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Official Newsletter of Key Club  Pacific Northwest District  Division 66  Volume 1  Issue 6  September 2013

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Message from the LtG....4 Divisional Editor....5 Social Media....6 August DCM Recap….8 DCM/PCM Information….9 Dcon 2014....10 Seattle Sounders....12 Key Leader....14


CONTENTS Important Dates....14 Eliminate Gear....15 “Spot” Light....16 Key Club Dues….18 “Spot” Update....20 credit to Cover Photo Credit Yan Edward Yan to Edward

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Words from the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR Hello Division 66, School is back in session! It’s sad to see all the fun moments we had this summer come to an end, but the school year is a great time to create many more memories through service. Thank you to everyone who dedicated his or her time to Key Club when school wasn’t in session. Even though school can be a busy time, please don’t stop with all the acts of kindness that you all do for the community. Let’s make the most out of each opportunity to continuously inspire and make a difference in your community and people’s lives. From service to long-lasting friends Key Club has everything you need. I’d love the chance to come visit your club meetings or service projects. Please feel free to contact me with the latest information about your clubs. September is the time your club will be recruiting new club members, telling them about memberships dues, and providing many service opportunities for Key Clubbers to take advantage of. Best of luck with the 2013-2014 school year. I hope to see you all at the September DCM. In love and service, Emilee Huey


Words from the DIVISIONAL EDITOR Hello Key Clubbers! Summer has come to an end, and school has returned. I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing summer with a little bit of service on the side. The beginning of a new school year is the ideal time to recruit new members. Take this time to spark interest in new and old members in your school. Make meetings fresh (See Meeting Ideas pages) and keep your members engaged with many service projects. In addition, this is a great opportunity to start on a clean slate and try something different. Whether you hope to start a new event or establish a new system of running your club, now is an ideal time to start. I hope to see you all at the next DCM where we can get together, discuss ideas, and have fun! In caring service,

Brain Le

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.� ~Unknown Photo Credit to Brian Le



Pacific Northwest @PNWKey Club #pnwkeyclub


MEDIA Key Club International @Key Club

Division 66 66KeyClubbers/?bookmark_t=group


AUGUST DCM MINUTES 1. Attendance a. Clackamas: Brian, Edward, Ivan b. The Dalles Wahtonka: Robert c. Gresham: Andrea, Emly d. La Salle: Samantha e. Oregon City: Caitlyn, Sinjin 2. Service Projects Recap a. Clackamas: Relay for Life, Winter Rage b. Gresham: Graffiti Cleanup, Stocking Stuffing c. La Salle: Portland Plunge d. Oregon City: Backpack Buddies 3. Key Leader a. Who: Anyone! Not limited to just Key Clubbers. b. What: Learn leadership skills (NOT Key Club officer training) c. Where: Camp Collins in Gresham, Oregon d. When: October 18-20, 2013 e. Why: Become a better leader 4. Seattle Sounders Game a. $18 per ticket, $6 goes to the Eliminate Project b. Two games to choose from @ Century Link Field 5. Eliminate Gear a. Fill out online form b. Please commit to your order 6. Meetings a. Think about the best time of day (morning, lunch, afterschool) b. Think about the best frequency (every week or maybe just every other week) c. Ideas i. Have members complete evaluations of events ii. Have each class come in with a service project idea iii. Use Facebook (group pages, event pages, post slides) iv. Use Google Docs for slideshows 7. Dues a. Get them in by November 1st b. Get a minimum of 15 people c. $12 for District and International Dues + more for your own club (dues not to exceed $18 total) d. Maybe add $1 from each member to go towards the Eliminate Project 8. DCON 2014 a. April 4-6, 2014 @ Seattle Convention Center and Sheraton Hotel b. Start fundraising NOW c. Spirit gear d. Figure out a Divisional Bus NOW


SEPTEMBER DCM & PCM The Key Date for the month of September

September President Council Meeting (PCM)  When: Friday, September 27th, 2013 5:00pm 

Where: Café Delirium (308 N Main Ave, Gresham, OR 97030)

 What: Club presidents have the opportunity to meet up with me to discuss any issues you might have or tasks you might need help on.

September Divisional Council Meeting (DCM)  When: Friday, September 27th, 2013 at 5:15-7:00pm

 What: At this DCM we will discuss past and upcoming Key Club service projects, membership dues, club visits, Trick-orTreat for UNICEF, and much more. **Please, remember that it is MANDATORY for at least two people from each club to attend the DCM.**

Photo Credits to Edward Yan and Brian Le

 Where: Café Delirium (308 N Main Ave, Gresham, OR 97030)



119 7

Seattle Sounders

The Seattle Sounders and Key Club International have partnered up to support the Eliminate Project. A regular ticket costs $26.00, but as a special deal, Key Clubbers only have to pay $18.00 for a ticket. Six out of every $18.00 will go to fight maternal natal tetanus. On Friday, September 13th the Seattle Sounders will be playing Salt Lake City. If you’d like tickets for this game, please fill out the flier (following page) 15 days prior to the games or order them online at mI?l=EN&owner=244&group=580&event=&team=seattle mls&customerID=&sort=event&order=asc



Camp  October18-20th, 2013  Gresham, OR Price: $200 Key Leader Video Link: - !i=2449666604&k=gSqVNjL

Registration Link:

Photo Credit to Dave McMillan Key Dates to Remember For the Month of September September 5th o Club secretaries report  September 10th o Monthly Newsletters  September 27th o DCM/PMC  September 30th o Kiwanis DCM


   

October 18th-20th o Key Leader November 1st o Early Bird Dues December 1st o Membership Fees are Due April 4th-6th o District Convention 2014


Eliminate gear is here! Help support the Eliminate Project by purchasing a shirt, bro tank, lanyard or all three! If you are interested in purchasing one be sure to contact your lieutenant governor or attend one of the summer rallies.

Picture Credits to Kiwanis Cambodia/2011/Hale


$5 \5

$15 15


Membership Dues, Dues, It’s that time of year again. The time to start collecting club dues and updating your club’s membership in the membership update center: I highly recommended each club to start collecting dues now, because if every club in our division turns in dues by November 1st, Division 66 will receive front row seats at Dcon 2014.

Dues Break Down $6.50 – International +$5.50 – District $12.00 – Total Dues Deadline October 1st – Membership Update Center Opens November 1st – Early Bird Deadline for Dues December 1st – Deadline for Dues


Update Center & More Dues

Membership Update Center Link:

Membership Update Center Video Tutorial:



Reminder! How to earn “spots”:  Keep in communication with me (email, phones calls, texts, ect.)  Attend monthly DCMs & PCMs  Your club or Key Clubbers gets highlighted in my newsletter  Being an active club  Being the first to respond to emails or updates  Meet all deadlines


Good Luck to all the schools during the month of September. Remember, the school with the most points at the end will receive a special prize.

KEY CLUB MEETING IDEAS Ice Breakers Playing ice breakers are a great way to get new people to come together and play fun games, while breaking the tense atmosphere. Ice Breakers can range from bang to the human knot.

PowerPoint or Slide Show Having a visual aid is a way to get the attention off of you because people are looking at the visual aid. Visual aids are great for you to show pictures and text so people can see in case they can’t hear what you say.

Incentives To get people to come to meetings you can use Incentives such as, food or giving out service hours. People are more likely to come to a meeting if they know that they will be getting something out of it.

Club Member of the Month You can offer awards to Key Clubbers to make them feel like they are being included in what is going on. It shows recognition of the accomplishments they have completed throughout that past month.


CLUB OFFICER POSITIONS Clackamas High School: President: Arthur Bookstein Vice President: Peter Le Vice President: Ivan Vilalobos Secretary: Brian Le Treasurer: Louiza Bovaeva Bulletin Editor: Anna Co Faculty Advisor: Robert Hadley Faculty Advisor: Alysha Atma Kiwanis Advisor: Roald Berg

Corbett High School: President: Jewel Denney President: Jamie Layton Vice President: Kali Andyke Secretary: Christianna Winters Treasurer: Tadzio Dlugolecki Bulletin Editor: Lindsey Woodard Kiwanis Advisor: Pat Haffner Kiwanis Advisor: Sylvia Maly

Dalles Wahtonka High School: President: Keaton Wallette Vice President: Daniela Leon Secretary: Ale Pena Treasurer: Ricardo Perez Bulletin Editor: Nancy Reyes Faculty Advisor: Paul Viemeister Kiwanis Advisor: Sherry Munro Kiwanis Advisor: John Westhafer

Damascus Christian High School: President: Ben Wescott Vice President: Bryce Ellis Secretary: Micah Swanson Treasure: Micah Swanson Bulletin Editor: Madison Voitovski Bulletin Editor: Jonah Carpenter Faculty Advisor: Elaine Milsark Faculty Advisor: Andy McClellan Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons


Gresham High School: President: Andrea Monteblanco Vice President: Emily Smart Secretary: Kaitlyn Franklin Treasurer: Rafael Castellanos-Welsh

Bulletin Editor: Victoria Blanger Faculty Advisor: Bill Chrisholm Faculty Advisor: Jim Gardenhire Kiwanis Advisor: Dick Vaughn

CLUB OFFICER POSITIONS CONT. Oregon City High School: President: Caitlyn Van Zandt Vice President: Sinjin White Juker Secretary: Zach Merrick Treasurer: Tony Petrich Bulletin Editor: Zoe Griffith Faculty Advisor: Jeff Allen Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons

Portland Lutheran High School: President: Olivia Nyberg Vice President: Hana Laughton Secretary: Nick Lommasson Treasurer: Regan Garrett Bulletin Editor: Emily Roan Faculty Advisor: Koty Cole Kiwanis Advisor: Bill Ragsdale Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons

Sam Barlow High School: President: Ana Parvankin Vice President: Haley Coutts Secretary: Kendall Kissir Treasurer: Ashley DuPuis Bulletin Editor: Josh Crites Faculty Advisor: Annie Peterson Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons Kiwanis Advisor: Bill Ragsdale

Sandy High School: President: Madie Smith Vice President: Rachel Hansen Secretary: Moriah Shay Treasurer: Molly Nutt Bulletin Editor: Grace Knapp Faculty Advisor: Karissa Towse Kiwanis Advisor: JJ Anderson Kiwanis Advisor: Kimberley Nelson

Still waiting for information from:  Gladstone Inactive Club:  Rex Putnam

23 16



Governor Trang Tran

Roshni Chandwani

District Secretary Hakikat Bains


District Administrator John Jay

District Treasurer Eric Grewal

Assistant District Admin Tom Saunders

District Bulletin Editor Sara Thomas

Finance Administrator Kevin Buyer

Convention Chair Denny Lim

DIVISION 66 EXECUTIVE BOARD Lieutenant Governor: Emilee Huey Clackamas High School Cell: (503) 701-4321

Divisional Editor: Brian Le Clackamas High School Cell: (503) 407-4084


Photo Credit to Brian Le

Thank You for Reading

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D66 | September Newsletter  

This is the official September newsletter of Division 66 of the Pacific Northwest

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