. Using the latest CMOSIS CHR70M CMOS sensor, these cameras offer outstanding quality . The image array consists of 3.1µm x 3.1µm. The image sensor has 8 analog outputs (8-tap) each running at 30MHz. This results in 3fps at full resolution. Higher frame rates can be achieved in windowing mode. This camera will have all the rugged RMV features, such as image detectors, LUT etc, that illunis is world famous for! The sensor is 3-point mounted for flatness and back focus. USB 3.0 or Camera Link output.

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10.000 x 7096 pixels with 3.1 um pixel size Monochrome, RGB Bayer and Monochrome No microlens version Rolling Shutter CMOS Mechanical shutter interface included Windowing ROI capability Dynamic range 64 dB 8 Taps at 30MHz 3 fps Built in light meter for exposure control Firmware can be updated in the field

RMV-71M Specifications





Rolling shutter CMOS *mechanical shutter interface included


Mono, RGB Bayer

Active pixels

10000 (H) x 7096 (V)

Pixel size

3.1 x 3.1 Âľm

Optical format




Frame rate @ 30 Mhz

3 fps

Dynamic range

63 dB

SNR max

41.1 dB

Clock speed

30 MHz

Full well charge

13K e-

Rolling shutter

With true CDS correction

Dark Noise

7e -(RMS)

Dark current

3.2 e-/s at room temperature


12VDC at 5W

Trigger modes


Mount options

F-mount, Flange, OEM configuration Custom


Call for OEM options

Applications Aerial imaging LCD inspection Scientific imaging Portrait photography Traffic management Military applications Persistent Surveillance PCB inspection

Software All illunis cameras come with our free control application, which allows interactive setup of all camera parameters. The cameras can be configured using any terminal software that supports serial communication. We specialize in custom OEM camera designs. Call us today to find out what we can do for you! illunis LLC 14700 Excelsior Blvd Minnetonka, MN 55345 USA

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