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THE GIRAFFE PRESS Official Newsletter of Key Club  Pacific Northwest District  Division 66  Volume 1  Issue 2  May 2013

GREETINGS! Greetings Division 66, You’ve officially made it through your first month of your term as club officer. I am already seeing such fantastic work from each and every club. It was nice to see everyone at my first DCM and thanks to all of you for making my first month as LtG filled with lots of laughs and fun. I’ll be seeing you all soon before summer begins when I complete my club visits. I’ll be getting in touch with each and every club to schedule a date/time. My goal for this month is to make a stronger connection with each and every club. I hope all of you take the time to get to know your Kiwanians because they are there to support you. Go to one of their monthly DCMs, sit in and hear what events they had in the past and the events that are coming up. It’s May, which means it’s AP testing time. I wish everyone who is taking an AP test the best of luck. There is a lot happening this month, but I hope you’re still able to fulfill your duties as Key Clubbers. As the sunshine comes and the blue skies are around, you are able to take your service to the outdoors. There are great service project opportunities out there such as hosting a Relay For Life, or doing a fundraiser for Project Eliminate. Have fun and enjoy the sun while volunteering a helping hand towards the community.

In this Issue: Greetings…….2 Key Club Facts……3 Club “Spot”light……...4 Icon/Key Leader……...5 Service Project Ideas...6 Project Eliminate………7 DCMs/PCMs…………8 “Spot” Update…….9 Club Officer Info..10 Contacts……….11

“If we have the opportunity to be generous with our hearts, ourselves, we have no idea of the depth and breadth of love's reach.” -Margaret Cho

In love and service,

Emilee Huey


KEY CLUB FACTS Mission statement Key Club is an international student-led organization, which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Vision We are caring and competent servant leaders transforming communities worldwide. Core values The core values of Key Club International are leadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness. Pledge I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces, which tend to undermine these institutions. Motto Caring–Our Way of Life

Key Club Structure Districts There are 33 organized districts. Each district, normally defined by state or nation, tends to match a similar Kiwanis district and is led by a governor, who is elected by delegates at the annual district convention. Divisions Districts are divided into divisions and each division has a lieutenant governor, a student leader who carries out the district’s policies and provides support to the clubs. Clubs Key Clubs are established in a high school or equivalent institution. A community-based club also may be chartered. Elected officers can include president, one or more vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, editor and one director from each class. Just Some Facts • First Key Club was comprised of just boys. • There are more than 5,000 clubs. • Key Club has more than 265,000 members. • The first Key Club met in 1925.


CLUB “SPOT”LIGHT Congratulations to Clackamas High School, this month’s club “spot” light award winner! Clackamas High partnered with the Atma Foundation to work on the nationwide One Million Bones Project, with the goal of raising awareness of ongoing genocides. This project also combined education and hands-on art making. The One Million Bones Project is collecting 1,000,000 handcrafted bones for a three-day installation event at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The installation will exist as a collaborative site of conscience to honor victims and survivors, as well as to serve as a visual petition against ongoing conflicts and a resounding call for needed and long overdue action. In the end, Clackamas High School recruited over 100 volunteers and made an overwhelming 4,150 bones! They also held a Garden Groundbreaking Ceremony, and made a visual display at Portland State University to further raise awareness to the public about the problems our world faces. Key Dates to Remember For the Month of May • • • •

May 3rd o Club Officer information Due May 5th o Club secretaries report May 6th-10th o Eliminate Week May 10th o Monthly Newsletters

May 18th o DCM/PCM – (usually the second weekend of

June 22nd o Portland Area Rally July 3rd-7th o International Convention October 18th-20th o Key Leader

every month)

• •

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Fly out of Seattle at 6:05am

July 2nd • Wreath laying at Arlington • Service Project • Night Bus Tour rd July 3 • Holocaust Museum • Tour on National Mall • Icon Begins

PNW Icon Tour July 1st-July 8th Price: $1,350.00

July 4th • • • July

Opening Session Caucusing Fireworks at Smithsonian Mall Charity Dance

• • •

Forums Service Fair Recognition Session


July 6th • • • • th July 7 • July 8th • •

More Forums House of Delegates Closing Session Closing Dance Continue touring D.C. Air and Space Center Fly home to Seattle

KEY LEADER EVENTS IN 2013 Camp Crestview • October18-20th, 2013 • Corbet, OR, US

Price: $200 Registration Link:

5 5

SERVICE PROJECT IDEAS Have a book or food drive at a local business in your community.

Host a free Car Wash and make a sign that says “Donations Welcome.� Host a community clean up in a park, neighborhood, schools, road, or beach.

Have a fundraiser at a local business and get a percentage of the proceeds.

Volunteer at a local church, homeless shelter or a food bank. Host a Relay for Life at a local high school in your community.

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One baby dies every 9 minutes from neonatal tetanus 160 babies die each day from neonatal

38 countries remain at high risk for MNT

Kiwanis will help save or protect more than 61 million mothers and their future babies On average, health education and a series of three doses of tetanus vaccine cost $1.80

The Eliminate Project is the Pacific Northwest District Project for the 20132014 year. If everyone in the District donates two dollars we will have reached our goal of $24,000 for the year and have eliminated MNT in the 30 countries. To donate go to the Eliminate Website, which is where you can also look at all the countries that still have MNT in the world. http://sites.kiwanis.or g/Kiwanis/en/theELI MINATEproject/Progr ess/ProgressDashboa rd.aspx

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MAY DCM & PCM Key Day for the Month of May

May Divisional Council Meeting • When: Saturday, May 18th, 2013 from 1:30-3:00pm • Where: Menchies (Located of 1-205 in the Clackamas Promenade) What: Come together and talk about club service projects, play fun icebreakers, learn about the district project, hear about service opportunities for the summer, and to have fun.

May President Council Meeting • When: Saturday, May 18th, 2013 1-1:30pm •

Where: Menchies

• What: Club presidents have the opportunity to meet up with me to discuss any issues you might have or tasks you might need help on.

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Reminder! How to earn “spots”: • Keep in communication with me (email, phones calls, texts, ect.) • Attend monthly DCMs & PCMs • Your club gets highlighted in my newsletter • Being an active club • Sending in contact information • Being the first to respond to emails or updates • Meet all deadlines Good Luck to all the schools during the month of May. Remember, the school with the most points at the end will when a special prize. 9

CLUB OFFICER POSITIONS Clackamas High School: President: Arthur Bookstein Vice President: Peter Le Vice President: Ivan Vilalobos Secretary: Brian Le Treasurer: Louiza Bovaeva Bulletin Editor: Anna Co Faculty Advisor: Robert Hadley Faculty Advisor: Alysha Atma Kiwanis Advisor: Roald Berg Camas High School: President: Jewel Denney President: Jamie Layton Vice President: Kali Andyke Secretary: Christianna Winters Treasurer: Tadzio Dlugolecki Bulletin Editor: Lindsey Woodard Kiwanis Advisor: Pat Haffner Kiwanis Advisor: Sylvia Maly Gresham High School: President: Andrea Monteblanco Vice President: Emily Smart Secretary: Kaitlyn Franklin Treasurer: Rafael Castellanos-Welsh Bulletin Editor: Victoria Blanger Faculty Advisor: Bill Chrisholm Faculty Advisor: Jim Gardenhire Kiwanis Advisor: Dick Vaughn Oregon City High School: President: Caitlyn Van Zandt Vice President: Sinjin White Juker Secretary: Zach Merrick Treasurer: Tony Petrich Bulletin Editor: Zoe Griffith Faculty Advisor: Jeff Allen Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons

Portland Lutheran High School: President: Olivia Nyberg Vice President: Hana Laughton Secretary: Nick Lommasson Treasurer: Regan Garrett Bulletin Editor: Emily Roan Faculty Advisor: Koty Cole Kiwanis Advisor: Bill Ragsdale Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons Sam Barlow High School: President: Ana Parvankin Vice President: Haley Coutts Secretary: Kendall Kissir Treasurer: Ashley DuPuis Bulletin Editor: Josh Crites Faculty Advisor: Annie Peterson Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons Kiwanis Advisor: Bill Ragsdale Sandy High School: President: Madie Smith Vice President: Rachel Hansen Secretary: Moriah Shay Treasurer: Molly Nutt Bulletin Editor: Grace Knapp Faculty Advisor: Karissa Towse Kiwanis Advisor: JJ Anderson Kiwanis Advisor: Kimberley Nelson

Still waiting for information from: • Dalles Wahtonka • Damascus Christian • Gladstone • Rex Putnam 10 • Reynolds



Governor Trang Tran

International VP Caitlin Stroup

District Secretary Hakikat Bains


District Administrator John Jay

District Treasurer Eric Grewal

Assistant District Admin Tom Saunders

District Bulletin Editor Sara Thomas

Finance Administrator Kevin Buyer

Convention Chair Denny Lim

DIVISION 66 Emilee Huey Lieutenant Governor Cell: (503) 701-4321



D.66 May Newsletter  
D.66 May Newsletter  

This newsletter for the Month of may is to allow you to know what's going on for Division 66.