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The term “concrete jungle” is often used to refer to a city made of bricks and concrete. The term was used by Bob Marley in his song "Concrete Jungle". The song was originally recorded in the late 1960s. The song described what it was like growing up in the Jamaica's Trenchtown ghetto. Many Artists have used the term “concrete jungle” in reference to living in a big city a.k.a “zoo”. PerspectiveThe art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to other objects when viewed from different angles.

Assignment Your job is to create a City a.k.a “Concrete Jungle”. Your city must be fictional. Your city (must have) buildings, trees, a ground, and a sky. The perspective of your city must be consistent throughout your image. You will have to use all of your drawing skills to recreate the texture, mood, lighting, and perspective of a city. “Do not forget to use you drawing skills. Remember, just because you have a ruler does not mean you cannot still make your own lines, shapes, and forms”. Be creative and accurate equally.

Technical Stuff -Tools used: Various Pencils (4H, HB, B, etc...), a ruler & an eraser.

PICTURE REQUIREMENTS: -Your piece must have at least 3 City Buildings. -Your piece must have concrete somewhere in it. -Your piece must have a ground. (this could be roads, alleyways, or sidewalks, etc...) -You must include at least 2 trees (any size, but aproriate for your piece) -Your piece must have a sky (w/ clouds) -You will need to shade all the different textures apropriatly.

-You will need to use a ruler for all objects that require strait lines. (you will also need to create your own lines) -You cannot use any smudging tools, (this includes your finger) show control of your tools. -You must use your Canvas/ paper to the fullest. (i.e. No large blank areas of unused space) -Your piece needs to have a full range of values. (from white to black with all the greys) -Your piece must be clean, free of stray marks & mounted appropriately. -You must show (me) your planning & inspiration for your ideas.

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Concrete jungle (drawing)  

BHS Summer School Art

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