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Software Development Kit

AVT Active FirePackage


Image capture and camera control made easy The AVT Active FirePackage is a software development kit (SDK) bundled with every new AVT IEEE1394 camera. As the name suggests, AVT Active FirePackage focuses on ActiveX Control based programming, but the package also provides interfaces for DirectShow and TWAIN. The SDK is compatible with Microsoft Windows (Vista, XP, 2000) and includes an IEEE1394 digital camera system driver that is based on the Windows Driver Model (WDM). In addition the SDK offers high-performance color conversion and image display with very efficient CPU usage. The AVT Active FirePackage has been created for programmers who are familiar with ActiveX controls, COM, DirectShow or TWAIN, and who want to achieve their goals quickly in a comfortable way by using application development tools such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Java, Delphi, or others.

Figure 1: DirectShow interfaces supported by the AVT Active FirePackage

• Automatic conversion of all AVT camera image formats to Windows RGB formats • Very low CPU usage for color conversion and image display • Direct read/write to 1394 registers, for access to advanced features (AVT SmartFeatures) • Asynchronous block transfer • Drag & Drop compatibility with popular development environments like Visual Studio (.NET), Borland C++ Builder, Delphi, etc. • Video import to PictureBox objects • Ability to acquire images from several cameras simultaneously • Control desired video format, frame rate, and color encoding • Ability to control the Format 7 area of interest • Adjust camera parameters in real-time, i.e.: brightness, gain, shutter, gamma, sharpness, hue, saturation, and white balance • Manual, 1-push, and automatic feature control • Ability to control trigger mode, trigger polarity, and trigger delay • Detect camera plug/unplug events • Ability to save/reload camera settings in memory channels • Ability to flip and rotate video • Overlay custom text and graphics on live video • Synchronize video rendering with monitor refresh frequency (to prevent tearing artifact) • Save images in BMP, TIFF and JPEG formats • Record AVI files or sequentially-named image files • Real-time histogram and statistical analysis over a selected color component • Enhanced thread-scheduling for dual-CPU and hyper-threading support Details on the above capabilities and many other features are described in the comprehensive documentation included with the SDK. System Requirements

With AVT Active FirePackage a plug and play solution is provided that immediately supports any AVT 1394a or 1394b digital camera. As with all AVT software packages its usage and support is free of charge, which makes it a valuable add-on for your AVT camera.

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• OS-Support for Windows Vista , XP (SP2) and Win2000 (SP4) • IEEE1394a or IEEE1394b interface card • 10MB disk space 1

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Currently no S800 support provided by Microsoft for Vista With Windows XP SP2, 1394b devices are only supported with S100 speed. To enable S400 with 1394b, there is an official Microsoft hotfix KB885222, and S800 support can only be achieved by a ’rollback’ to 1394 OHCI drivers that come with Windows XP SP1.

Software Development Kit

AVT Active FirePackage

Components provided • Camera system driver – based on the Microsoft IEEE1394 driver set, suitable for all AVT IEEE1394 cameras. • ActiveX Control – powerful, multi-function COM interface that provides various PropertyPages to configure the camera and the settings for image acquisition and supports many events. • DirectShow filter – in addition to a (WDM) Video Capture Source filter (see figure 1 for supported DirectShow interfaces) AVT camera specific transform filters for YUV411 and Y800 output formats are provided to support DirectX based video streaming applications. • TWAIN driver – standard interface to many third party imaging applications. • Demo viewer – application with full-screen video window, to operate multiple cameras and save images in various formats. • Automatic Driver Install Tool – user controlled driver installer that enables both the installation of the driver for all AVT cameras connected to the system, as well as the required driver for the system integrated OHCI compliant host adapters, to guarantee a proper operation of the AFP. • User Guide – extensive documentation available as CHM (HTML-based help file) and PDF file. • Example Collection – lots of well documented examples for Visual C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, HTML showing ActiveX, COM, and DirectShow style programming to minimize programmer’s learning time. With all these components the AVT Active FirePackage is perfect for easy-to-use development of your own imaging applications.

Package Architecture

Figure 2: Architecture of the AVT Active FirePackage ALLIED VISION TECHNOLOGIES GMBH Taschenweg 2a | D-07646 Stadtroda | Germany Phone: +49 36428/677-0 | Fax: +49 36428/677-24 |

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